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Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund

Application Guidelines

 About the fund

Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund is a new fund supporting community projects that celebrate the magic of the movies and how they help us connect.  Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned cinema fan, or want to use the power of film to bring your community together, the Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund can help support you to make your project, proposal or idea happen. Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund has grown out of Leytonstone Loves Film - the celebration of film that has been running since 2019.

We are offering grants between £250 and £5000 to local people and small charities with a strong local connection to Leytonstone to develop new projects that will positively impact the local community. You do not have to be a filmmaker to apply for this fund, we are looking to support any projects that bring people together, engage the local community and celebrate the power of film.

 Assessment criteria

Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund aims to support a wide range of projects that tell a story, connect people and celebrate all things film. We are looking to fund projects that:

We know that, when it comes to securing funding for projects, many people and small charities are left out. The Leytonstone Loves Film Community Fund tries to do things differently. The fund actively encourages applications from all backgrounds, but particularly those from systemically underrepresented backgrounds. We are very keen to see applications from those who may struggle to get funding elsewhere. We hope the applications we receive will reflect the diversity and creativity of Leytonstone.  


Above all, we are looking for projects, proposals and ideas that will reflect the community of Leytonstone and what it is like to be a part of its community.  

 Who can apply?

Individuals and small charitable organisations (with a maximum turnover of £100,000/year) can apply. Businesses or for-profit organisations cannot apply.

To be eligible to apply as an individual you have to live, work, study or have a strong connection to Leytonstone (a neighborhood in the borough of Waltham Forest) or within a 15-minute walk from Leytonstone. You must be 18 and over to apply.

To apply as a charitable organisation (Unincorporated Associations, CICs, CIOs, and registered charities) your postcode as it appears on your organization’s bank statements must be located in Leytonstone or within a 15-minute walk from Leytonstone. Your annual turnover must be no larger than £100,000- please note that we will prioritise small charitable organisations, with an annual turnover of under £10,000/year.

Please note that the project you propose must also take place in Leytonstone or within a 15 minute walk from Leytonstone.

 How to apply?

To apply, please go to 

The application deadline is 6th February 2023, at 5pm. Please note that you do not have to complete your application in one go, you can save it and return to it later. You can also download a PDF with all the questions from the link above.

If you wish to send your application in an alternative format, please send a video or voice note no longer than 5- 7 minutes to To help you with your video application, please get in touch with us at

If you want to discuss alternative ways of applying, please email us at to discuss the best option for you.

Our panel will take 4-6 weeks to score all applications, so expect to hear back from us by early March 2023.

 What will we fund?

We are looking for projects by local people, for local people. We want to fund projects that celebrate the magic of the movies and how they help us connect. You can apply for a grant between £250 and £5000, depending on what level of funding your project needs.

We especially encourage applications from people who have never applied for funding before. We would also like to fund projects that foster collaboration. The kind of projects we might fund:

If you’re not sure if your idea will be eligible please get in touch so we can talk it through with you. Chances are you will be able to apply.

We particularly encourage applications from people who are less well-represented in the creative sector. We would love to hear from people of Global Majority, racialised communities, disabled people, neurodiverse people, refugees and asylum seekers, people from working-class backgrounds, LGBTQI+ people and those who are non-binary. We are also keen to hear from applicants of all ages 18+, including older people.

Please note that we will fund both project costs and your time (if necessary). We cannot cover cost recovery.

 What we will not fund

We won’t fund:

 What we can offer

We can offer all successful applicants:

Support with your application

We have put together a programme of workshops that will help you on each stage of the application journey – don’t have an idea yet? We can help you come up with something. Do you have an idea but have never picked up a camera? We’ll get you started with a short workshop. Is this your first time applying for funding? We are here to help you with that.  You can check details for the live and online workshops here. These are free, drop in and open to everyone and will include:



Also keep an eye on the website for information on casual drop-ins around Leytonstone where you can ask questions and get help with your application and ideas, running from 21 November 2022 to 6 February 2023.

 Your commitments

Successful applicants can spend the grant on what your project needs in order to come to fruition. We ask that you:

References and extra documentation

For our due diligence, we need the following from some applicants:

If you are a charitable organisation , you will also need to upload

 Our top tips for a good application

 Who decides who gets the funding?

Made up of community members from Leytonstone, the panel will assess each application and decide who gets the funding. Leytonstone Loves Film is a participatory grant-making fund, which means local people decide what gets funded in their local community.


Find out more about each of the members below.


Adrienne Aslan

Adrienne runs Stone Mini Market with her partner Okan. She is passionate about sustainability, cooperative support and her local community of Leytonstone. She also makes a mean pastel.


Danie Gilbert

A commercial property lawyer by trade and a professional musician, dancer and interior designer by passion, Danie is all about community and the positive impact creativity can have on the community. Danie is a Leytonstone resident and runs multiple projects based in the area including a baby and toddler music group, interior design consultancy and a new coworking and community space which has creative arts at its core.  

Little Sing Song 

Good Shepherd Studios 

Mabel Rose Interiors 


Filiz Emre 

Filiz is a Walthamstow based translator, public sector interpreter, charity worker, and community volunteer. She’s very happy to be a collaborator with the education initiative & translation collective Shadow Heroes and a trustee for the Waltham Forest-based charity Stories & Supper. Filiz is passionate about issues around social justice, access to arts, migration, community, languages and of course, cats.


Humeera Dar

Long term Leyton and Leytonstone resident Humeera is a menswear fashion designer with a focus on denim. Fascinated and inspired by the history and craft behind classic Levis, Humeera uses classic techniques to construct her collections.  As a woman of south Asian heritage, she’s faced barriers in exploring this traditionally white, male space but has established a fashion studio in Leyton and has set up a fashion brand in upcycling Levis denim jeans into new creative casual wear.  Instagram 


Jake Green 

Jake is a visual artist who has grown up in Leytonstone. His photography and film projects celebrate local people and places.


Reese Campbell 

Reese is a creative freelancer, specialising in media/digital work such as videography and video editing, as well as an aspiring creative in the arts industries.  

More information can be found on her website


Tyron Williams 

Tyron Williams, commonly known as Jon of Jon Judace Art, is a visual artist who specialises in creating African inspired art and a range of products that have his art printed on them. Tyron is also Project Coordinator for The Man Den, an organisation that holds board game sessions and a range of activities with the aim of improving the mental health and wellbeing of boys and men.