The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School Committee recognizes that certain religious

Observances occur during the school year. Students and staff will be encouraged to appreciate, accept, and honor ethnic, religious and cultural diversity and be respectful of the beliefs and practices of others. It is within this framework, that the following is adopted:

  1. Students and staff will be marked as “present” on the days they observe their religious holidays. Students must have a letter from their parent/guardian informing the principal of the student’s absence due to religious observances; staff members must complete and submit the District “Request for Leave” noting “religious observance” to his/her principal by the 10th working day of the new school year.

  1. With respect to make-up work or homework, quizzes, exams, major projects or papers, it is the student’s responsibility to see his/her teachers the day he/she returns to school to find out what assignments are due. Elementary and middle school students are allowed a number of days to make up assignments equivalent to the number of days absent (e.g., if absent on Monday, then assignments are due on Wednesday; if absent on Monday and Tuesday, assignments are due on Friday). High school students will follow the “attendance/make-up policy” in the approved High School Handbook.

  1. The District will make reasonable efforts not to schedule special events the night before, during or after school that would interfere with a person's ability to participate because of that person's religious observance. The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District will encourage consideration of this policy in inter-league sports scheduling.

  1. By June 1, the Superintendent shall provide teachers and staff with a list of religious holidays most commonly observed by members of the Hamilton-Wenham community for the following school year.

Adopted: December 2, 2004

Reviewed:  March 16, 2017