Teacher Classroom Wish List

Teacher’s Name: Christy Ogden(2nd grade)

Art Supplies: (construction Paper, paints, brushes, decor for room, markers, etc.)

School Supplies: (pencils, notebook paper, erasers, pencil sharpeners, binders, pens, highlighters, etc.)

Card Stock(bright colors)

Cheap Socks for dry erase erasers

Fun Duct Tape

Gallon size ZipLoc bags

Color pencils

Comp notebooks

Black Dry Erase Markers

Erasers(pencil tops or regular Pink)


Sharpies(variety of colors including Metallic)

Anything Polka Dots or bright colors-(Fabric for bulletin boards)

Pencil Grips

Colored copy paper for notes to go home


Mini stress balls

Reward Supplies: (candy, prizes, prize containers, novelty items, etc.)

Other: (can include personal items like Cardinal wear, etc.)

M&Ms(plain), Kiddy Mix, Sour Patch kids, suckers

Peppermints for tummies and bandaids ouchies!

Treasure box items(small trinkets, pencils, toys, etc)

Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Cert., Michaels, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby

Fun snacks for rewards

Classroom set of mini flashlights:

Flashlight - Dollar Tree, Inc.

Healthy Snacks for emergency purpose-Pretzels, microwave popcorn, snack crackers,

Any type of alternate seating(bean bag chairs, small patio chairs, child-size lawn chairs, etc)

drinks(mini sodas, capri suns, hi-c, etc.)

Lap Desks 

Games for indoor recess

Small paper plates, cups, napkins

CD player

Some of my favorite things:

Place to eat


Sonic Drink

Coke with lime


Chocolate or Cheeze-Its

Place to Shop

Not picky!


Chocolate Cake

Favorite Color