Johannes Ackva

Effective Energy Altruism

Johannes Ackva has been a life-long environmentalist and currently works in a sustainability think tank in Berlin, Germany. Since discovering Effective Altruism in 2015, he has been fusing his professional experience in climate and energy policy with an EA perspective, resulting in presentations and an upcoming manifesto on Effective Energy Altruism, a perspective that seeks to identify highly effective levers and widen the narrow perspective with which EAs have often approached the involved topics. Johannes has been discussing these issues with EA and student audiences in Germany, the UK and Switzerland since 2016.

Climate change could have catastrophic consequences and increase the likelihood of other catastrophic and even existential risks realizing. More than six million people die prematurely every year from the health consequences of energy production, while -- at the same time -- almost half of the world population is still reliant on biomass for cooking, with severe negative health consequences. Furthermore, the absence of energy is a primary barrier to human flourishing across the developing world.

Against this background, interventions to address these issues are worthy of consideration to EA-minded individuals. How can we supply sufficient energy while at the same time not cooking the planet?  What are effective strategies in this domain and what are the types of organizations one could support? And when should EAs diverge from mainstream environmentalism?

In the roundtable discussion, we will address these and related issues based on a combination of input and discussion.