and IPP / CUPS for G Suite Admins advanced feature overview and configuration

Advanced features:

Secure PIN-release printing & location filtering

Feature overview and configuration

Secure PIN release printing - feature overview        2

The print release terminal        4

Technology overview        4

Configuration        6

Specifying printers for PIN release        6

Configuring the print release terminal        7

Important notes        9

Location based printer filtering - feature overview        10

Key points:        11

Configuration        11

Secure PIN release printing - feature overview

The Client and CUPS-IPP Printing Extension for G Suite admins supports secure printing.

Secure printing provides the ability for organizations to greatly reduce printer waste and improve document security by ensuring that the individual who requests a print job is standing at the printer when the job is printed.

This is achieved by holding print jobs until a job PIN number is entered into a print-release console near the printer.

Sample print release screen


Administrators configure the system on a per-printer basis to hold print jobs. See configuration details in the following sections.

End-users hit print - no special instructions are required.

The system generates a PIN number for that print job.

End-users enter the PIN number at the print-release terminal, the job is released immediately

Secure printing does not rely on any printer vendor or printer model specific technologies.

This means that any printer that is supported by the IPP/CUPS Printing extension for G SUite admins can be configured to be used with secure printing.

Please note that print documents do not leave the local network during the hold-release process - a security advantage vs Cloud print solutions.

The print release terminal

Printer and print-release station

Technology overview

Please note that do not supply print-release terminal hardware.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to source hardware suitable for your environment.

Basic requirement:

Key points:


Configuration -

Under the chosen printer Policy select ‘PIN Release using’ from the Secure printing release options dropdown.

Configuration - IPP/CUPS Printing for G Suite Admins


  1. Configure which printers should have PIN release enabled.
  2. Configure the print release station

Specifying printers for PIN release

PIN release secure printing can be enabled or disabled on a per printer basis using the configuration configuration file.

PIN printing is classified as a ‘feature’ and can be enabled together with other printer feature as they become available,

Generally features are enabled thru specification of a ‘features’ parameter in the printer JSON config file.

The PIN release feature is enabled by including ‘pin’ (no extra quotes necessary) in the features parameter for the printer.

You must replace ‘your-key-here’ with a string of your choosing (replace ‘your-chosen-key’ below) during your evaluation / testing period. This will allow you to pair your clients with the print release station.

An example configuration file is included follows:

        "Printers": {
                "Value": [{
                        "friendlyName": "Staff room 1",
                        "url": "",

                        “features": "pin"
                }, {
                        "friendlyName": "Classroom 102",
                        "url": ""
        "Key": {
                "Value": "

In the above example the First printer in the list will have require users to use PIN release to send print jobs to the printer.

Configuring the print release terminal

Navigate to

License key:

If you already have a license key please enter it.

Otherwise please enter the self-selected string that you used to replace ‘your-chosen-key’ in the previous section. If the strings do not match the client and release station will not pair.

Display message:

This message will be permanently displayed on the print release screen during normal operation. You could use this display message for School or location information e..g  ‘Cedar Hills School Library’ or ‘Think before you print’

Image URL:

This is a http/https URL for an image to display on the screen along with the display message.

We suggest a School or Company logo or similar.

How to reset the terminal once it’s been configured?

To wipe all of the above fields please navigate to

Successful configuration will result in the following screen with a green ‘Connected to server’ message:

Successfully connected print-release terminal

Important notes

Location based printer filtering - feature overview

The system allows administrators to configure a master printer list that may contain printers in many physical locations within a single logical Google administration organizational unit.

This is feature is useful for organizations that are centrally administered but may have many regional offices, outlets, shops or terminals.

For the convenience of the administrator they can maintain and administer a single list of printers within the organization.

For the convenience of the end-user they can exclude all printer that do not relate to their current physical location.

The location feature is enabled by including a ‘location’ parameter for a printer.

The location list is displayed in a dropdown list in the configuration / status details for the extension in the top-right corner of the browser under the IPP/CUPS Printing icon

Key points:


An example configuration file is included follows:

        "Printers": {
                "Value": [{
                        "friendlyName": "London Regent St",
                        "url": "",

                        "location": "London"
                }, {
                        "friendlyName": "London Oxford St",
                        "url": "",

                        "location": "London"
                }, {
                        "friendlyName": "New York Madison Ave",
                        "url": "",

                        "location": "New York"
        "Key": {
                "Value": "your-key-here"

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