In December 2017, ORMA will be running its elections for the Representative Council. This council will form one of the three primary bodies of ORMA governance.

Geographic affiliates will each be able to send a delegate to the Representative Council.

You should hear from your affiliate soon about how to vote for your representative.

Caucus members who also belong to an affiliate will be allowed to vote for representation in both.

Detailed rules

Provided the following conditions are met, each virtual geographic affiliate will determine its own method for electing a member to send to the ORMA Representative Council.

  1. The election must offer each member of the virtual affiliate or caucus an equal vote (no appointments or “superdelegates” or the like).
  2. At minimum, a “member” must be a member of ORMA. Additional qualifications are at the geographic affiliate’s discretion, but must be clearly specified in advance.
  3. The election must be held in a manner that is accessible to all eligible voters (e.g. in a facility that meets ADA standards); online processes must accommodate members who are visually impaired.
  4. The election must be announced with sufficient advanced notice to make full participation possible.
  5. Members who feel their geographic affiliate has violated these standards are encouraged to resolve the matter within the geographic affiliate, but may raise a complaint with the ORMA Elections Committee ( The Elections Committee will assess the complaint, speak to the geographic affiliate;s leadership, and may request that the virtual affiliate or caucus re-rerun the election as a ranked-choice, instant runoff poll.

Unaffiliated Candidate Election Timeline

  1. By December 1st, 2017, your geographic affiliate will file its intent to send a representative to the Representative Council.
  2. By December 17th, 2017, your geographic affiliate will have run its election and informed the ORMA Elections Committee who the representative is.

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