Ticket Guide and FAQs

It’s ticket time again! Every year people have tons of questions, concerns, distress, ideas, problems, anger, happiness, rick rolls, reservations, complaints, promises, broken hearts, trolling, considerations, and QUESTIONS. This here guide will hopefully address some portion of that. So read up on how to buy a ticket, sell a ticket, and get all the questions to the answers you could possibly have.

How to buy a ticket to Transformus:

How to sell / buy a ticket to / from someone else

Frequently Asked Questions

and some that you should just know the answer to anyway even if you didn’t ask, but you should have, because it’s important. Why don’t you ever pay attention to the important bits? It’s because you don’t love me anymore isn’t it? I KNEW IT, you’ve been cheating on me by asking questions on facebook! Don’t you know I’m the best source for information! *sniff sniff* after all I’ve done for you...

How do I get a PDF of my ticket?

The password doesn’t work for me! I want a ticket! How do I get a ticket!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It’s 1 minute after sales time and it says SOLD OUT!! How to I get a ticket??? Is it really sold out?

Tickets are for real sold out, and I didn’t get one. I want a ticket! How do I get a ticket?

I bought a ticket from someone else. Can I have my name on it?

I bought a ticket from someone and my name isn’t on it. Does that matter?

I want a refund for my ticket.

I just don’t want the ticket, and I don’t want to sell it to a person so I want a refund.

Ticket sales were TOO FAST, and I don’t like it! I don’t think it’s fair! I should have a ticket and not other people because I bring/do/have/am <special thing here>!!

I heard that some people get free tickets. I want a free ticket.

I heard that Transformus reserves tickets for some people. Why can’t I have a reserve ticket?

I want to volunteer!

Can I get a ticket if I volunteer?

Is there an instructional video for ticket sales?