Council of Watchers Rank Quests

All students start off as “Neophytes” Rank. To increase in rank the student will be put to the test. Students may move up more than one rank during a ranking Ceremony, but must meet the qualifications for every rank below the one they are seeking. In order to “test” for the new rank the student must meet the minimum XP count.

Sentinel (Defender)/Hunter (Vigilante): Level 3 and up

        8/10 Multiple Choice Test

Performance Task: Primary and Secondary Sources - Identify the difference between primary and secondary sources when given a series of examples.

Sentinel (Protector)/Hunter (Mercenary): Level 5 and Up

        8/10 Multiple Choice Test 

Performance Task: Land Acquisitions - Illustrate the 5 major land acquisitions in US History by creating a reasonably accurate map with a title, key, and color.

Sentinel (Guardian)/Hunter (Warrior): Level 7 and Up

        8/10 Multiple Choice Test 

Performance Task: Research - Locate 3 primary sources from 3 different databases about a topic of Mr Powley’s choice in 15 minutes. Cannot use Google or  Wikipedia as primary search function.

Sentinel (Champion)/Hunter (Vanquisher): Level 9 and Up

        8/10 Multiple Choice Test 

Performance Task: Source Validity - Compare 2 sources for validity. Correctly determine which source would be considered more valid in a historic argument and provide a justification for your answer in writing.

Sentinel (Paladin)/Hunter (Dark Knight): Level 11 and Up

        8/10 Multiple Choice Test 

Performance Task: Picture Flow Chart - Correctly organize the set of images that Mr. Powley provides by putting the events depicted in chronological order. Then write a 1 paragraph summary of context of the era.