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Reception Class                 

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Bayfield Class Home Learning

                                                                                                                        Google Classroom - please read below!

Hello to you all.

 We have a virtual classroom for setting work. It allows us to post things for the children and for the children to post their work. Thank you so much to everyone who has joined so far

If you haven't joined us in our virtual classroom already then please do so ASAP. It is easy to do -  we sent an invitation to join ‘google classroom’ to your child’s email address in September - please accept the invitation and then you should be able to access the classroom! Please email us or Mr Gleeson (email addresses at the bottom of the page). If you have any problems or if you don’t know your child’s log in details.

Note from Mr Gleeson: You can access Google Classroom via the web or using the Google Classroom app. To start with you might want to visit the Norfolk Cloud Portal where you can login to their email and find Classroom, Coding and Google Drive links.

What you could do in a day of home learning

  1. Read and share a book (books you already have at home, library, ebooks)
  2. Phonic activity- online game, sound book
  3. Choose a maths activity from one of the challenges.
  4. Have a go at some writing. This could be simple words, write a simple sentence, shopping list, labels etc.
  5. Choose a ‘making’ activity e.g cooking, art and craft
  6. Get outside (if you can) and be a nature detective, run and jump, go for a walk.

Phonics websites

Click on- free resources-Primary-Literacy-Polly’s phonics

You will find videos and activities which cover Phase 3 phonics.

We use this in class.

Click on games.  There are free games for phases 1-6

Most children will need to use phase 2 and 3.

Reading website

It is important to continue to enjoy books with your child.  Please do this everyday.

Lots of free ebooks and also maths games and activities.

Click on My class login

Username- receptionholt                        password- read2020

Please contact us with any questions.

Stay safe