NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards Committee Charges

Last Updated: May 6, 2019


The Outstanding Sports Facilities Committee works with NIRSA Headquarters to administer and promote the Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards program. Presented each year at the Annual Conference, these awards recognize innovation and achievement in the designs of new, renovated, or expanded collegiate recreational facilities of NIRSA Member institutions. This committee encourages applications for the award, reviews all submissions, and selects the winners.

NIRSA’s mission, vision, and strategic values guide the “how” and “why” for our professional development offerings, networking opportunities, and resources, as well as all strategic priorities.  NIRSA committees are expected to fulfill their charges, operate the committee, and make decisions and recommendations consistent with NIRSA’s values and in support of NIRSA’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.

2019-2020 Charges

  1. In cooperation with your NIRSA HQ staff, maintain a “Manual” that serves as a guide for future Outstanding Sports Facilities Committees, on the processes and timeline for the recruitment, selection, notifications to recipients and non-winning applicants, as well as other standard communication of the Outstanding Sports Facilities Committee.
  2. Review and modify the application form and process as needed.
  3. Advertise the availability of the nominations/awards via multiple communication channels prior to the application deadline of November 1.
  4. Follow designated protocol for communication of the award to the recipients as well as the nominators of those that were not selected.
  5. Finalize text for the engraving on the award items.

Additional charges may be presented to the committee, or by the committee, during the year as new initiatives arise

Professional Involvement Credit Value (PIC)

0.3 (chair); 0.1 (member)