Meat and Cheese Display

(Minimum 10 people)

Comes with sliced, untoasted Zingerman’s baguette

Meats $10/pp (choose four):

Pork mortadella studded with pistachio

Smoked Polish Kielbasa scented with marjoram

Hard all beef salami with garlic and white wine

All beef summer sausage with mustard seed

Seasonal rillette - local meat whipped with pork fat into a spread

Chicken liver mousse with onion and five spice

Smoked capicola with paprika and star anise

House smoked ham simply prepared

Parisian style ham with nutmeg and bay leaf

Cured Meat (coppa or lomo) +5/pp

Kasekrainer studded with Butterkase cheese (+2/pp)

Pickled Shrimp (+2/pp)

Local Cheese $5/pp (choose four):

Idyll Farms “Temptation” - cider washed goat cheese

Meadowview Chevre - whipped with lemon and honey

Fluffy Bottom Farms Sheep’s Milk Gouda

Zingerman’s Bridgewater cheese - scented with Tellicherry Peppercorn

White Lotus Farm “Wild Meadow” - raw milk cows milk cheese with hints of spring

Idyll Farms Chevre - seasoned with garlic and chive

Zingerman’s Manchester - soft aged cheese with wrinkly geotrichum rind

Zingerman’s Liptauer - pimento Cheese

Farm’s Country Cheddar - white sharp, yellow sharp, pepperjack, horseradish

House made ricotta (+3/pp)

Homemade Accoutrements (three included, $1/pp for each additional):

Dilly pickles

Japanese sesame pickles


Pickled fennel

Fermented spring vegetables

Pickled radish

Blueberry jam

Cranberry relish

Cherry-ginger jam

Beet chutney

Onion jam

Optional Add Ons:

Rustic B Rosemary and Salt Crackers $2/pp

Olives $4/pp

Locally made mustard $2/pp

House made Challa or Sourdough bread $2/pp

Marcona almonds $2/pp