Dear MYBI Parent,                                                                                                                                 

On behalf of the officers and Board of Directors of Marinette Youth Baseball, I would like to welcome you and your child to the 2020 baseball/softball season. We look forward to you supporting your child’s participation by attending games and by giving encouragement to your child throughout the year. All we ask is for your cooperation in seeing that your child attends all practices and games that have been scheduled for his or her team.

We are always looking for quality coaches if interested please contact us at 715-732-6399 or email us at MYBIpresident@gmail.com. Also visit our  website at MYBI.org for more information.

Candy Bar money is due by tryouts on April 4th.. There will be a person as you walk in collecting. Please make certain your player arrives 15 minutes before scheduled start times below.

League BASEBALL Tryouts are set for  Saturday April 4th, 2020 held at Marinette Middle School.  Players should report at the following times:  Tryouts for anyone interested in All Stars will be held on Sunday, April 5th at Marinette High School.  

          BASEBALL PLAYER AGE on May 1, 2020


     ALL 4, 5 and NEW 6 yr old players (t-ball)

             9:00 AM

     ALL 7 and NEW 8 yr old players

           10:00 AM

     ALL 9 and NEW 10 yr old players

           11:00 AM

     ALL 11 and NEW 12 yr old players

           12:00 PM

League SOFTBALL  tryouts are set for Saturday April 4th  held at the Marinette Middle School gym .  Players should report at the following times:  Tryouts for anyone interested in All Stars will be held on Sunday, April 5th at the Marinette High School gym.

         SOFTBALL PLAYER AGE on Jan. 1, 2020


   ALL 7 and NEW 8 yr old players

               1:00 PM

   ALL 9 and NEW 10 yr old players

               1:30 PM

   ALL 11 and NEW 12. 13 or 14  yr old players

               2:00 PM

                                                RULES FOR UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT

All parents must sign a receipt accepting responsibility for the care and return of all uniforms and equipment before it was issued.  They are to be washed after every game  Repair any minor tears immediately.  They MUST be returned clean, or you will be charge a $10 fee.  Players are NOT to wear their uniforms to practice or for everyday use.  They are to be worn for games Only.  All equipment and uniforms issued must be returned at the end of the season on the date set at that time   Players NOT returning their uniform or any part of their uniform will be charged as follows:                        Pants $25.00        Jerseys $25.00        Belts $15.00

If you should have any questions about the programs or are interested in helping with any league activities, please contact one of the following officers:

        Sue Erdman                MYBI President                                715-330-0018

        Alicen Menor                Cal Ripken/Rookie/T-ball President        608-658-9644

        Todd Baldwin                Cal Ripken Major/Minor President                715-923-9332

        Jason Kinney                Babe Ruth President                        906-290-4484

        Davin Berman                14u and 16u Softball President                715-923-2333

        Alison Stauss                12u, 10u, 8u Softball President                727-804-3845

We all look forward to another exciting MYBI season.  I know that with your support and help, it will be a fun and successful season.