Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        After a well resting slumber, loud clashing is heard from the kitchen down stairs, startling Iñigo. “Alright, Roesia, this is the last time I tell you NOT to make breakfast before I get up…” Iñigo then saw a stranger in his kitchen, trying to unlock the door to the lab down stairs. “What are you doing in my home?.” Iñigo now serious about the situation, the person that he was talking to was in a cloak with a dagger at hand. “Well, this isn’t what I thought would happen, you should be out of the building today. I guess this will have to get a little messy, now won’t it Iñigo?” The cloaked thief started to dash at Iñigo full force with his dagger pointer toward Iñigo’s heart. Iñigo was able to react in time to dodge the attack, having the thief run into the wall behind him.

Roesia, confused by Iñigo’s yelling walked into the room to find Iñigo kicking the dagger from the thief’s hand. “Okay, if you could please get out of my home before I call the authorities, I think we’ll all be good to go.” “Okay then, just down let your guard down, I’ll be the first of many after your secrets. I’m surprised though you did so well? I thought you wouldn’t be here to begin with.” Both Iñigo and Roesia were confused as to why he would think that they would be gone. “Who told you that we would be gone?” “Well, as an honest thief, I would say no one, but everyone has been talking about how you defeated Alter in battle. Some have  also been talking about the arrival of the necromancers, thus I thought I would take advantage of the fact you should have fled and take what I could to hopefully protect myself from the darkness that awaits this god forsaken town! Sorry, just stressed from all the panic.” “Wait, you mean to tell me that everyone has been stirred up by my affairs?” “Well, I guess you underestimated the reality of the situation. I mean, this isn’t some sort of joke, at least not to you and I. We’re alchemist, this danger may not seem that real, but these necromancers are just advanced alchemist that can create an entire person, or at least that is how it seems. Sorry for this invasion, but my family could be at stake.” Roesia was just very red in the face, like she was about to explode. “Hey, what do you think Roesia?” “Well you know what I think! I think that just because a rumors floating around doesn’t make it okay to just go robbing people. I think you’re just lying so that we feel bad and let you get out of here as if nothing happened! You want to prove wrong, you rat!” The thief was shivering from Roesia’s anger. “Okay, I’ll show you just how much of a impact you’ve had on the city. Please just don’t yell at me again.”

The three started to walk out of the home, Roesia covered the thief’s eye holes while Iñigo locked the door. “Wow, you guys are special with your fancy locks.” “Yeah, that means you didn’t get through the door at least, but someone else did, right Roesia?” “Well that’s not the issue right now, now is it Iñigo!” The thief was a bit confused by the way these two were to each other. “Well, you see, not one person in the market.” “Well, you know it is only a couple hours after sun rise, I don’t think people are always out here?” “To be fair Roesia, I have seen one person since leaving the house.” “Well as Iñigo is a bit of a dunce when it comes to these situations, I am not. You better have better evidence than this.” “Okay then, I guess if you look at the town square, there’s no one playing the game now. Also the banner for the mayor’s official building is down.” ‘He has a point.” Roesia wasn’t convinced. Iñigo was a bit bored of walking around with this guy, and the thief was still on edge with the fact that Roesia had his hands bind together behind his back.

After about half an hour of looking around, the group stopped back at town square. “Well, are you satisfied yet? The entire town is empty, and has been empty seen being out here.” “Well, we need to check the entrances still.” The thief started to argue with Roesia. They were yelling very loud, so loud to the point of Iñigo having to walk away from the two for a bit. Iñigo didn’t care that the thief was trying to steal from him at that point, and the stuff in the basement was of no use to him at that point, for he got all the notes he needed from the previou night. As he walked down to the park that was only a few meters away from the two, he noticed someone sitting on one of the rocks, with a hood over his face. “Hey guys, I found a guy on this rock over here, I guess you can now… pound him?” Iñigo didn’t recognize the fellow on the rock, and the person was now getting up. “Morning, sorry if we disturbed you? We were just trying to find out where everyone went. Hope you might be able to tell us.” The stranger walked over to Iñigo. Stopped in front of one of the pedestals in the park. “Go over there please. I want to see how my skills are now a day.” The stranger pointed to the other pedestal across from him. “I guess I can help you out with that. Can you at least let me know if you have any information as to where everyone else is?” “Sure young man, they saw me and started running for their lives.” “What? Why would you say that?” “Oh no reason, just this I guess.” He unmasked himself to reveal the deformed horrors of his face, and the weapons that were at his sides. He also had weird markings on his clothes. “It’s time for my first victim. You will help me feed my Master!” The necromancer was revealed. The thief and Roesia ran over by the screams, as if beckoning them. They were at Iñigo’s side. Iñigo was a bit shocked by this, but felt ready for this. He knew this would be the moment to prove to everyone that he was actually worthy to be an alchemy, like his father before him.