These events have been organized with care by:
Alex Hennings - Technology
Danielle Walczak - Volunteering
Hannah Chamberlain - Talent
Jennifer Dryden - Enthusiasm
Samson Fowler - Safety


        At the CFC we want to create an environment of connection, community, and joy for all levels of dancers from all backgrounds. We cultivate this culture with a foundation of consent, both spoken and practiced. We strive to have a dance that is all-gender and consent-based, and we call Larks/Ravens. Each time you dance at CFC we want to make sure you feel happy, safe, comfortable and empowered to communicate. CFC helps uphold a comfortable and safe environment by teaching consent at all our dances and by having a designated safety team.

The safety and success of our dance is a team effort and that includes you! If you choose to dance with us we ask that you commit to following our code of conduct.                                  

What is Contra Dancing

        Contra dancing is a traditional folk dance with English, Scottish and French origins. These events are extremely accessible for newcomers and a great place to find community. Dress comfortably and be prepared to sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we affiliated with "Second Saturday Topsham Contra" or "Portland Intown Contra Dance"?
A: Nope. We talk to them sometimes.

Q: Which dance role names do we use?
A: Larks and Ravens.

Q: Do we receive hate mail for organizing contra dances?
A: Yes we do!

Q: Are there other contra dances in Maine?
        A: more to come soon…