Presenters   (What they have shared with us, or what we’ve been able to uncover.)

Meet the RVC

Catch up on what’s going on around Mensa or make your concerns known to the woman who can bring them to the AMC.

Jolie Elder    joined American Mensa about 20 years ago. She loves tabletop games and jigsaw puzzles. If she is at a regional gathering, you know there will be games. She also brings the good tea.

Games Mistress

Look for Codenames probably Friday night. We’ll have a small Liberty jigsaw puzzle and Rummikub (probably Saturday night). We also have a request to learn Wingspan. No prizes, but lots of camaraderie.

Jan Fredrickson    is a long time member and our very own under-appreciated and under-spotlighted hospitality maven and Chocolate Goddess.

Chocolate Orgy

Wonderfully decadent chocolate, selected by one who has never failed to satisfy the chocolate connoisseurs in attendance.

Cindy Smith    is a long time member with a plethora of interests and talents. This year she will be gracing us with  

A History of Chess and How to Play it