Choir Parents Association Meeting

May 13, 2019

Call to Order: 7:06 pm


Suzi Francese

Erica Baez

Nancy Llanos

Kim Silva

Rebecca Nice Parrone

Tyffini Furlong

Carol Stewart

                Balance on hand (1/14/19:)  $33,647.33


Total: $16,723.73 (Balance before Expenses)

        Other Accounts:

                Tucker Jones: -$1,300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$604.10

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63 (hold on graduation)

        Total Other Accounts: -$2,148.73

        Total: $18,872.46


Candy:  Trying to start selling candy again starting tomorrow- CPA is still out significant money from the old system.

Silver Box: CPA is discussing purchasing a new box for the wall. One that is larger and deeper to avoid it spilling over and getting too full.  Possibly a reason for missing candy money.

President Council:  Review, Bill Grippo Scholarship, Food Truck and Politicians.

Show Wrap up:  we did well with ticket sales.  However, not sure how much was made since Kim doesn’t have reports from all the departments. Kim suggests having all the departments submit a spreadsheet after the show, outlining how much was spent and how much was made.  Not sure of ticket results since ticket committee was not present at meeting tonight.

Scholarships: 3 applicants, meeting this week to review applications and decide on awards.

Nominations: for next year not done but discussed.  In need of Treasurer and Secretary.

Choir gear: is being ordered. Not enough orders from kids for minimums but will order extra to make up the minimum to sell to incoming freshman in September.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59 PM