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Supervision of Pupils Policy


Teachers’ responsibility for the well-being of the boys is all embracing.

In school their primary responsibility is the instruction of the boys, but they will notice if a boy is off-colour or unhappy. There are also always an appropriate number of experienced members of staff on-site/off-site (trips etc) to ensure the safety & wellbeing of the children. The members of staff on duty are clearly displayed around the school and the boys know to always find the members of staff on duty if they need to report a problem. Members of staff always rotate around the school site & carry a walkie talkie & mobile phone to ensure a fast response to any incident.

General wellbeing

On duty the well-being and welfare of the boys is the overriding priority. The teacher should be on the look-out for boys on their own, boys with nothing to do, or groups of boys who may be doing what they are not meant to be doing or who might be making life unpleasant for another boy. There is a further responsibility for teachers on duty: to be aware of situations arising from injury to another boy.

Those teachers who are form tutors have two further responsibilities – to monitor the performance of boys and their progress in school and to be there should the boys wish to confide in them regarding worries which they feel they do not want to share with other members of staff.

In all these duties the teachers’ responsibility is to the Headmaster and he should be informed of problems arising from situations or of confidences made by the boys.

Members of staff will familiarize themselves with publications issued by IAPS, Social Services and other interested bodies and will be able to recognise signs of trouble.

There is a well-proven structure of which all boys are aware to deal with boys who may be, for whatever reason, unhappy or worried. This is supported with the ‘Worried’ posters which are displayed all around school.

For minor situations boys will turn to a friend or perhaps a monitor. Should they feel that the situation is more important and that a boy could not deal with it, they will go to a member of staff, either a matron or a teacher.

If they feel that none of these would be able to sort out the problem they will go to the Headmaster. They may well feel, and indeed are encouraged to feel, that the Headmaster is the best person to go to in the first place.

If none of these options appeal, boys have a further means of help with their problems by finding Mrs. Dawson or contacting the School Doctor or Mrs Laschinger, our independent listener.


Members of staff are always walking around the school site and in the case of injury the Matron is informed at once and an accident form completed. All teachers carry out a First Aid & Lifesaver course every two years.

All staff should realise that all problems regarding the boys MUST be reported to the Headmaster who is the ultimate means of communication with the parents.

Registers & signing in & out procedures

Morning register

Lunch register

Evening register

Any boy who has been given permission to leave the School grounds with their parents/guardians must sign out via the ‘Signing out register’ which is located in the front hall. This is different to the ‘Day boy registers’ & all boys & parents/guardians know that this must be done. They must then sign back in on their return & tell a member of staff.

If parents/guardians need to take their boy out of school (e.g. school visit) then they must receive permission from the Headmaster. The Headmaster will then communicate this to staff.

Missing child

All matters relating to a missing child can be found documented in ‘Missing child policy’ which details the school register.

Fire drills

A whole school register is taken by the Headmaster. If he is not present then it will carried out by the Deputy Headmaster or by a member of SMT. The day boy registers & signing out register is always taken to ensure the whereabouts of every child is known. All fire drills are documented which can be found in the ‘Records of fire drills’ file.


Two members of staff are on duty each day at all times.

0755        Duty starts. Collect walkie talkies. See boys into breakfast at 8.00am. A bell is rung at the end of breakfast and Registration is taken at 8.30 using an ipad. After breakfast, see the school out from breakfast one table at a time. After breakfast the No Privilege boys attend detention in TACND’s classroom. Check them off by reference to the No Privilege list.

0835        Ring both bells. Ensure that all boys go to Chapel. Attend Chapel and see the boys back into school.

        N.B.        On Saturdays ring both bells at 0835 and attend congregational practice.

0900        Ring both bells to start first school.

1100        BREAK. Those on duty have discretion on whether boys are inside or outside. This depends entirely on the weather. Boys must be told what to wear on their feet, as far as possible at breakfast. On a normal day this should be trainers.

1125        Ring both bells and see that all boys come off the grounds. At this time ‘lemonade’ is given out by the matrons but is supervised by those on duty.

1130        Ring the outside bell to encourage boys into school.

1135        Ring both bells to start fourth school.

1255        Be outside washrooms to see boys wash hands and brush hair prior to lunch. Hands checked at far end of pipe, not in dining room.

1325        See the boys out of lunch one table at a time and ensure that they go to prep.

1335        Start of Prep.


1425        (Winter Terms) End of Prep. Be in the changing room to see all boys down to games - supervise boys out of changing rooms to games fields.

1540        (Summer Term) End of afternoon school. ‘Lemonade’ is taken at this time. Go to changing room to see boys down to games.

1600        (Winter) Supervise Lemonade as in break.

1620        (Winter) Ring both bells for first afternoon school. NB. On Wednesdays and Saturdays lemonade is at 1600.

1730         (Saturday) Roman Catholic tea. Masters on duty must make sure that there is a driver to take them to Mass.

1735        (Summer) Ring the outside bell. See that all boys come off the grounds and prepare themselves for tea - boys assemble in changing room before being sent into tea

1745        (Winter) Ring both bells for tea. Assemble in the changing room before tea

1750        Attend and supervise tea. 5 minutes before the end of tea ring the bell on the Headmaster’s table for those still eating to be on silence. Ensure the boys stand for Grace and say Grace. Then send the boys out one table at a time.

1850        (Summer) One supervises detention, one is on duty outside/around the school. In winter, check activities list to make sure all boys are in the allocated place.


1925        Ring both bells to indicate supper (drinks and snack in the Pipe). Supervise supper. Send forms I and II up to bed once they have had supper.

1930        See that all boys are in the library ready for prayers having had supper. Hand over to the Headmaster / Deputy Head / Head of Boarding. Duty ends.


0850        Duty starts by seeing the school out from breakfast one table at a time. (See Monday to Saturday)

0910        Ensure that all boys are in the library by this time. Hand over to the Headmaster.

0925        Supervise letter writing in the upstairs classroom and the Library. (staff will need a school list and/or computer to check addresses. Letters should be left in the Bursar’s office to be posted on the following Monday)

1000        Boys’ go down to boot room with black and brown shoes to make sure they are polished.

10.30        Free time. If the weather is fine all boys change into gardening clothes and go onto the grounds. In inclement weather the boys must stay inside in school clothes. The Duty Master / Mistress must patrol all areas of the School.

1230        Ring the outside bell. All boys must come off the grounds. They do not need to change for lunch providing they are clean.

1245        Start of Lunch. In the absence on the Headmaster say Grace at the start and end of lunch. See the school out from lunch one table at a time and see that they go up to rest.

1400        Matron rings the inside bell to end rest. The boys now have free time except for those on previously notified activities. The Duty Master / Mistress must patrol all areas of the School and grounds. When outside, the boys must be in garden clothes.

1730 (latest)        Ring outside bell. Ensure that all boys come off the grounds and change ready for tea.

17.00        Tea for choir (ring bell)

1745        Ring both bells for the start of school tea. Supervise tea. 5 minutes before the end of tea ring the bell on the Headmaster’s table for those still eating to be on silence. Ensure the boys stand for Grace and say Grace. Then send the boys out one table at a time (ensure boys are changed for Chapel)

18.10  Ring bell to gather boys in the Library and are sent for evening Chapel

18.40         Free time

19.25        Bell to indicate snacks in the pipe, boys then go into the Library for prayers.

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