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Node - Engagement Expectations



The purpose of this document is to clearly outline responsibilities and expectations as they relate to Nodes within the Open Climate Collabathon


The Open Climate Collabathon is a global movement with the goal of creating the world’s first open-source climate accounting platform by leveraging radical transparency and collaboration.


Nodes undertake the following activities:


During the social distancing periode caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, nodes will assume the role of Virtual Nodes.

Virtual nodes will:


The Open Climate Collabathon provides:  

Node - Social Media Guidelines

As a node, you are also a Network Ambassador of the Open Climate Collabathon, which means you have the responsibility of publicizing the Collabathon on social media. Here are some guidelines for supporting us on social media.

  1. What to post

  1. The easiest thing to do is re-share our posts, and to add a comment.
  1. For example, on Twitter you would use “Retweet with Comment” on one of our tweets, and add your own comment such as “Very excited to be a Node of the Open Climate Collabathon!” or a call to action to your followers such as “Sign up to stay informed about the Open Climate Collabathon” - we prefer you sending them to our page to sign up!
  1. You can also share the following links if you want to write your own post!
  1. Website link -

  1. When to post

  1. We ask that you post with the following frequency (these numbers are the minimum we request. More posts are definitely welcome!):
  1. Up to one month until the event - 1 post across channels* / week
  2. Within one month of the event - 2+ posts across channels / week
  3. Within 1 week of the event - 3-5 posts across channels / week
  4. During the event - 1-2 posts / day

*across channels = means choose one of your social media channels -- we’d love if you chose the channel with the most followers!

  1. Where to post

  1. You can post on any of your social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  1. How to post

  1. Be sure to follow us and then tag us on whichever channel you are using. Our handles are:
  1. Twitter - @opencollabathon -
  2. Facebook - @opencollabathon -
  3. Instagram - @opencollabathon - 
  4. LinkedIn - @opencollabathon - 
  1. Be sure to use the hashtag #RadicalCollaboration so we can see your post
  2. Please use the following language when referring to your role within the Open Climate Collabathon, or when referring to the event:
  1. You can refer to your relationship with the Collabathon as you are a Node of the Open Climate Collabathon
  2. To avoid confusion, please use only the term ‘Node’, as opposed to using terms such as  'partner' or ‘co-organizer’

[1] Until further notice, there are no requirements or requests conveyed here concerning onsite, physical/in-person contact among organizers, volunteers or participants of any and all kinds.