Elected Executive Board Duties


The Executive Board is a leadership structure that allows each elected person to complete assigned duties as a unit - working as an EQUAL WHOLE. These duties can and will be divided equally upon election but all are the job of the board. PLEASE read this carefully so EVERYONE, both those running and those voting understand the responsibilities that lay before the elected executive board. If you plan to run, you need to complete this form and submit your video by Sunday, April 25th at 5pm.


Each Board Member will be expected to fulfill the following duties:


I, _______________________________,  agree to the above terms and will do all I can uphold them if elected. If at any point I cannot or do not fulfill these jobs, I will rescind my position. However, I understand that doing so puts a burden on my team. By running for this position I understand all the responsibilities I am taking on.






They will coordinate early season help and how-to sessions, organize and run student-led practices, and coordinate file building (for congress, extemp, debate, etc.) These will be OFFERED after an application process to selected members in MAY and each is welcome to accept or decline. Selection will be made by elected officers and coaches. Selection is NOT based on competitive success nor should be used as a bargaining tool for elections. Choices are made based on leadership and dedication. Specific requirements and rules will be presented during the application process. We MAY utilize rotating captains led by coordinators depending on the experience level of the pool.