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Fall 2018

American 1 History

Instructor: Mr. Stephen Carpenter        Room: 406

American History examines the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements that shaped the development of the US.  Students will study major turning points that have shaped the our nation and explore a variety of concepts such as revolution, government, war, and technology.  The goal of this course is for students to develop understandings of current issues and relate them to their historical, political, economic, geographical, and cultural contexts.

Required Supplies:

Suggested Supplies:

Grading Policy

Each 9 Weeks, this is how the grading in the course will be broken down:

Tests: 30%                          Projects/Essays: 30%  

Classwork/Bellringers: 20%         Quizzes/: 20%

Classwork and homework will be assigned often and students will be expected to study materials on a regular basis.  Students that fail to keep up with notes, classwork/homework, and reviewing their materials often usually do poorly in this class.  

The FINAL course grade is calculated as follows:

1st 9 Weeks Grade: 40% of final grade

2nd 9 Weeks Grade: 40% of final grade

NC Final Exam: 20% of final grade

The state of North Carolina provides a statewide final exam for all high school World History classes; therefore, everyone must take the American 1 History Final Exam.  

Tardy Policy

If you are not in your seat when the tardy bell rings, you are tardy!

 Excessive offenses will be addressed by administration

Course Topics

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Classroom Rules

Remember, you may not keep anyone else in this classroom from learning!

If you choose not to follow the rules, there will be consequences:

Timeout: Progression of Consequences

2nd Offense: Parent Contact by Teacher

3rd Offense: Administrative Conference, 1 Day In-School Suspension

4th Offense: 2 Days In-School Suspension

5th Offense: 3 Days Out-of-School Suspension

Additional Offenses: Determined by Administration

Technology Policy


In order to engage students, teach responsible use of Internet tools, and encourage learning in  my classroom, I use the following tools:

More information can be found on the FCS Technology Department page under Online Educational Resources and Tools.  To review the privacy policy for the tools used in my classroom, please click on the 3rd Party Digital Resources.  Also, please be sure to return to my classroom page for updates.  Technology is always changing and the list may change during the course of the semester/year.