My Ancona Notification Opt-in Instructions

  1. Log into the portal.  
  2. Under your name in the upper right-hand side, select Settings.  

  1. Select Notifications.
  2. For both Announcement Posted and News Posted, select “Setup Options.”

  1. After clicking on Setup Options, select the Groups that pertain to you AND your child and click save:  

Best practice is to SELECT ALL so you’ll receive notifications for groups you or your child is a

member of. You will only receive notifications from groups you or

your child are active members of, but by selecting all, you will not need to make changes should

     your child join a club or team later.

  1. After completing step 5 for Announcements and News, click the E-mail box.  
    At this point, you have successfully signed up to receive email notifications.  

  1. If you’d also like to receive Text messages, select the Text boxes too.  
  2. If a phone number is not listed, click on the + and follow the directions to add a phone number.

  1. Coming Winter 2018! If your child plays sports and you’d like to receive game and practice reminders:
    Follow the steps above to make appropriate changes pertaining to athletic messages by clicking on

Setup Options next to Game Reminder and Practice Reminder.  

The Setup Options for game and practice reminders are the following:

            Your notification settings will look like this if you want to receive ALL email and text notifications.