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ACS Parent Pick Up Procedure
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Parent Pick Up Procedure for all ACS students

In order to streamline afternoon pick-up and provide an additional layer of safety, please review the parent pick up procedure for ACS. “Valet Cards” will be issued individually to each student on the first day of school. Please display one of the cards on the car dashboard whenever you are picking up your child. This will help to make the process faster, more secure and safer for students. If you do NOT have the card, you may be asked to present proper identification.

  1. The drop off/pick up area is located at the rear entrance of the building and is supervised by school personnel.
  2. Please stay in your car and follow the route on the Parent Pickup Map (attached).
  1. If you need to park to enter the building, please park in designated visitor parking out front and enter through the main (front) entrance.
  1. At the end of the school day, ALL students being picked up are dismissed from homerooms through the rear entrance.
  2. A staff member will bring your student(s) directly to your vehicle.


Other Important Information: