LePort Montessori - Brooklyn, New York - Immediate Toddler and Primary Head Teacher Openings

LePort Montessori in Brooklyn, New York is seeking an AMI or AMS Montessori trained Toddler teacher to lead one of our Toddler mixed-aged classrooms and a trained Primary teacher to lead one of our Primary mixed-age classrooms.  If you have a passion for the Montessori philosophy and take pride in creating and sustaining the highest-quality educational environment, this position is for you!  We are looking for teachers with all levels of experience.

At LePort, we place a high value on partnering with families on their child's educational journey.  An important part of your role will be communicating closely with parents to a) give them a window into the Montessori classroom, b) educate them about the Montessori philosophy and c) provide insight into their child's individual progress.  We trust you to be the best advocate for our school, the Montessori philosophy, and each individual child.  

Come grow with us!  

About LePort Schools
LePort Schools was founded in 2000 by Dr. Peter LePort, a parent who became passionate about the Montessori Method for his own children and set out to open a school that is both professionally run and authentic to the Montessori philosophy. From that single school in Southern California, LePort Schools has grown to more than 20 schools today, extended its mission to the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Northern Virginia.

LePort Schools offers a rich, robust community of thoughtful educators, together with competitive salaries and benefits packages (health insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, great paid time off, and a generous tuition discount).

The ideal candidate will possess:
A bachelor's degree (or equivalent)
AMI or AMS Montessori diploma for the appropriate age group
Experience working with children (with the particular age group preferred, even if this experience was prior to receiving Montessori training)
Passion for the Montessori philosophy; excellence communicating this philosophy to parents and community
Genuine warmth and love for guiding children and their families
Benevolent outlook towards solving problems and advocating for our educational viewpoint (at LePort, we call this "focusing on the solution, not on the problem")

To apply for the Certified Montessori Toddler Head Teacher position, please click here: https://www.leportschools.com/careers/job-details/1215014/?gh_jid=1215014

To apply for the Certified Montessori Primary Head Teacher position, please click here: https://www.leportschools.com/careers/job-details/1220717/?gh_jid=1220717