Senior Backend Software Engineer

About Myo

Think about care homes: what goes on each day? Most people have no idea – we hope that our grandmothers are being well cared for, but aren’t really sure. Felix and Jasper, the two founders, decided to get an inside look. They spent four months working as carers, and experienced first-hand how much effort and love the carers, nurses, and other staff members put into bringing joy and comfort into the lives of their patients. Good news, right? Well, yes – the trouble is, no-one knows about it!

As a result, Myo was born. We open a window into the lives of people living in care homes, providing a technological solution to a lack of visibility and contact for relatives and friends.

Imagine getting a notification: “Grandma Smith had a great time at the museum today!” You open the Myo app, and see a picture of your granny peering at the exhibits, having a coffee in the cafe, and buying a toy dinosaur that you suspect is going to be part of your next Christmas present. You send back a comment: “Looks like fun! 💖

Your Role

We are looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer to develop our backend services. You feel proficient in Java or Kotlin, have experience with backend-oriented web frameworks (ideally Spring Boot). You are not intimidated by SQL and like to debug issues and profile performance bottlenecks. You know the importance of testing the right things and constant refactoring.


Your benefits

What you can expect

At Myo, our people come first – before product, definitely before profits. That’s because without good, happy people on board, it’s impossible to create a world-class product, let alone achieve sustainable profits. What does that mean for you?

Our values

If you think you would be a good fit for this role, send us an email
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