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Law Enforcement Overview - Melissa CTE
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Career & Technical Education

Endorsement Area:

Public Service

Career Cluster:

Health Science

Career Pathway:

Law Enforcement

Courses Available at Middle School for High School Credit

  • None at this time

High School Courses

Concentrator Courses

Completer Courses

In order to be a concentrator, the student must complete at least two (2) credits in the same Program of Study (POS).

A completer must have at least three (3) courses for four (4) or more credits, with at least one (1) advanced course in the same Program of Study (POS), in order to earn an endorsement.

  1. Law Enforcement I (1 credit)
  2. Law Enforcement II (1 credit; adv. course)
  3. Criminal Investigations (1 credit)
  1. Practicum OR Career Prep (2 credits each; adv. courses) OR Counseling & Mental Health (1 credit)

Sample Career Occupations


Median Wage

Annual Openings

% Growth

Police & Sheriff's Patrol Officer




Correctional Officers & Jailers




Immigration & Customs Inspectors




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Industry-Based Certification Opportunities

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Last Updated: January 7, 2021