Online Church with Horizontal organization of Elders

My ambition is to create an internet organization that does not have a single admin with superuser rights. Who can do everything. Internet is setup like discord, google groups, facebook groups so that there exist an owner or superuser that can do anything in the group.

Holacracy describes this horizontal organization.

Holacracy is a method of decentralized management and organizational governance, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.[1] Holacracy has been adopted by for-profit and non-profit organizations in several countries.[2]    --- Wikipedia


Churches are supposed according to the bible to have multiple elders and deacons. Not one like the pharaoh of egypt. To create this horizontal structure I have started a group on called Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will not have any rights above other admins on that group. You are welcome to join this group. In order to do so you must send me an email at and say that you want to be part and I can add your email address manually.

I am new to glassfrog. So we have to learn.