Legacy Series Rules

  1. Participation Requirements
  1. Hearthstone Account on the North American Server
  2. More than 1 cardback
  3. Active email address for Match Scheduling each week

              *****This email address will be given to all other members*****

               D.  Must follow the Code of Conduct.

  1. Series Format
  1. 5 player team - 1,800 PR cap
  2. Closed Decklist
  3. Best of 5 Conquest with 1 ban
  4. 2 Conferences
  1. All teams will be assigned a conference before the season starts.
  2. Teams will play each team in their conference.
  1. 9 Weeks of Regular Season play
  1. Winning a game awards 1 Series Point
  2. Winning a match awards 1 Series Point
  3. Winning a series awards 3 Series Points where the winning team is the team that earned the most points after the 5 matches are completed
  4. Tying a series awards 1 Series Point
  1. Playoffs
  1. The top four point earners from each conference will be given 1 of the 8 playoff slots.
  2. The playoff bracket: 1 Seed v 4 Seed, 2 Seed v 3 Seed.
  3. Playoff Series are decided by points.

  1. Weekly Schedule and Deadlines
  1. By 11:59 PM PST Monday the website will update to show the current week and the match pairings.
  2. Players must email their opponent no later than 11:59 PM PST Wednesday of each week in order to not receive a DQ.
  1. It is recommended to send the email ASAP on Monday.
  1. If your opponent has not responded to your email by 11:59 PM PST Tuesday email your captain and their captain in order to facilitate the match being played. It is recommended to email ASAP to allow more time for scheduling
  2. Players must do everything in their power to get a match played
  1. In the event 2 players are unable to find a mutual time to play their match, a No Contest result will be entered.
  2. Players are to fill out the Class Submission Form before 11:59 PM PST Wednesday of each registered week
  1. Missing ANY deadline will result in a DQ
  2. Players will be asked to enter their Deck Submission Key
  1. If you do not have this key, please enter “?” in the deck submission form for your key.
  2. The Systems Team will create and email a key to you before the end of the week.
  1. Match Format
  1. Once both players have submitted their classes, players can view their opponent’s classes via the current week page.
  2. At the scheduled match time players will add their opponent as a friend and challenge them to a Standard match. Once one borrow deck has been accepted, the match has officially started.
  3. BANS:
  1. Players will choose their cardback for the match during match scheduling. All of their decks must have that cardback during the match. Opponents may not have the same cardback designated.
  2. Player will choose one of their opponent’s submitted classes to ban and create a playable deck named “BAN” using that class.
  1. If you brought a deck of the class you are banning, name it “BAN”. Example: You and your opponent brought Druid. If you want to ban their Druid, name your playable Druid deck “BAN” and do not bring a second Druid deck.
  2. If you did not bring that class, create a new PLAYABLE deck named “BAN”.
  3. In the event that a player has forgotten to bring a “BAN” deck, they will forfeit their ability to ban. Their opponent can win with any three of the four available decks to secure the match victory.
  1. Once in the challenge screen, both players will request to “Borrow Deck” from their opponent and give access to their opponent to borrow from them. Players will now be able to see the deck named “BAN”. Once both players have seen the class their opponent banned, players will return to their deck screen and proceed with the match.
  1. Bans may alternatively be communicated using an ingame screenshot including a message bubble from the opponent for proof.
  1. Players will then play a best of 5 conquest series.
  1. Incorrect Decks
  1. If a player queues an ineligible deck, they lose that game.
  1. If a player does not have 3 eligible decks, that player may still play out the match until they are out of eligible decks.
  1. Lateness
  1. If a player is not logged into Hearthstone for 10 minutes after the official start time of the match, the player who is logged on is responsible for reaching out to their opponent and their opponent’s captain via email.
  2. If a player is still not logged into Hearthstone 5 minutes after the reminder email is sent, the online player should screenshot their friends list showing that their opponent is not online.
  3. Players are expected to attempt to reschedule. If rescheduling is not possible, the on time player must submit their email correspondence as well as friends list screenshot to help@teamhearthleague.com.
  1. Disconnects
  1. Players are responsible for their own internet connections during a match. If a game or match is affected by internet issues the results are considered final and there is no possibility of a regame.
  1. The same is true for any game client crashes, hardware issues, or other technical issues.
  2. If a player disconnects, the unaffected player should use as much time as possible to allow the affected player to rejoin the game.
  1. If any of the following criteria are met, the offending player will be issued a Match Forfeit. Any games played prior to these offenses will still be counted.
  1. Player disconnects during a match on 3 separate occasions
  2. A player’s single disconnect exceeds 4 minutes 59 seconds
  1. Spectating and Outside Assistance
  1. Assisting another player or receiving assistance during a match is strictly forbidden
  1. Violators will receive a DQ as well as possible Probation, Suspension, or Expulsion from the organization
  2. The only spectators allowed during a match are those whom are viewing matches for the purpose of broadcasting them.
  1. Streaming
  1. All streamed matches must have delay of at least 10 minutes.
  2. Players may stream their own matches only if their opponent consents.
  3. Third party streams (not the official THL channel) are allowed with the following restrictions:
  1. No members of either team may be involved with the spectating.
  2. THL reserves the right to exclusive streaming for any THL matches with advanced notice.
  1. THL may prohibit streaming on specific third-party channels at its discretion.
  1. Rulings and Appeals
  1. All ruling requests must be submitted via email to: help@teamhearthleague.com. Players can expect a ruling within 24 hours.
  2. Once a ruling is made, a player may appeal the ruling within 48 hours. They can make this appeal by responding to the email of the official ruling and stating their wish to appeal.
  1. Any evidence the player wishes to be reviewed must be included in this email.
  2. In the event an appeal is successful the other player has 48 hours to appeal the new ruling and submit any evidence they may have in their appeal.
  3. After the appeal process is complete or 48 hours is passed, the ruling is final.

Last updated 2/12/19