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Futsal League | 2023/24 Rules
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 Rules of Play

 Modified FIFA Laws of the Game, Specific to  ASA League (alphabetical)

**All recommendations represent the newest in US FUTSAL Laws and Law Changes

Accumulated Fouls | Each team is allowed to give away 5 direct free kicks (DFK) in each half. On the 6th DFK foul and all DFK in that half is awarded to the opposing team and the offending team is not allowed to position any players (other than the goalkeeper) between the ball and the goal.

Age Groups and Divisions | The league committee reserves the right to combine age groups based on the number of registrations received in each age group.

Ball | A futsal ball is weighted and has approximately  30% less bounce than a standard soccer ball

Ball in and out of Play | Ball out of play: When it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline; when the game has been stopped by a referee; when the ball hits the ceiling (restart: kick-in at the place closest to where the ball touched the ceiling).

Conduct | Any actions, verbal or physical, that are detrimental to the health and safety of coaches, players, referees, spectators or any individual are strictly prohibited and can lead to ejection of an individual or team. These actions include but are not limited to verbal or physical threatening behaviors, entering the court of play without consent and other inappropriate actions.

Court | Games will be played, primarily, on marked hard courts with proper boundaries.

Ejections and Cards | Player and Coach

Example A:

Example B:

Equipment and Safety 

Failure to Show and Forfeits

Game Time

Goalkeepers and Goal Clearance | A goal clearance must be thrown (and not kicked) and the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball again unless he is across midcourt (he cannot touch the ball in his defensive half even if he or the ball has crossed midcourt) or touched by another player or a member of the opposing team has touched the ball.

Goalkeeper Punt or Drop Kick  (after a save) | Not allowed.

It IS considered LEGAL if the ball bounces TWICE before being kicked or the GK shoots/passes the ball on his/her SECOND touch once the ball is dropped

Heading | No intentional or unintentional heading of the ball in PreK through 6th Grade (U4-12) age groups. This is for safety concerns with a heavier ball.  


*ALL headers by a defending team will result in an indirect free kick.

*If the header occurs by the defensive team between the 10m mark and endline, the IFK will take place at the 10m mark. (NOT 6m top of arc)

*If the attacking team heads it in their offensive penalty arc, the restart is a goal clearance.

*Otherwise all other headers will result in an indirect free kick awarded to the non-heading team .

Kick-Ins | Restarts after the ball has gone out of play, the ball is kicked into play from the touchline. The ball must be placed stationary on the touchline or one ball length behind, the plant foot may now be fully on the court if desired.  Opposing teams must stand 3 yards away and the kick is indirect.  You can NOT score directly off a kick in.

Kick-Off | A kick-off is a way of starting or restarting play

Offside Rule | There is no offside rule in Futsal.

Passbacks | 1 passback to the goalkeeper’s feet per possession in the team's defensive half. A goalkeeper throw counts as the 1 passback per possession.

Penalty Kick |  To be taken from the penalty mark on the mid-point of the 6-m-line.

Playoff Games & Kicks From The Penalty Mark (KFTPM) | There is no playoff games for the recreational league

PreK and Kindergarten | Prek and Kindergarten game environments will be adjusted for player experience and level to include the following

Referees | Each game will be scheduled to have at least one referee

Restarts | Goals may not be scored directly on restarts (not including corner kicks, drop balls,  penalty kicks or direct free kicks) which include:

Rosters | Roster size is recommended at 10 players. Minimum roster is 7. Maximum roster is 12 players. (For a roster of less than 7 or more than 12 players, league approval is required)

Score Table | Home team is required to have 1 person at the score table for youth games. Away team may also offer up a volunteer to fill this role.

Shoulder Charge | Not allowed to win a ball from an opponent in possession of the ball.

Sliding Tackling | Sliding tackles are not allowed  in this Futsal League.

Substitutions | Players must enter and leave the court from the designated area by their team bench. “Flying substitutions” allow substitutes and players to enter and exit as they please, however the player must exit before the substituting player can enter.

Team Benches | Teams start the game positioned in their teams defensive half. Teams will not switch sides after half and so teams will not switch benches Coaches MUST: 1) Sit on their bench, 2) Stand Beside the bench, or 3) Stand behind the bench.  T

Only one coach may stand in front of the bench. A second  can quickly stand to give direction then re-sit.

Timeout | Each team has 1 -60 second timeout per  game.

The 4 Second Rule | Applied for direct free kick, direct free kick without a wall, kick-in, penalty kick, corner kick, goal clearance, kick off, penalty kick, and goalkeeper in possession in their own half. The player in possession of the ball has 4 seconds to restart play, the referee will count off four seconds using fingers in the air. If play is not restarted within four seconds an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team. The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than four seconds in his/her own half.

Time Outs | Each team is allowed one, 60 second timeout per game. Only the team in possession can REQUEST a timeout, if play is stopped or the ball is out of play. Coaches must request AND the ref grant the timeout before the 4 second count has started.  

The 5M Rule | Direct free kick, direct free kick without a wall, indirect free kick, penalty kick, corner kicks.

Kick-ins and Kick Offs only require the opposing team be 3M away.

League/ Tournament Scoring