Are you a professional, long term yacht Chef, and ready to slow down a little bit?  Don’t get me wrong, the standards and quality are the same as the rest of yachting, but the program is much more civilized.

You love fresh, healthier fare.  Flavor and presentation is as important to you as the nutritional value of what you create.  You understand the dietary needs of regular folks and elite athletes.  You are perfectly happy cooking for crew - also healthy...but let’s face it, they need a cheeseburger every now and again as well.

We are looking for a Chef who sees this kind of position as the crown jewel in their career.

The yacht is 50m, lives almost entirely between South Florida and the Bahamas (with some summer trips into New England).  

The Owner and his family can only be described as “wonderful.”  They are tremendously happy people who love being on the yacht (don’t worry - not live-aboard) and when they are there, love to have a good time.  This includes great, clean, healthy food.

Their attitude toward crew can be seen in the very, very low turnover rate on this program.  

So the nitty gritty:  ideally the Chef is male - it is a shared cabin and this would make it very easy.  US Passport and Green Card holders to the front of the line.  The yacht is foreign flagged so this is not a deal killer, but with as much time as they spend in US waters, again, it will be easier on the crew member.

The Chef is a proper Chef position - culinary training.  We are not permitted to consider great cooks.  Experience cooking for professional athletes would be a big plus.  There will not be 7 course tasting menus for the culinary cognoscenti, this is all good, clean, great food for the owner / guests and crew only.  I really have to stress that this is a very calm, civilized much so that if you live in the area, you will have the option of going home most nights (not on guest trips of course).

So..calm, cool, collected, creative, chipper Chef...send us your CV, ENG1 and STCW basic training.  Let’s talk about you!  Send your documents to: