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[UPFRONT] Alex jones is not having a good week (video)

[LOCAL] ish Redding “christians only” town hall


Oregon state senator threatens to shoot if state troopers try to make him do his job

We rarely cover the presidential race, but this shit right here from Face The Nation today is too good.

Fuck history, it happened a long time ago!

This valedictorian is welcome on the plex any time

We gotta call Gorka’s show one day

Audience questions with crazy old Uncle Pat!

Mark Taylor still on that HRC satan hype

First we have Jimmy Dore with Faraday Speaks from Jimmy’s youtube. Next is from a live radio show capture. He edits out someone’s name!

Here’s another place you can hear the cut, but we weren’t able to find the live feed.
The Jimmy Dore Show “explains
Shout out to the #LeftIsBest crew on Twitter for these clips <3

Scientology is being sued for, well, what we’ve all been saying they do

[RED LIGHT] Josh Feuerstein on Toy Story 4 (video)

[RED LIGHT] If we have time, Joe Rogan has Bob Lazar on to tell a bunch of lies (video)

[RED LIGHT] Roboo Da Yabbo has all the derp (video)

Texas Rep Randy Webber with piano backing… crying about gay marriage and abortion

[RED LIGHT] Larkspur California 5G city council meeting (video) *Landman at 30:00*

[RED LIGHT] Congress briefed on UFOs (video)

[RED Light] Some #YangGang idiot made a video about Majority Report lol (video)

[RED LIGHT] Austin Bennet gets dragged by local radio station (video)

Thanks to Allina in our discord for finding this one!

[RED LIGHT] Great super cut of Crowder talking about the danggers of comparing things to the holocaust then comparing things to the holocaust (@rationaldis on twitter) *video*

[RED LIGHT] A little hard to tell, but maybe some lady smacked Austin Bennett (video)