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Fly Spray Testing Protocol v2
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Fly Spray Testing Protocol (Bye Bye Insects)

The following is the protocol used for testing Bye Bye Insects against other fly spray brands on horses in the field.  Experimental design was set up as a Latin square with a minimum of 3 squares.  Treatments were randomly assigned.  Fly counts were started and stopped at the same time each day and the temperature, humidity, and wind speed were also recorded for each hour.

  1. Prepare horses: Thoroughly brush each horse, focusing on the front legs.  The day prior to testing, wash the front legs of each horse, allow to dry overnight.

  1. Apply: Front legs are evenly sprayed from the elbow to the coronet band until lightly damp.  Leave hind legs bare.    

  1. Count: Each hour count the total visible flies on each pair of front legs by standing at the horses front left leg and counting all visible flies from the elbow to the coronet band.  Record total number of flies per pair of front legs for each horse each hour for 8 hours.  For each hour also record the temperature, humidity, and wind speed.  

  1. End of day: Rinse each horse’s front legs with water, sponging lightly.