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1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes and encourages the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activity. However, District property and school time, paid for by the citizens, may not be used for political purposes when performing assigned duties.

2.        Authority

The Board adopts the following guidelines for those staff members who intend to engage in political activities.

3.        Guidelines

        Pol. 707

No professional employees shall engage in political activities during assigned hours on property under the jurisdiction of the Board, unless permission has been granted for that purpose through the Use of Facilities Policy.

Political materials shall not be distributed through District mail boxes, e-mail or school mail systems unless received through the United States mail.

Collection of campaign funds and/or solicitation for campaign workers is prohibited on school property during working hours.

The use of students or staff for writing, addressing or distributing partisan political materials is prohibited.

District employees who hold elective or appointive office are not entitled to time off from their school duties for reasons incident to such offices, except as such time may qualify under the leave policies of the Board or the collective bargaining agreement.

The following situations are exempt from the provisions of this policy:

  1. Discussion and study of politics and political issues when appropriate to classroom studies, such as history, current events, and political science.

  1. Conduct of student elections and related campaigning.

  1. Conduct of employee representative elections.

Violation of this policy shall constitute cause for disciplinary action, at the Board's discretion.

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