Students are expected to dress appropriately for school with specific regard for respect, neatness, safety, and modesty at all times.

  1. Appropriate and safe footwear is required during physical activities such as physical education, recess, and field trips.  
  2. Articles of clothing must cover the body properly.
  3. Clothing that is distracting to the learning community or is offensive to other members of the school will not be allowed.
  1. For example: halters or strapless shirts, low-cut shirts, exposed undergarments (including sports bras), see-thru clothing (any undergarments or body parts visible through clothing material), mesh leggings with mesh above the knee, revealing clothes, pajamas, string tank tops or spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, tank tops with straps less than 3 finger widths wide, racerback tank tops, clothing where the midriff is exposed, low-riding pants, or pants that are torn or have holes above the knee, will not be allowed.  
  2. Shorts or skirts (should come to students fingertips/mid thigh, no less than 6 inch inseam), this includes athletic shorts; however, the sides may be somewhat shorter due to the cut of the shorts.

Clothing and personal property displaying words and/or images portraying offensive, aggressive, sexual, or violent behavior is not acceptable in a school setting or during a school activity. Clothing or personal property that promotes drugs, tobacco, or alcohol is also prohibited. Students who violate this dress code will be asked to change their clothing in school or be sent home to change.  The ultimate interpretation of the dress code will be left to the discretion of administration.  

Winter Recess:  Students in grades K-5 must wear seasonally appropriate outerwear during recess.  Students must wear coats, boots, snow pants, etc. in order to play in the snow.  

It is the expectation that parents are aware of what their students are wearing to school.  Some students choose to wear shorts during the cold weather.  It is not the responsibility of school personnel to determine whether this is appropriate or not; however, it is at the discretion of the administration to permit a student to go outside to play if not dressed appropriately for the weather.  Students wearing shorts or not having the appropriate clothing will not be allowed outside to play if the weather conditions endanger the wellbeing of the child.