June 19, 2017

Zeeland West High School Cafeteria

3390 100th Avenue

6:00 PM


PRESENT:           Board of Education:  Todd Brennan, Tom DenHerder, Rick Dernberger, April DeWitt, Ron Scott, Mark Snyder

                            Administrators: Cal De Kuiper, Lynn VanKampen, Jon Voss

ABSENT:             Board of Education:  Linda Bush

I.              CALL TO ORDER:                                                                                 Ron Scott

A.   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:                                                              Cal De Kuiper



II.             PUBLIC COMMENT



III.          TRUTH-IN-BUDGET HEARING                             Cal De Kuiper, Lynn VanKampen

         A.  The Zeeland Public School District’s 2017-18 operating budget was presented.

·         General Fund

·         Food Service

·         Community Services

·         Community Recreation

·         Building & Site

·         Debt Retirement


The Truth in Budget Hearing is a required public presentation of proposed budgets for the 2017-18 fiscal year, July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.   The district is required to pass a 2017-18 budget by June 30, 2017.

Following six years of deficit budgets, the 2016-17 General Fund budget will finish at least $500,000 in the black and we are proposing a better than balanced budget for 2017-18.

The two biggest factors in a school budget are the state per pupil grant and the enrollment figures; neither are definitively known at this time.  However, the 2017-18 General Fund proposed budget is conservatively built to be slightly better than balanced given the data this is available.    All other budgets, as listed in the agenda below,  are better than balanced, as well.  

Another significant topic of discussion is the Consumers Energy Settlement.   Resulting from the settlement, these are the approximate future reductions to three ZPS funds on an annual basis.  It should be noted that these losses could have been significantly more.   ZPS officials and the Finance Committee still see this as good outcome for all parties.

Recreation Fund                        $24,500 approx.  annual reduction      

Building & Site Fund                 $61,000  approx. annual reduction  

Debt fund                           $439,000 approx. annual reduction

Depending on the conversation and discussion at this budget hearing we will have at least three options during the Regular meeting:  (1) pass the budgets as presented and recommended by the finance committee (2) pass the budgets with tweaks and adjustments arising from the budget hearing discussion, or (3) refer any or all budgets back to the finance committee for more major adjustments and schedule a regular Board of Education meeting prior to June 30, 2017, according to Open Meetings Act guidelines.  





Tom DenHerder  moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to adjourn the 2017-18 Truth-in-Budget Hearing at 6:28PM and go immediately into regular session.