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Reported suspensions
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As the election is now over and results have been announced, this petition is now closed. But the points raised in the letter still stand, and we hope our concerns, backed by the voices of so many members who signed the petition, will be taken into account going forwards.

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The following response was received from the General Secretary’s office:

Thank you for forwarding your petition.

Following consideration by the NEC Procedures Committee, I have been asked to respond explaining why this petition has been rejected.

In all internal and external elections, the Labour Party undertake a thorough due diligence procedure in relation to candidates standing for election. Due to confidentiality and legal reasons, we are unable to discuss specific cases.

The Party endeavours to ensure that all our candidates are held to the highest possible standards, with due diligence procedures being a central aspect of making sure that this remains the case.

22/02/20: This letter has been updated to reflect recent events - no response was received to the original letter and three further suspensions have been reported.

Further suspensions of NEC CLP and BAME rep candidates

22nd February 2020

Elections have to be fair, and they also have to be seen to be fair. The elections for NEC representatives continue to fall short of this standard.

There are now reports that three further candidates have been suspended and are therefore not eligible to stand in the election [edit: now confirmed as they do not appear on the ballot]. Members have a right to know who has decided to remove them from the process, the rules under which this has happened, and the conditions that had to be met for this step to be taken. We have not received any such explanation, so we cannot have confidence that due process has been followed.

The previous letter about reports of two candidates being suspended was signed by over 1000 members, including 12 candidates for the NEC and over 50 CLP Chairs and Secretaries. No response has been received to date. One of the suspended candidates has now been reinstated, but only after missing out on CLP nominations during the busiest part of the nominations period - if this was as a result of unfounded charges, it has had an unacceptable impact on the election process.

At this point we demand that the NEC by-election is suspended, and the party takes immediate steps to clarify its processes so that we can begin to rebuild trust ahead of the full NEC elections that are already planned for later this year.

Signed by 1758 members


Peyman Owladi, Luton South (NEC CLP rep candidate)

Trish Williams, Berwick-upon-Tweed (NEC CLP rep candidate)

Jo Bird, Birkenhead (NEC CLP rep candidate)

Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal, Ealing Southall (NEC BAME rep candidate)

Omide Deinali, Easington (NEC BAME rep candidate)

Mehmood Mirza, West Ham (NEC BAME rep candidate)

Andy Symons, Torbay (CLP Chair)

Markus Keaney, Luton South (CLP Chair)

Daniel Vulliamy, East Yorkshire (CLP Chair)

Katrina Allan, Mid Fife & Glenrothes (CLP Chair)

John Regan, Blyth Valley (CLP Chair)

Katharine Bligh, Hampstead & Kilburn (CLP Chair)

Holly Sutherland, Newcastle Central (CLP Chair)

Ian Chapman, Berwick-upon-Tweed (CLP Chair)

Mike Butcher, Aylesbury (CLP Chair)

Carel Buxton, West Ham (CLP Chair)

Celia Dignan, Hornsey & Wood Green (CLP Chair)

George MacDonald, Kirkcaldy (CLP Chair)

Judith Centofanti, Wimbledon (CLP Chair)

Kathy Runswick, Wallasey (CLP Chair)

Sheila Williams, City of Durham (CLP Chair)

Tahir Mirza, East Ham (CLP Chair)

Coral Jones, Hackney South & Shoreditch (CLP Chair)

Gillian Tesh, Torridge and West Devon (CLP Chair)

Steve Maggs, Harborough (CLP Chair)

Ian Cockerham, Leeds NE (CLP Chair)

Thomas Rice, Camborne and Redruth (CLP Chair)

Nina Houghton, Wavertree (CLP Chair)

Sandy Palmer, Hemel Hempstead (CLP Chair)

Valerie Lestrade, Enfield Southgate (CLP Chair)

Mohammad Qadri, Luton North (CLP Secretary)

Esther Giles, Bristol North West (CLP Secretary)

Ruth Sabey, Chelmsford (CLP Secretary)

Judith Mortimore, Forest of Dean (CLP Secretary)

Nick Arnold, Newcastle North (CLP Secretary)

Tom Tunney, Newbury (CLP Secretary)

Heather O'Hara, Blackpool South (CLP Secretary)

Carly Jeffrey, South Thanet (CLP Secretary)

Roslyn Gowers, Mid Worcestershire (CLP Secretary)

John Maher, Birkenhead (CLP Secretary)

Margaret Egerton, Weston-super-Mare (CLP Secretary)

Jessica Leschnikoff, Maidstone & The Weald (CLP Secretary)

Carol Angharad, Mid Derbyshire (CLP Secretary)

Robert P Jones, Isle of Wight (CLP Secretary)

Jan Appleby, North Herefordshire (CLP Secretary)

Laurence Nasskau, Mole Valley (CLP Secretary)

Thomas Heavey, Newcastle under Lyme (CLP Secretary)

Terina Hine, Cities of London and Westminster (CLP Secretary)

Kathy Miller, Wallasey (CLP Secretary)

David Flack, Rayleigh and Wickford (CLP Secretary)

Emma Smith, Gosport (CLP Secretary)

Dave Webb, Newcastle Central (CLP Secretary)

Alison Carpenter, Windsor (CLP Secretary)

Sheila Sheppard, Stalybridge & Hyde (CLP Secretary)

Val Kelynack, Camborne Redruth (CLP Secretary)

Maia Kirby, Hackney North and Stoke Newington (CLP Secretary)

Helen Caney, Reading West (CLP Secretary)

Syed Taqi Shah, East Ham (CLP Secretary)

Lynette McKone, Penrith & the Border (CLP Secretary)

Sam, Finchley and Golders Green

Michael Razzell, Truro/Falmouth

David Jeremy, Stourbridge

Leo Donnelly, Southport

Steven Bligh, Plymouth Moorview

Anthony Foley, Warley

Clare N Ayton-Edwards, Kenilworth & Southam

Yvette Haimes, Newcastle east

David Chambers, Garston and Halewood

Sara Whiteside, Liverpool Riverside

Denis Rumbold, Isle of Wight

Daniel Smith, Penrith and the Border

Karen Walker, St Austell and Newquay

Joan Twelves, Vauxhall

Stephen Olive, Wallasey

Katie Plumb, Canterbury

Dee Howard, Hastings and Rye

Patricia A Melia, Halton

Carol McGuigan, Newcastle East

Tariq Rafique, Reading West Berkshire

Allan Hore, Bootle

David Pike, North West Durham

Steve McKenzie, Erith and Thamesmead

dave horton, Stockport

Kenny Fryde, Cambridge

Erica Lang, Hitchin and Harpenden

Gary Jakings, Peterborough

Judith Blaker, Taunton Deane

Chris Speedy, Leeds NW

Sarah James, Tottenham

Giovanna Dunmall, Brent Central

Linda Benjamin, Chipping Barnet

Hilary Barker, Penrith and the Border

Chris Whitrow, Hastings & Rye

Katey Jo Pilling, Ceredigion

John Chatham, Ynys Mon

Steven Fox, Hackney South & Shoreditch

Annie Blindell, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

Gloria George, Cities of London & Westminster

Brian Precious, Walthamstow

Nadia Ahmed, Hemel Hempstead

Adrian Charlesworth, West Suffolk

Ann Beddow, Ludlow

Julia Bard, Islington North

William Bell, Haltemprice and Howden

Dennis Payne, West bromwich west

Jacqui Hyett, Bexhill and Battle

Catherine Cooper, Chippenham

Emma Tait, Brent Central

Julia Timothy, Wells

Pat, Plymouth Moorview

Deborah Twigger, Huddersfield

Eric Potts, Kenilworth and Southam

Mica Nava, Islington North

angie mindel, Nottingham East

Phil Driscoll, Leeds East

Fiona jones, Leeds west

Clare Palmer, Islington North

keith bound, Broxtowe Labour

David Williams, St Helens South

Angie Hudson, Chipping Barnet

Angela Heath, Wavertree

Alf Littler, South East Cornwall

Colin Watson, Peterborough

Jeff Ingham, SW Herts

Colin Oakley, International

Cllr Jumbo Chan, Brent Central

Richard Murphy, Newcastle Central

Yaqub Hanif, Luton North

Terry Conway, Islington North

Fiona jones, Leeds west

Mike Baker, Brent Central

Colm Doherty, Finchley & Golders Green

David Rosenberg, Islington North

Teresa Steele, St Austell and Newquay

Sue McCormick, Nithsdale

Lisa Rossetti, City of Chester

Juls Price, Winchester

Deborah Sowerby, Newbury

Anne-Marie Le Gall, Ynys Môn

Bill Thorley, Hazel grove

Ingrid Green, Gedling

Kevin Mcintyre, Wavertree

Antony Rawlinson, Walthamstow

Jan Steele, Reading

Jo Rostron, H & St P

Paul Lefley, Hornsey and Wood Green

Patrick Emery, S W Hertfordshire

Pamela Cyples, Glasgow kelvin

Soodabeh Balali, Brent Central

Linda Scott, Wallasey

Lesley Crompton, Bassetlaw

Lorrayne Hill, North East Hampshire

Shaun Cohen, Leeds East

Catherine Belsey, Cambridge

Stan Smith, Broxtowe

Christopher Young, Edinburgh North & Leith

Chris O’Donovan, Harborough

Andrew Pogson, Skegness and Boston

Julian Townsend, Camberwell and Peckham

Caz Walker, Penrith and the Border

Gabrielle Hector, Wells

Nick Pile, York Central

Rosemary S Waterhouse, West Worcestershire

Kirsty Clarke, Leeds North West

Patrick Hunter, Hendon

Shirley Carrett, North East Cambs

Clive, Knowsley

Elizabeth Kenward, East Worthing & Shoreham

Patrick Moriarty, Hendon

Valerie Quinn, Mid Bedfordshire

Andrzej Witkowski, Liverpool Walton

Steve Jack, York Central

Simon Maskell, Thurrock

Tony McDonough, Sefton Central

Paul Nelson, Beverly and holderness

Geraldine, Wavertree

Chris Helm, Knowsley

Diane Langford, Canterbury and Whitstable

Lesley Clyne, Wirral South

Patricia Senior, Elmet & Rothwell

Rosalinde Woodroffe, Bedfordshire South West

Frederick Peter Kay, Rugby

Sophia Macgibbon, Brent Central

Ged Dempsey, Wentworth & Dearne

Kay Smith, ASD

Ella Downing, Brent Central

Gwen Kneal, BLACKPOOL South

Renate Tracy, Fareham

Keith White, North East Fife

Kieron Basquille, Luton South

Jennifer O'Connell, Newport East

Richard Williams, Mid Bedfordshire

Michael Kneale, BLACKPOOL South

Andrew Gunton, Northampton North

Suzanne Hartley, Holborn and St Pancras

Margaret Morgan, Hitchin and Harpenden

Roger Silverman, West Ham

brian gillies, corby

Kelvin Simms, St. Austell & Newquay

Parvez sheikh, Eastham

Zain Miah, West Ham

John Carty, Brent

Linda Vaux, Luton South

Jill Sullivan, Vauxhall

john green, Ealing Southall

Aijaz Rashid Sheikh, West Ham

Carol Reid, St Helens South

Alison Waker, Waveney

John Evans, Llanelli

Sue Larty, Liverpool Wavertree

Linda Hoffman, North Tyneside

Ed Poole, Enfield North

Stuart Hill, North Tyneside

Mike Cowley, Edinburgh North and Leith

Nasreen parvez, Eastham

Ruth Randall, Loughborough

Carol Moores, Stalybridge and Hyde

Mary Sadler, Newark

alison warner, Great Yarmouth

Josey Graham, Holborn and St Pancras

Barrie Lambert, Ise of Wight

Funda Kansu, Chipping Barnet

Gemma Davies, Twickenham

Jacqueline, Selby and Ainsty

Kirk Williams, Liverpool Riverside

Dave Buxton, West Ham

Theresa Kellegher, Enfield North

Wendy Sindall, Harborough

Arhum sheikh, Eastham

Maxine Jackson, Riverside, Liverpool

sue brown, Rother Valley

Jackie Hilton, South West Devon

Ali Demirci, Enfield North

elizabeth gatti, West Ham

Michael McCarthy, Ealing North

Emma Iley, West Oxfordshire

Luqman Khan, South Derbyshire

Pam Cushley, Sandwell

Norman Traub, Southend West

Steve Robinson, Truro and Falmouth

Shannon Coles, Leeds NW

Pauline Fraser, Worthing West

Mike Phipps, Brent Central

Afryl kelly, Filton and Bradley Stoke

Jody Lloyd, Liverpool Walton

Bill Haylock, Hexham

Alan kelly, Filton and Bradley Stoke

ann saward, nottingham east

Peter Thomas, Battersea

Sheen Satheesh Babu, Colne Valley

Tony Lelliott, Worthing West

David Thomas, Loughborough

maureen sandra rowan, Wakefield

Yvonne Booth, Barrow and district

Sue Smith, Truro and Falmouth

Richard Oliver, Camborne Redruth and Hayle

Graham Spencer, Broxtowe

Neville Hutchinson, Canterbury

Richard James Breese Conod, Ynys Mon


Andrew billington, Tiverton and Honiton

Vincent Hobkirk-Capps, Cotswolds

Mavis Reed, Rotherham plc

Jim Jones, Neath

Michael Hogan, Liverpool Wavertree

Sally Thallon, Chelmsford

Gary Sawyer, Epping Forest

Zarria Phillips, North East Somerset

David Marsden, Ealing Southall

Mavis Reed, Rotherham plc

Francis Duff, Liverpool Wavertree

Mel Poole, Birmingham Erdington

A rigby, Wigan

Dave Dwyer, Mitcham and Morden

Hugh Willliams, Birmingham Hall Green

Frances Patterson, Gosport

Sonya Andermahr, South Northants

Raymond Alderson, Bury south

Mike Davies, Ellesmere Port and Neston

Will Nelson, Bury South

Paul Clark, Labour International

Donna Willson, Saffron Walden

Melissa Fazackerley, Buckingham

Robert Uprichard, Cynon Valley

Robert Edwards, Harlow

Claire Ramsden, South Leicestershire

John Winder, Saffron Walden

Stephen Hadden, Warrington South

Mark Strawbridge, Doncaster Central

Edward J Leonard, Clydebank & Millingavie

Georgina Harrison, South Holland and the Deepings

John Grisdale, Lewes

Brian Thompson, Vauxhall

Tommy O Neill, West Derby Liverpool

Clement Mouhot, Tower Hamlets

carol canty, Kenilworth

Andrew Bryant, Bristol West

Jonathan Clive Cooper, Greenwich and Woolwich

Tracey Smith, Ashfield

Oisin Mulholland, East Ham

Peter Flack, Leicester South

Stephen thackray, Leeds west

ruth timperley, Isle of wight

Sylvia Dobie, Tottenham

Prue Lilley, Ashfield

Rosemary Hedges, Calder Valley

Gareth Murphy, Holborn & St Pancras

Jayson Gillham, Finchley and Golders Green

Sue Barron, Stafford

Taiba Yasseen, Rotherham

Steve REED, Vale of Glamorgan

Kevin Safford, Aldershot

Neil Cameron, Sheffield Central

Anthony, Dearn and Wentworh

Esther Bolton, Ludlow

Alan Bellchambers, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Jan Reed, Hall Green

Zoe Allan, Brecon & Radnorshire

Michael Calder, Rutherglen and Hamilton West

Rebekah Hirsch, Walthamstow

Craig Farlow, Sedgefield

Jacqueline Barrett, Havant

Jill Eastland, Cambridge

Una Doyle, Holborn and St Pancras

Anthony Baker, Maidenhead

Michael O'Sullivan, Leeds Central

Linda Doughty, Sheffield Heeley

Tony wheeler, Tiverton and Honiton

Roger, Tottenham

Elizabeth Greener, North Durham

Barbara Kay Lawrence, Torfaen

Susan Buckingham, Cambridge

Zulfqar Ali, Bethnal Green & Bow

Merriel Waggoner, Bristol North West

Victoria Cuckson, Bootle

Gerry Bates, Wallasey

Adella Harbar, Feltham and Heston

Terry mulvenna, Newbury

Dean Thomas, Bridgwater

ann saward, nottingham east

R Senior, Elmet and Rothwell

Luke, Holborn & St pancreas

Stuart Porthouse, Houghton and Sunderland South

Margaret Delaney, Kensington

Paul Pilgrim, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Paul Renny, Holborn and St Pancras

Catherine Moralee, Camberwell and Peckham

Sean Rowell, Scarborough and Whitby

Ian Forster, Wells

Sandra Newman, Nottingham South

Noreen Mullins, East Yorkshire

Bashir Alao, West Ham

Margaret Knell, Harborough

Paul Kershaw, Enfield North

Liz Byrne, North West Hampshire

Margaret Mc Blain, Corby

Portia Lawrie, Maldon

Jo Alexander, Tottenham

Chris Goodsell, north east fife

John Burgess, Tottenham

Emmet Haverty-Stacke, Hornsey and Wood Green

Jo Jeffery, Islington North

Linda Edmondson, Ludlow

Angela Edmunds, East Wolds

Lynelle Jones, Rhondda

John Burgess, Tottenham

Moz, Newbury

Justin Williams, Swindon

Gemma Crawley, Croydon South

Paul, Watford

Stephen Martin, Coventry North West

Lesley Hollinshead, Bolsover

Christine Ashworth, Bury South

Sue, North East Fife

Siobhan Pearce, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Vicki Sivess, Shrewsbury and Atcham

David, Eltham

Roland Rance, Walthamstow

A Khan, Nuneaton

Mr R W Reader, Enfield North

Miranda Orton, Leeds NW

Liz Bell, Newbury

Jan Egan, Leeds East

Anthony Hagger, Hull East

Catherine Travis, Makerfield

Ann Flowers, Hackney south

Tom Fisher, Walthamstow

Simon Childs, Preseli Pembrokeshire

Chris Avery, Enfield North

Alexander Gavin, Carmarthen South and South Pembrokeshire

Michele Spiller, Clwyd West

Helen Jenner, Leeds North West


Kirsten Sedgwick, Clwyd West

Andrew Glossop, Rotherham

Heather Dent-Cowan, Chatham and Aylesford

Ann Pugh, South Staffordshire

Billie Dale Wakefield, Bristol South Knowle Ward

Jonathan Spurling, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Kathryn Houghton, Knowsley

David Hardman, West Ham

Mayra Crean, West ham

Pete Firmin, Hampstead & Kilburn

John Christopher osman, Uxbridge & South Ruislip

Gary Joseph Rowlands, Aberconwy

C Critchley, Stockport

Gina Skelly, Pontypridd

Najma saher, West Ham

Heather Nicholls, Don Valley

Mira Glavardanov, Enfield North

Pam Page, Brighton Pavilion

Rosie Rechter, Dover

C. G. Mason, Kirklees

Dennis Kenward, East Worthing & Shoreham

Michael Howard, Hastings and Rye

Vivienne Kitcatt, Colne Valley

June Elliott, Macclesfield

Anthony Nuttall, Stretford & Urmston

Gill Day, Cotswold

Michael Calderbank, Brent Central

Reg Day, Cotswold

Debbie Friedman, Finchley & Golders Green

Diane Pearson, Holborn and St Pancras

Sara Fulbrook, Reading East

wendy smith, alwoodley north east leeds

Cameron Fulbrook, Reading East

Nick Makin, Worcester

Hilary Snell, Penrith and the Border

Stephen Slator, Colne Valley

Richard Hull, Somerton and Frome

Trish O'Hara, West Ham

cherry reed, Hindley

Hannah Moynehan, SWHerts

Ash Ahmed, Islington North

Patricia Roberts, Wythenshawe and Sale East

Robert Roberts, Wythenshawe and Sale east

Ang Langley, Bristol East.

Annette Gossett, Hornsey & Wood Green

Callum Dunn, Bradforx East

maureen purcell, worthing west

Annie Mcdonald, Tottenham

Will Baker, Brighton Kemptown

Geoff Palmer, Chipping Barnet

Christine Marochan, Wells

Mark French, Enfield North

Claire Hetherington, Wallasey

Cath Jones, East Lothian

Tom Goodman, Hampstead and Kilburn

Andy Perkins, West Ham

Michael Durrant, Suffolk coastal

Christine Tongue, South Thanet

Jane Connot, Walthamstow

Maxine McBeth, Jarrow

Nicola Redwood, Walthamstow

S Chaudhry, Eastham

Sheila Evans, South Ribble

Steve Kind, Leeds West

Josephine Dickinson, Penrith and the Border

John Austin, Hove (former MP)

Gerry Glyde, Gateshead

Jenny Secretan, Newcastle Central


Theresa Dunningham, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Steve, East Ham south

Dyanne Parish, Mid Sussex

Zarina Khan, Dagenham

Keith Dobie, Tottenham

Jonathan Edwards, Ludlow

Sandie Foord, St Austell & Newquay

Martin Thornton, Bramley & Stanningley West Leeds

David Epstein, Kenilworth and Southam

Gareth Mostyn, Hornsey & Wood Green

Lesley, Walthamstow

Dianne Caster, Rother Valley

Andrea Burford, Leicester East

Claudia Murray, Tooting

Michael Shaw, Leigh

Irene McNally, Wavertree Liverpool.

Eleni Aresti, Enfield

Zeljko Djordjevic, Enfield Southgate

D Jones, Thanet South

Richard Kuper, Holborn & St Pancras

michael craig, Northern Ireland

Andrew Jackson, Hampstead and Kilburn

Leon Jevons, Cannock Chase

Jane Green, Blyth Valley

Tina Jess, West Ham

Lee Nixon, Flixton and Urmston

Cat Sunderland, South cambridgeshire

Kevin, Swindon

Tom Loeffler, Bristol North West

Liz Angus, Swansea

Cindy Bryant, EAST HAM

John booth, Mk north

Irene Martin, Mid Fife & Glenrothes

Ben anwyl, Stalybridge and hyde

Geoff treasure, Weaver vale

David Plank, Cambridge

Robin Powell, Banbury

Al Ogden-Steele, Blackley and Broughton

Andrea anwyl, Stalybridge and hyde

Judy Vigurs, Newcastle East

Jo Oldale, Poole

Jenny Almeida, Streatham

Mary Davies, Chipping Barnet

Pat Ayinde, Enfield North

Lisa Bradbury, North East Bedfordshire

Paul M Prendergast, east dunbartonshire

John gordon, Ellesmere port and neston

Linda Reynolds, Twydall

Carole Lynne Fyfe, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Pamela Brown, Aberdeen Central

Jayne Strange, Dover & Deal

Doreen Shaw, Bromley & Chislehurst

Susan Prince, Riverside, Liverpool

Carolyn Jordin, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

Pam Stevens, Stretford and Urmston

Jan Marsden, Stretford & Urmston

Andy Alderman, Lewes

Chantal O'Brien, Bury South

D Rimmer, Leeds Central

Lindsey Baker, Lichfield

Teresa Mulqueen, Streatham

Carmen Malaree, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

chris pursell, wirral south

Chris Neville, Bury South

Alex Scullion, Houghton

Jane Clarke, Hornsey and Wood Green

Bridget Dunne, Hampstead & Kilburn


kevin white, West Ham

Helen Grinder, Leeds North East

Susan Pashkoff, Leyton and Wanstead

Sylvia Cohen, Finchley &Golders Green

David Roberts, Blackpool north

Anthony Kent, Stratford upon Avon

Philip Welton, Dover & Deal

David Hancock, Wokongham

Joanne Larkin-Ware, Alyn and Deeside

William Lawrence, Boston and Skegness

Albert Collymore, Westminster North C;P

Simon Pearson, Holborn and St Pancras

william cooney, Dundee east

SYLVIA Dyke., North Shropshire.

John Edson, Lewes

Carolyn, Taunton

Derrick Hibbett, Chingford and Woodford Green

Gaynor Underhill, Wantage

Gordon Davidson, Wantage

margaret mellor, Oldham East & Royton

John Sacco, West Ham

Jan Malcolm, Truro & Falmouth

Rita Till, Riverside

Ruth Treen, Brecon and Radnorshire

Angeline Hargreaves, International

Susan Bailey, Preselli Pembrokeshire

John Beeching, Bexhill and Battle

Stuart McNall, Stroud

Rowan Constantinou-Stygal, Walthamstow

Yousef Qandeel, Ealing north

Jill Narin, Plymouth Moor View

Diane Redrobe, Heywood & Middleton

Tony Free, SW Wiltshire

Gerald Tasker, Sutton and Cheam

Jim Hignett, Mid Bedfordshire

Sue Wedlock, Ludlow

Judith Reynolds, Rother Valley

Margaret Whitwham, Houghton and Sunderland South

Dave Kaye, Ellesmere Port & Neston

Gemma Press, Plymouth PSD

Eleanor Free, SW Wiltshire

Mrs Wende Maunder, Chippenham

Peter David Britten, international

Garry Cooper, St. Austell and Newquay

Fay webb, Saffron Walden

Marcus Hosgood, Worthing West

Vicky Grandon, Walthamstow

Deborah Rushton, Ceredigion

Gareth Stephenson, Scarborough and Whitby

Lynn Harrison, Pendle

Amy Boyd, Bristol North West

Sally Richardson, Richmond Park

Brian Smith, Camborne, Redruth & Hayle

Tom Bond, Stockton South

Bob Clark, Camberwell & Peckham

Nigel Rushby, Mid-Beds

Jennifer Brierley, Bolton North East

Kevin Morrison, Wyre and Preston North

Vicki Leeming, Halifax

Aysha Bakhi, West Ham Clp

Lesley Marshall, Ceredigion

Nick McDonough, Chesham & Amersham

Jan Vail, Ludlow

Eoin Campbell, Alyn & Deeside

Wendy Roberts, Nottingham South

Geoff Shellswell, Ceredigion

Angela Graham, Isle of Wight Wight

Angela Sweeney, Sutton and Cheam

Chrys Christy, Walthamstow

Janet Hughes, Wells

Rosa Hachemi, Enfield North

Nick Weaver, Wolverhampton south west

Sue Brock, Eastleigh

Sylvia Roberts, Hi&WG

Brian Durham, Darlington

Tom darksen, Rothet valley

Jean Watson, Bedford & Kempston

Lucy Toynbee, West worthing

Riaz Mirza, Little Ilford Branch

Lisa Hunter, East Walthamstow

Mikey Walsh, Hackney

John Callaghan, Truro & Falmouth

Alistair Cunningham, Colchester

Sara Loewenthal, Horsham

Paul Ireland, Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Frances Crane, Coventry North West

Kevin manning, Barking

Ian Saville, Brent Central

Heather Wood, Easington

Linda June Davis, East Worthing and Shoreham

Stephen Jansky, Nottingham East

Patricia Day, Hyndburn

Juan Laya, David Lammy

anaam mirza, Little ilford branch

Alison Errington, Isle of Wight

Simon Milner-Edwards, Manchester Withington

Keith Chenery, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Paul Crowther, Berwick upon Tweed

edward Plumridge, maldon


Iola Davies, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Christine Lightbody, Isle of Wight

Ian Trewin, Kensington

Zulfiqar Butt, East Ham

Amanat Ali Butt, West Ham

ian roddison, Rother Valley

Dave Leonard, Walton

Linda Dixon, Castleford and Pontefract

Haim Bresheeth, Hornsey and Wood Green

Karin Ryk, Bognor and Littlehampton

Josephine Cupitt, Erdington

Philip Barnard, Milton Keynes

Mark King, East Leeds

Sam Sharman-Dunn, Leicester West

Nailia Jimenez, Colindale

Sandra Holvey, Don Valley

Robert Grimes, St Helens South & Whiston

Jamie Hodgkins, North East Hertfordshire

Caroline Barber, Basildon

Patricia Rock, Derbyshire Dales

Nicola Flowers, Littlehampton

Pauline Stewart, Wirral South

Andrew Dyke, North Shropshire

Wendy Taylor, Ilford south

Diana Isserlis, Thornbury and Yate

Carlos Soto, Finchley and Golders Green

Maggie Vince, Holborn & St Pancras

Dittany Morgan, Stroud

P. Clements, Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire

Sandarita Collymore, Brent Central

Alexandra Durham-Wilson, Harringay

Julie Knights, Suffolk Coastal

Jill Coward, South West Wiltshire

Lorna Trollope, Isle of Wight

Zafer felek, Newham

Mr Nicolas Franklin-Woolley, Penistone and Stocksbridge

Caroline Brookes, Banbury

Inbar Tamari, Walthamstow

Norman Biddlecombe, Camberwell and Peckham

Moira Houghton, City of Durham

Dee Wooden, South Holland & The Deepings

Dave Statham, Forest of Dean

Kriz Edwards, Hazel Grove

Trefor Harris, Brighton Kemptown/Peacehaven

Moshé Machover, Hampstead & Kilburn

Mark Herbert Benoît Findlay, Brighton Pavilion

Rob Jewitt, Berwick upon Tweed

Steve White, Northampton South

Tessa van Gelderen, Brent Central

Dorothy Ma edo, Worthing West

Mujahid Islam, Cambridge

Sue Jaiteh, Banbury & Bicester

Kenny Watson, Warrington South

Patrick Hall, Leeds Central

Janice Ayton, Hastings and Rye

Denise Piper, Redcar

Turan Basri, Broxbourne

Amanda Wait, Gorton South

Anne Thompson, St Chads

Aboda Shaheen, East ham

Helen Yeo, South West Devon

Chaudhry Qasim Yaseen, West Ham

Mir Hussain, East Ham

Gina Kalla, Ealing Central &Acton

Pauline Watson, Brigg

Julia Anderson, Blaenau Gwent

Neil Stuart Anderson, Blaenau Gwent

Paddy O'Keeffe, Brighton Kemptown

Terry O'Donnell, Leeds NW

Phil Chadwick, Exeter

Nigel Todd, Newcastle Central

Madeline Nestor, Middlesbrough

Susan Mathieson, Newcastle East

brendan stebbings, Bradford South

Alice Bondi, Penrith and the Border

Claudia Calvino, Sheffield Heeley

Linda Sayle, Holborn & St Pancras

Andy Hewett, Cardiff West

Rowena Godfrey, Leeds Central

Christopher Bligh, Plymouth Moor View

Liv Singh, Hove & Portslade

lindsay probert, merthyr & rhymney

Nicholas Parsons, Gosport clp

Kevin Harrison, South Suffolk

Gary Ostrolenk, Camberwell & Peckham

Alexandria Hassett, Erith and Thamesmead

Mr Andrew Crockett, Oldham West & Royton

Marianne Tellier, Sheffield, Heeley

Ayman Ashley, Reading

Barry Gills, Newcastle Central

Patricia Armour, Thornbury/Yate

Antoinette Paphides, Croydon South

Robin Dewhurst, Cheadle

chris stocker, Harborough

Kathryn Packwood, Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Dominique PAYNE, High Wycombe

Andrew Whiles, Tamworth

Seona Brennan, Hornsey and Wood Green

felicity gabriel, Camborne Redruth

Jane Warren, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Gill Millman, Croydon South

Paul Scholey, Morley

Sharon, Amber Valley

Kim Cooper, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Vee O'Brien, Leeds East

Rebecca Ohl, Weston-super-Mare

Carole Wood, Rochdale Clp

June McLellan, York outer

Teresa Woodyatt, Gedling

T Suleman, Islington North

Ruth Gillett, Glasgow Kelvin

Stephen Holloway, North East Cambridgeshire

Stella Millburn, Louth and Horncastle

Rosie Baran, Pudsey

Helen Glazier, Sheffield Hallam

David Goldberg, Twickenham

Mark Griffin, Labour International

Jamie Driscoll, Newcastle North (North of Tyne Metro Mayor)

Ken Elmer, Broxtowe

Malcolm Tedd, Harborough

Mary Stickley, LI Spain

Nigel Rooke, Wallasey

Darrell Pointing, Newark

Ann E.Butterworth, Bradford West

Earl O’Keeffe, Sefton Central

Alison Cotterill, Dewsbury

Barry Whittleton, Cleethorpes Barton & Ferry

Brian Dear, Brent Central

Gill, Bournemouth East

Vivienne Littlebury, Louth & Horncastle

Hazel Salisbury, Bosworth

Adrian Edwards, Chippenham

Sue Bonner, Brent central

Obaid, East Ham

Linda Wall, Wallasey

Adrienne Davis, Worthing West

Andrew King, Chesterfield

Alison Clarke, Liverpool West Derby

Tim Heaton., S&U.

Nicola Donnelly, Brentwood and Ongar

Laura Lefley, Chipping Barnet

Daphne Gilbert, Hexham

Rebecca davies, Stockton north

Marc Lavelle, Northampton

Jude Ashley-walker, Isle of Wight

John Bartlett, Bury South

Peter Mooney, Rugby

Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall

John Mitchell, Wednesfield North

John Payne, Penrith & Borders

Roy Wenborne, West Ham

Mark Sambells, Poole north

Wendy Patterson, Newark

Alexander Moles, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

Amin Mawani, Ealing North

Sue Murphy, St Helens South & Whiston

June Roy, Tynemouth

Fran Hart, St Austell and Newquay

Sally Carter, Worsley and Eccles south

Karina Townsend, West Ham

Carolyne Darmanin, Itchen, Southampton

Andy Hamilton, Yeovil

Violet Murray, Enfield North

Lesley Holden, Hexham

Dr Moncef Kallala, Brent Central

Elizabeth Ramsden, Warley

Noor gangji, Watford

Bronwen Davies, Cardiff North

Julia bird, Plymouth sutton and devonport

Helen Billington, Tiverton and Honiton

Shezan Renny, Holborn & St Pancras

Joanna Wilmot, Brent Central

Ian Ampleford, Bassetlaw

Mark Smith, Leicester South

Angela Ampleford, Bassetlaw

Kenneth Roe, Halifax

Lou moore, Hexham

Anna Southern, Labour International

Maureen, Newcastle upon Tyne

dominic crinson, international labour

Cole, Aberconwy

Alison Aiken, Bassetlaw

Bev Groom, Bognor Regis & Littlehampton

Angelique Campbell, Kenilworth & Southam

Kate Lefley, Haringey

Irene Spencer Timson, Wavertree

Bruno Kwiecien, Stretford and Urmston

Diane Holyoak, North Somerset

Denise Leggett, Berwick Roxburgh & Selkirk

marie llewelyn, gloucester

Ian McNee, Wolverhampton South West

ian ferrie, Hampstead and Kilburn

Karen Buckley, Stretford and Urmston

Cath Fletcher, Isle of Wight

Paul Anderson-Glew, Wansbeck

Mike Kennard, NE Cambs

Andy Green, Warley

Kate Blair, West Dorset

Allan Pearson, South Ribble

LINDEN M ASH, Worthing West

Kathy Dougall, NE Cambs

George Hardy, S. Suffolk

kay frost, Finchley and Golders Green

Nina Franklin, Bristol North West

Julius griffin, Croydon south

Mariatu Conteh, Camberwell and Peckham

Wendy Alstin, Bury St Edmunds

Beverley Molineaux, Keighley

simon korner, Hackney North

Colin Farquhar, Chelmsford

Annie Simkins Kelly, Sutton and Cheam

Jen Illingworth, Gedling

Mike Higgins, Doncaster Central

Paul Hicks, Shipley

Bakhtiar Hormoz, Tottenham


Andy Bowker, Bassetlaw

Lorien, Gipsy hill

Sarah Friday, Holborn and St Pancras

Rosamine Hayeem, Harrow East

Glenn Martin, Walsall South

Elke Rohn, Bassetlaw

Paula Bodington, Bethnal Green & Bow

Angie Balmer, Calder Valley

Steve Wood, NW Durham

Pauline Moriarty, Newcastle East

Luke Jordan, Hemel Hempstead

Katie Bottomley, Bradford South

Stephen Kapos, Holborn and St Pancras

Joan Anthony, Ruislip Northwood Pinner

Sue Richards, Witney & District

Jennifer Joy-Matthews, Derbyshire Dales

Adam Samuels, Clwyd South

Martyn Dawson, Rutland & Melton

darren maurice, leicester east

Tim Munton, Maidstone and the Weald

reba johnson, tottenham

Barry Ewart, N W Leeds


George S Davies, Rossendale & Darwen

Andrew Foulds, Sherwood

Mike Cushman, Streatham

Stephanie Grant, Tottenham

graham coupe, Croydon north

nigel salter, Bristol West.


Lee Robinson, Gospel Oak London

Madelaine Sheen, Newport East

Mark Nash-Williams, Penrith and the Border

Christine Seneviratne, Derbyshire Dales

John Dunn, Somerton and Frome

Peter (Brodie) Cross, Gospel Oak London

Hugh Wallis, Dulwich & West Norwood

Sharon mcdonald, Stockport

Gillian Scott, High Peak

Tony Graham, Islington North

Svetlana Rakocevic, Finchley & Golders Green

Jane Goodall, Bournemouth West

Edward Delicata, Rutherglen

Annette Scambler, Mole Valley

Mary Jones, Swansea East

Mac Clarke, Tottenham

Ann Maureen Hardcastle, Hexhan

Judith Mabbott, Sheffield Hallam

Grace Halfpenny, Canterbury & Whitstable

Riva Joffe, Holborn and St Pancras

Jane Black, Tewkesbury

Robert Seggie, Tunbridge Wells

Gillian Beckford, Milton Keynes North

Neil Graham, North Shropshire

Andrew Melhuish, Wavertree

Steve Westby, Bridgwater and West Somerset

Linda Bond, Vauxhall

Deane Bevan, Meon valley

Joanne Bowker, St Austell and Newquay

Diane Hempsall, Lancaster & Fleetwood

Doug Cowx, Berwick upon Tweed

David Morgan, Rushcliffe

Vicky Baker, Derby South

Allan Brack, Shipley

Janet Ralph, Arundel & South downs

Silvia Veale, Portsmouth North

Edward Hill, OXFORD EAST

Gillian Arrindell, Cities of London and Westminster

S M BRADBURN, Clwyd West

Cathy Crowther, Berwick

Glynis eve Lee, Brent north

Chris Jones-Gill, Basingstoke

Sharon Sisson, St Austell & Newquay

Kevin Mullins, East Yorkshire

Anne Phipps, Penistone and Stocksbridge

Adrian Lee, Croydon North

Catherine Goodwin, Darlington

Maggie Kelly, York Central

Fran Yeldham, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

C Tiller, Hackney South and Shoreditch

Susan McCarthy, Penrith and Border

Elaine Russell, Darlington

Lutfur Rahman, East Ham

Deborah Darnes, Congleton

Philip pearce, Brighton East

Lynne Fordyce, Leeds Central

Marian Carty, Croydon North

George Farquhar, Bournemouth East

Dave Carter, Burnley

Sally Brignell, Norwich north

Helen Striebig, Croydon Central

Dave Clark, Somerton and Frome

Trish Talbot, Bassetlaw

Steve Akers, Witney

Catherine Powell, Bristol South

Harry Thompson, Luton North

John Collins, Liverpool Wavertree

colin brown, wallasey

Tim Towers, Chichester

Claire Weiss, Walthamstow

Sandra Stark, NW Norfolk

Steve Howard, North Thanet

Stephen Thomas, Pendle

Catherine Smith, Newcastle Central

Mark George Drybrough, Newcastle North

Dave Hart, Liverpool West Derby

Michael Yianni, Sommerton and Frome

Sahrah Wilding, Brecon and radnorshire

Christine renwick, Bishop auckland

Steve Gower, Gloucester

rod rippin, Cambridge

Dorothy Rogerson, Mansfield

Sheila Mosley, South Leicester

FIONA SHAW, Norwich North

Carol Cody, Garston and Halewood

Elizabeth Jenkins, Brecon and Radnor

Laura Murrell, Sunderland Central

Linda Gates, Kingswood

Anna M Bell, Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Sophie Fuller, Hastings and Rye

Lucy Moy-Thomas, Holborn and St Pancras

Ray Aplin, Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Cheryl McDonald, Caithness, Sutherland and Ross.

Nicholas Weaver, Holborn and St Pancras

Julia Cameron, Islington North

Avril Peppard, Forest of Dean

Samuel Baeza, Worthing West

Julie Stevenson, Christchurch

Ann-Marie Cousins, Erith & Thamesmead

Catherine Clarke, Test Southampton

jean kincaid, Clwyd West

Sheila Goodchild, Swansea East

Alan Frost, SW Devon

Brenda Rogers, Burton on Trent

John Watson, Tunbridge Wells

John Nelson, Walton

MR SS BROOK, Torquay

Alan McGowan, Calderdale

Mike Bell, Newcastle East

Ben Stevenson, Perry Barr

Julie Routledge, South Tyneside

Sharon, Maidenhead

Steven Handford, North Gosforth

Malcolm Goodwill, York Central

Elaine Furness, Forest of Dean

jim mckenny, Colne Valley

Viv Pribram, Cities of London and Westminster

Chris Allen, Dartford

Keith Egerton, Welwyn hatfield

Maurice McGrath, Labour Party Northern Ireland

Lawrence Heath, Hodge Hill

Tina Clayton, Middleton East

Lynn Bindman, HWG

Ruth Knight, Slough

Kate Hodgson, Montgomeryshire

Bridget Lely, Norwich North

David Watts, Southend West

Anne Rourke, Richmond Park

jaqueline daniels, Wansbeck

Christina Rogers, Labour International

Mike Barnshaw, Ealing Southall

Charles Michael Wallbank, Newcastle under Lyme

Philip Nester, Ludlow

Carole Williamson, North Durham

Tony Troughton-Smith, North Dorset

Robert Seymour, Elmet and Rothwell

Gill McCall, Wimbledon

Anne Ellaway, Cathcart

Eileen Alderman, Brent Central

Janet Sheek, Berwick upon Tweed

John Whitworth, West Ham

Gaynor Lloyd, Brent North

Mary Sullivan, Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages

Susanne Levin, Cities of London and Westminster

Stephen Latham, Bracknell

Robert Theobald, Ashford, Kent.

Lisette Granados, Totnes

James Bickerton, Chester City

John Wilson, Bolton West

Eddie Stapleton, Rochdale

David Larder, Bassetlaw

Edel English, Shipley

Greg Levitt, Maidstone

Patricia Levitt, Maidstone

chris mckenzie, Bermondsey and Old Southwark

Thomas Fisk, Darlington

Diana Neslen, Ilford South

Dr ALAN MADDISON, Houghton and Sunderland South

Terree Selby, Camberwell & Peckham

Hilary Wise, Ealing Central and acton

Jeff Skellon, Wavertree

william hood, neath port talbot

Gill, Islington North

Justin stubbings, East cornwall


Lesley Spillard, Tynemouth

Graham Harbron, Deeside

Kevin John Rathbone, Sefton central

Tessa Caley, Hull west & Hessle

James Jepson, Stretford and urmston

Susan Baulch, Canterbury Whitstable & villages

Eirwen Hughes, Kenilworth and Southam

David Stewart, Newcastle East

Keven Huelin, Fareham

Tracey-Anne Ashley, Greenwich & Woolwich

Sharon Payne, Leyton & Wanstead

C Jane Kaczysnki, Edinburgh Southern

Mick Brooks, Ealing Southall

Fern Corns, Brighton Pavilion

P Stephenson, Blaydon

Maggie Sutton, Doncaster North

Vince Clooney, Tiverton and Honiton

David Goulding, Swindon south

Erica Burman, Manchester Withington

Pauline Gibbons, Liverpool Walton

Neil Salvage, Hastings and Rye

James Owain Lloyd-Williams, Hackney North

Tahrir Swift, Orpington

Miranda Pennell, Hackney South and Shoreditch

Carmel Cadden, Tottenham

Dee Coombes, Liverpool Riverside

Michael Westcombe, Greenwich & Woolwich

Margaret Fo, Milton Keynes South

Peter Buckley, Oldham West and Royton

Jonathan Espin-Hempsall, Bassetlaw

Tommy Neilan, West Ham

Akhtar zeb, East ham Constituency

Jacqueline Cairns, Preston

Annie Singh, Mole Valley

Nicolette Forster, Barrow in Furness

Nicole Gough, Labour International

Arthur richard Marchant, hertford and stortford

Carolanne Ravenscroft, Wirral

Ian Malcolm-Walker, Bournemouth West

Martyn Wood-Bevan, Swansea West

Rosy Wood-Bevan, Swansea West

Chris Wilkinson, Bristol West

Andy Coombes, Stroud

jon shaffer, manchester withington

Linda Watson, Peterborough

Julie Pearn, Sheffield Central

Judith Cravitz, South Islington

Catherine McAtavey, Northern Ireland

Paul Stygal, Rochford & Southend East

Leigh Brown, Southend West

Diane Datson, Bromley and chislehurst

Mike Smith, Rochford and Southend East

Martin Pritchard, Brecon and Radnorshire

Paul Byrne, Lewes

Ann Haworth, West Ham

Alan Ingram, Yardley, Birmingham

Alison Kuznets, Dover and Deal

Brian Warshaw, Labour International

John Challis, Rochford and Southend East

Nicola Harrison, Norwich North

Billiy Almond, Somerton and Frome

Yvonne Foss, East Surrey

malcolm morris, labour international

Sonali Bhattacharyya, Walthamstow

Ellenor Buxton, West Ham

Michael french, East Devon Constituency

lucia spadetta, Richmond Park

D Cassata, Crewe and Nantwich

Gladys Gibson, Sunderland Central

Ripon Ray, Hackney South

Mr Muhammad Uddin, West Ham

Struan Dudman, Richmond Park

Ted Bains, South Shields

Robin Craig, Birkenhead

Katrina Finn, Newbury

Sean Thompson, Cardiff west

Michel Trainer, Hornsey and Wood Green

Jenny Kassman, Islington North

Charlie Grafton, Southend West

Pauline Bailey, Leeds West

Helle Samuels, Mid Bedfordshire

Frances Griffiths, Gloucester

Michael Snowden, East Surrey

Susan Dykes, Walton

Michael Bishop, Harwich and North Essex

Dean Sharpe, West Ham

Daniel Platts, Wentworth & Dearne

Harry Stannard, Leicester West

Jon Clay, Vauxhall

Ali Dawson, Sheffield Central

Iain Rogers, Exeter

Nicola Moxham, Camberwell and Pexkham

Barry Morgan, Westmorland & Lonsdale

Paul Steele, Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Tracy Coleman, Leicester West

David sugg, Basildon

Caroline O’ Gara, Finchley and Golders Green

Danyal Aziz, Ilford South

Annmarie, Norfolk east

Helen Martins, Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Heidi Robinson-Smith-Hunte, Ilford South

David Hassall, Chesterfield

Peter Hixon, Shepway

Tristan Anthony, Ilford South

anthony grant, Waltham Forest

Patrick Scott, Islington South and Finsbury

Pat Quigley, Hackney South and Shoreditch

Martin Page, Harborough

Sutharshan Sukumaran, Ilford south clp

John Watkins, Isle of Wight

Brian Singer, Hexham

Simon Dewsbury, Birmingham Hall Green

Marianna Volpi, Chatham & Aylesford

GRAHAM MATTHEWS, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

Jenifer Prosser, Blackburn

June Simmons, Brentwood and Ongar

Susan Fairweather, St Austell and Newquay

Jill Wilson, North Durham

Sam Jones, Cardiff south and penarth

June bains, South Shields

Roy Kirby, Southampton Test

Jennifer Gray, Bristol South

Paul Wilkins, Esther and Walton

Sharon Whalley, Blackburn with Darwen

Jeannie Aslett, South Shields

Tony Piper, York Central

Ken Willingale, Southend on Sea West

Carmen Vazquez, Hammersmith

Kevin McCartney, New forest east

Pam Thompson, Batley and Spen

Anthony Mudrak, Oxford East

Sue Mullins, Bristol South

Lisa Jacks, Reading West

William Yong, Camberwell and Peckham

Donna radley, Calder valley

Matthew Sharp, Hampstead and Kilburn

Diane Edmonds, Great Grimsby

Yvonne Hanson, Bradford West

Christopher Bligh, Plymouth Moor View

Ryan Chesher, Finchley and Golders Green

Emma Gell, Chelmsford

elizabeth lindsay, Brent Central

Amanda Goose, Leeds West


Roger Luffman, Bournemouth West

Frances Kay, Ceredigion

Maria Emilia Jennings, Hornsey & Wood Green

Louise Reecejones, Birkenhead

Nigel James, City of Chester

Nicky Drury, Chester

Peter Hedges, Peterborough

John Pawson, Barking

Dominique Cournault, Bethnal Green

Amaya perez, West Ham

Belinda Berry, Labour International

Irene Henson, NE Cambs

Barry Clark, Shipley

Cecilia Penn, Bournemouth West

Helen Scott, Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath

Ethan Waller, Southampton Test

Dr Gerard Hobley, Bolsover

Lucy Wood, Harwich and North Essex

Raymond Carey, Chichester

Raj Gill, Ealing Central & Acton

Ruth Sharratt, Arfon

Michael Holmes, Newent, Gloucestershire

Nicola Litsa Aris, Maidstone & Weald

Anne Wafer, Labour International

Kasha Cepok, Glasgow North

Janet teather, Eastleigh

Danny Cepok, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

kerrie ball, swindon

Larry New, South Cambridgeshire

CRAIG LOGAN, City of Chester

Barbara Watson, Halton

Charlotte Ndupuechi, Southampton Test

Emma Taylor, Worthing West

Anthony Baldwin, Dover and Deal

Frank Löschau, Oxford East

Stanley Nicholls, North Thanet

Mark Wood, The Wrekin

Rita Appleby, Chelmsford

Michael Cook, Kemptown and Peacehaven

John Roach, Ellesmere Port and Neston

giorgio finella, hove and portslade

Dennis Leech, Bethnal Green and Bow

David Niven, Carlisle

Linda Read, Uxbridge & South Ruislip

Marion Osborne, Walthamstow

Kaltun Elmi, Hillsborough and Brightside

Susan Edwards, Rushcliffe

Jean Crocker, Gateshead

Sophie Cannivady, Lewisham-Deptford

Colin Jones, Hackney South and Shoreditch

Ian Gibson, Edinburgh Southern


Richard Pauley, Erdington

Bernice Laschinger, Brent North

Maureen Parkin, York Outer

liam dorcey, Truro

Helen Kemp, Shipley

Sakina Murdock, Copeland

Gordon Waring, Riverside

John Friend, Chelsea and Fulham

Mazhar, Bradford West

Linda Bora, Chorley

Ray McHale, Ellesmere Port & Neston

John Jarvis, Ynys Môn

Graham, Shipley / Bingley

Elijah Traven, Hull West and Hessle

Max Cottle, Windsor

Eric Scarboro, Jarrow

Maureen Perrett, Chelmsford

tom gilfellon, gateshead

Martin Hickman, Wentworth

Bel Nash, Holborn and St Pancras

Rita Berry, Knowsley

Lesley Phipps, Bassetlaw

Anna Colgan, Witney

Victor Ball, Hexham

Andrew Tyler, Penrith and the border

Rosalind Austin, Camberwell and Peckham

Kevin Carmody, Ashton in makerfield

Stephen Williams, Lewisham West & Penge

Stephen Jeffreys, Birmingham Hall Green

Mike Levers, South Northants

Nick Butcher, Nottingham East

Linda Greatorex, Mid Sussex

Jean kincaid, Clwyd west

Ches Chesney, Bristol West

Carl Clarke, Richmond Park

Bailey bradley, Morley & Outwood

Alison Miles, Camberwell and Peckham

Jane Morley, Faversham and mid Kent

Jenifer Flintoft, Meon Valley

Jan Cuerden, Southampton and Romsey

Tony Horsfield, Penistone and Stocksbridge

John Brebner, Wimbledon

Agnes Kory, Hampstead and Kilburn

Jon de Rennes, Esher

Andrew Hardman, Bolsover

Mandy Clare, Eddisbury

Cate Toward, South east Essex and Thurrock


Jacqueline Menzies, Chester

Mr Jagpreet Bhullar, West Ham

Lucy Craig, Hornsey & Wood Green


Aaron Press, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Kevin Stevenson, Christchurch

Jim Urpeth, Eltham

Jim Smith, Barking

Sajida khan, Bolton North east

isobel McMillan, Holborn/St. Pancras

Laurence Lax, Dover and Deal

Maggie Tedd, Harborough

Gillian Glenwright, Skye Lochaber & Badenoch

Evan Williams, Eddisbury

Roger Welch, Portsmouth

Ian Hollingworth, Labour International

Lynn Carroll, Bristol West

Alison wood, Calder valley

Karl Wooldridge, Rushcliffe

Dr Christopher Erswell, Wythenshawe and Sale East

Eden Morris, South West Wiltshire

Martin Jordin, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

Adrian Partridge, Derbyshire Dale's

Anthony Traub, Ilford South

Anthony Richardson, Oxford East

Phil Pope, Bristol West

Karen mellors, Charnwood

John Deehan, Coventry North West

Ronny Flynn, East Worthing and Shoreham


Diane Jenkinson, Ribble Valley

Bridgette Pawson, Heeley

Ujitha de Zoysa, Ilford North

carl richards, bournemouth west

Damhnait Kelly, Weston-Super-Mare

Linda Surridge, North Shropshire

Caroline Moor, Forest Of Dean

Jenny, South Cambs

Nadia Perkins, Leyton and Wanstead

Barbara Iqbal, Manchester Gorton

Stephen Black, North Durham

Sean Willis, Great Grimsby

Lee Rock, Sheffield Hallam

hugh wilde, kensington

Claire Balmer, Stratford on Avon

Kate Thomas, Truro & Falmouth

Judith Southern, The Cities of London and Westminster

Philip Tepper, Bury South

Richard Jones, shrewsbury west

Mary Wyatt, Suffolk Coastal

Rachel Munoz, Cleethorpes

Jon Farley, Leeds North East

Alex Economou, Greenwich and Woolwich

Dennis Gaunt, Colne Valley

helen marks, Riverside

Eleanor Jones, Clacton

Ian MacDonald, Edinburgh South

Trevor Prinn, Leeds West

Mark Ruark, Crawley West Sussex

Michelle, Stone

Paul Hine, Cities of London and Westminster

Malcolm Segall, Tunbridge Wells

David Kirby, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Jennifer Runham, Cambridge

Robert Davies, Cardiff West

Mike Larcey, South West Norfolk

Glenn Holmes, Ilford North

Ana Muñoz, East Ham Constituency

Christina Lloyd checkley, Meridon

David Richard Graham, Brentford and Isleworth


Pete Bloomer, Birmingham, Selly Oak


Robert Brady, Brentford and Isleworth

Pam Laurance, Brent Central

Sally Skaife, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Yetunde Muda, West Ham

Elizabeth Lock, Oxford East

John Garrett, Coventry South

Linda McDonald, Darlington

Joanne Hughes, Derby South

Clare Johnson, Linlithgow and East Falkirk

David Smith, Fareham

Alex Charlton, South West Hertfordshire

Sarah Sheriff, LW&P

Stewart Eames, Cambridge

Eve Hill, Labour International

Janine Wallcraft, Morley and Outwood

Linda Lefevre, Holborn and St Pancras

Mike Rant, Coventry South

Tony Fehler, Bristol East

Leonard Weiss, Walthamstow

Eunice Wormald, NMuineaton

Gina Biehn, Basingstoke

Patricia Ryan, Southend West

James Hall, South Cambs.

Mike Hart, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Megan Roughley, York Outer

Iain Crawford, Cambridge

Andrew Kennedy, Cambridge

PETER HAROLD SMITH, South Basildon & East Thurrock

Suzanne Neish, Beaconsfield

Christopher Cassells, Glasgow Southside

Graeme Hodgson, Cambridge

Alicia Hegarty, Southend West

robin walker, birmingham hall green clp

David Rowe, Merthyr & Rhymney

Heather Mendick, Hackney South and Shoreditch

stephen law, Oxford East

Paul Lockwood, Cambridge

Daveena Daley, Mid Derbyshire

edward pope, oxford west and abingdon

Catherine samuels, plymouth

Katy McDonough, Halton

Ruth Muirhead, Islwyn

Penelope Jane Ballinger, Forest of Dean

Eileen Stapleton, Rochdale

Kathy McCubbing, Reading East

Terry Calvert, Walthamstow East

Misri Dey, Camborne and Redruth

Linda Jordan, West Ham

Barry Milligan, Camborne, Redruth & Hayle

Gray Allan, Falkirk

David Lancaster, York Central

Sarah Roelofs, Berwick Upon Tweed

John Ralph, Chelsea and Fulham


Tony Mercer, Sheffield Hallam

Graham Durham, Brent Central

Alfie Burgh, Glasgow Kelvin

Peter Whittle, Oxford East

Teresa Pursall, Sheffield Hallam

Geoff Cowlyn, Newport West

Robert John Crabtree, Leyton and Wanstead

Erin McIlroy, Bury South

Sara Callaway, Hampstead & Kilburn

David Cannon, Camberwell & Peckham

Ian Baker, Leicester West

didi cooper, streatham

Ms Marion Pencavel, Keighley

Kevin Stannard, Calder Valley

Brian kelly, Don Valley

Laura Clarke, Southend West

John Szilady, Milton Keynes North

Paula Moorhouse, Withington

Prue Stothard, Birkenhead

Jonny Gill, York Outer

Denise Fonseca, Croydon South

Patrick morrello, Stretford and Urmston

Jonathan Griffiths, Cambridge

Larry Hyett, Bexhill and Battle clp

norman wood, wantage

Julie Walker, Birkenhead

Claire Fitzgerald, Welwyn Hatfield

simone longley, Rochford & Southend East

Keith Lloyd, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Beverley Sinton, Labour International

Mehmood Khan, Luton North

Ndaizivei Scholastica Esnathy Paul, North East Cambridgeshire

Joseph Paglia, Winchester

Alun Llewelyn, Brent North

Lorraine Surringer, Bridgend

Michael Ashe, Twickenham

Jeff McCracken-Hewson, Finchley and Golders Green

Tom Loffill, Finchley and Golders Green

Debra Dean, Bury South

David Williams, Wansbeck

Sylvia Howells, Banbury

Ann Darke, East Devon


Ann Whitehurst, Stoke-on-Trent North

Jose Mansilla, Holborn and St Pancras

Susan Campbell, Holborn and St.Pancras

Aitor Vazquez, Hammersmith

Guy Powell, Camborne, Redruth and Hayle

Allan Challenger, Gorton

Julie Ryan, Withington

Claire Driver, Penrith & The Border

Dawn Fullet, Leeds NE

John Hemp, Oxford West and Abingdon

Sharon Rice, Camborne Redruth and Hayle

Francis Richens, North Cornwall

Steve Barker, Penrith & the Border

Richard Hering, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Elizabeth Hancock, Norwich South

Dave Farrar, Poplar and Limehouse

Martyn Jones, Carmarthen

stephen coles, bridgewater

Pamela Blakelock, Dulwich and West Norwood

Sawood, Thurrock

Clare Bickle, Sherwood

Sean Conway, Nottingham East

Seamus O'Connell, Hampstead and Kilburn

Edward Carding, Weaver Vale

Nicki Dupuy, Withington

Brenda Slessoer, Luton South

Susan Rymaszewski, Wyre and North Preston

Peter Gillon, Halifax

Phil Crowe, Bexhill & Battle

Michael Shipley, Cambridge

Mary Campbell, Mid worcs

Ann Herald, Workington

Zeeshan A Chattha, West Ham

alice gray, Holborn & St Pancras

NICOLA KIRTON, Aberdeen South

Andy Colwell, Labour International

Marie Lynam, Hampstead and Kilburn

Dilys Hadley, East Devon

David Whitmore, Old Bexley & Sidcup

Robin O'Neill, Northern Ireland

Camilla Bennett, Romford

Ken Bennett, Romford

Cole Hine, Cities of London & Westminster

Thomas Barr, Northern Ireland

Denise Ireland, Manchester, Withington

G.Atkinson, High Peak

Liz Spencer, South Cambs

Valerie Marriott, Loughborough

Nadia Amara, Chingford and Woodford Green

George simons, Tidenham, lydney, forest of dean

Barbara Ellis, Horsham

Richard Kilbride, Macclesfield

tim porter, glasgow southside

John Dickie, Northampton South


Janet Crosley, Bognor and Littlehampton

Mike Barson, Hampstead and Kilburn

Steve Phillips, Bristol West

Penelope Middelboe, Witney

Gordon Jeffrey, North Tyneside

Helen Dickson, Liverpool Wavertree

Peter Green, Hackney North

John Coates, Leeds Central

Ken Tomkins, Wokingham

Charlotte Peters Rock, Tatton

Harold Pattison, Bishop Auckland

Jill Brian, East Hampshire

Lorcan Whitehead, Colchester

Gill Knight, Hastings and Rye


John Kingston, Bournemouth East

Nicholas Davies, Hastings & Rye

Muhammad Atif Nawaz, Eastham

John Lipetz, Hampstead & Kilburn

Joseph Suart, St Ives

Cheryl, Lewisham East

Zara Khan, West ham cLP

Anita Gill, Nottingham East

Christine Drummond, Islington North

Dodie Carter, Cambridge

Kevin Sparrow, Sutton and Cheam

Martin Clarke, NE Leeds

Wenche orstavik, Cambridge

Alan Cooper, Stroud

Jane Earle, West Ham

Stephen Laughton, Christchurch

Teresa Clark, Lewisham West and Penge

Christine Wilson, Somerton & Frome

Lisbeth Campos, Richmond Park

Bob Littlewood, Leyton and Wanstead

Clara Campos, Richmond Park

Janet Owen Driggs, International Labour Party

Karyn Ainsley, Gateshead

Julian Williams, Withington

Nixon Tod, Manchester Withington

Jak Webb, Labour International

Richard Hopper, Cambridge

Dave Kershaw, Sheffield Central

Joseph Bilton, Sefton Central

Farooq Laghari, West Ham

Sidra Farooq, West Ham

A.Ghani, South East Cambridgeshire

Sophia Mangera, Lewisham & Deptford

Philip Edwards, West Ham

Keith Moore, Plymouth Moor View

Mr Tanbir Siddique, Cheltenham (REC member)

Hasan Chowdhury, Newham

Isabelle Clavering, Sheffield Central

Chris Katsihtis, Manchester Withington

Karl Greenall, Wigan

Nita Tomlinson, Rother Valley

Kath Price, Cheltenham

Mary Sheen, Northern Ireland

Robert Jewitt, South Tyneside

Angela Williams, West Ham

Terry Clarke, Liverpool Riverside

Silvana Da Ros, Holborn & St Pancras

Sandra Ferguson, Sefton Central

Ruth Todd, Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Dr Lorcan Smith, Mid Sussex

Mark Carroll, Newcastle North

Sophie Jenkins, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Julian Hough, Holborn and St. Pancras

Tania Funston, Northern Ireland

Paul Simmons, Tottenham

Maureen Felton, North Warwickshire

Peter Smith, NW Norfolk

Tricia McLaughlin, Rochester and Strood

Shaun Smith, Norwich South

Victor Saltmeris, Isle of Wight

George Wilmers, Withington

Andrew Green, Scarborough and Whitby

Donal Hughes, Wirral West

Martin Prior, Greenwich and Woolwich

Justin Cousins, Cambridge

Averil Parkinson, Cambridge

Aurelio Miracolo, Cities of London and Westminster

Terry Harper, Cities of London and Westminster

Robert Lizar, Withington

Rex Ward, Gloucester

Ian Nicol, Horsham

Jagdish Patel, Stroud

Allistair Lomax, Bolsover


Mick Sullivan, East Ham

Jill McGEE, SW Devon

Graham McGEE, SW Devon

Petet Morton, Rochester and Strood

Geoff Lowther, Dewsbury

Christine Tepper, Bury South

Kitty Warnock, Lewisham Deptford

Jean Apps, Croydon South

Martin Fahey, Holborn & St Pancras

Margaret Houston, Cities of London and Westminster

Jenni Stuart-Anderson, North Herefordshire

Emma Scholin Tipping, Stoke South

Ian Swain, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

Melissa Bassil, Buckingham

Lynn Hemming, Holburn and St Pancras

Nigel Shaw, Norwich North

Ali Osman, Westminster

Jeanette Amelia Dye, East Ham

Robert Mcgill, Sefton Central

Jackie Alsaid, Fareham

Mark Dennison, Holborn & St Pancras

Malcolm Bradstock, Nottingham East

Zahid Khan, East Ham

Ann Weatherly-Barton, South Holland and the Deepings

Andreas Aristotelous, Bristol North West

Ian Webber, Pendle

Ian Canham, Bury South

Nushi Nazemi, Brent North

Sophia Naqvi, East Ham

Syeda Quratulain, East Ham

Chris Huculak, Labour International

Samana Zahra Naqvi, East Ham

Syeda Zainab Naqvi, East Ham

Jawwad Hussain Shah, East Ham

Syed Naqvi, East Ham

Mrs Mustajab Fatima, East Ham

Tariq Bashir, East Ham

Mrs Samina Aziz, East Ham

Raihan Bashir, East Ham

Aqeeb Bashir, East Ham

Trevor Harris, Chelmsford

Helen Austerberry, Westminster North

Stephen Wagg, Leicester South

Tim Forster, Oxford

Marion Mountain, North Tyneside

Ruth Brown, Finchley & Golders Green

Amy Dodd-Broad, north east cambs

Faraz Khan, Cambridge

Jean Hardman, Withington

karen thomson, northfield

Madeleine Vanda Buxton, Bury South

Beverley Buxton, Bury South

Julia Mountain, Enfield Southgate

Alan Bird, Stalybridge and Hyde

Jagdeep Jhamat, Stoke Central

annette gore, Norwich South

Tola Ositelu, Labour International

Brian Kelly, St. Austell and Newquay

Angela Cascun, Plaistow North

Dave Baulch, Corby

Tina Cox, Brighton Pavilion

Rosa, Croydon North

Tim Meredith, Hartlepool

Angela Bramley, South Shields

Helena Coates, Salford and Eccles

tony greenstein, Brighton Kemptown

Constance Lally, Vale of Clwyd

Asif Zamir, Brent central

Ian Drummond, Edinburgh Eastern

Paul. Allington, Leeds East

Asad shan, Eastham

Karel Schling, Walthamstow

Stephen Sheach, East Renfrewshire

Bob Thomson, Rother Valley.

Iain Hale, West Ham

Margaret Millar, Johnstone renfrewshire

Hamza ZIa, West Ham

Audrey White, Riverside

Frances Treanor, Rotherham

Martin Habicht, North East Somerset

Jane Jennifer, South Norfolk

Noor Ain, East Ham

Sajida Khatoon, East Ham

Alia Iqbal, West Ham

Asif Mushtaq, West Ham

Arif Zaman, West Ham

Trevor, South Norfolk

Beverley Buxton, Bury South

Anon, Swansea West

Pauline Rowe, East Ham

Aleen, West Ham

Audrey sharma, Hove

Bernie Tweed, Lewisham South

Clare Richardson, Walthamstow

John McGrory, Leeds Central

Janice Joannou, South East

Andrew Deaper, Ogmore

Michael Cole, Enfield Southgate

Oveta McInnis, Southgate

Ghazal, East Ham

Rob Sale, Harrow West

Mizanur Rahman, Harrow East

Matthew smith, Harrow West

Alice Angliss, Harrow West

Mark Francis, Westminster North

Tom Somerville, Harrow East

Richard McLoughlin, Harrow East

Emily Man, Harrow East

Emily Man, Harrow East

Richard Margerison, Harrow West

Dr M Asaria, Harrow West

Adrian Litvinoff, Warwick & Leamington

Sally Chandler, Harrow East

Alexandra Veres, Harrow East

Adrian Sanchez, Hackney

Jan shearer, Bristol West

Kayode Alao, West Ham

Marion Mountain, North Tyneside

Robyn Dasey, Dulwich & West Norwood

Hassaan Touheed, South Cambridgeshire

Rita Sharma, Vauxhall

Tina Ruiz, Ceredigion

Tim Reid, Hornsey and Wood Green

Terry Deans, Plymouth Moor View

Zarrin Shannon, Bury

Fahad Azam Khan, West Ham

Mohammad Asghar, West Ham

Ana Asghar, West Ham

Zulfiqar Jaffri, WestHam

Mohammod Hassan, WestHam

Sajid Iqbal, West Ham

Farrah Sajid, West Ham

Syed Aqeel Haider, WestHam

Muhammad Mujahid, West Ham

Raja Yasir, West Ham

Mir Afzal Zab, WestHam

Aurangzab Zeb, West Ham

Asif Hayat, West Ham

Javed Raja, West Ham

Tariq Farid, West Ham

Mohammad Sohail Ilyas, West Ham

Suraj Gull, West Ham

Munaza Gull, West Ham

Imran Ali Haji Begum, West Ham

Ali Haider, West Ham

Zara Khan, West Ham

Zubair Shah, West Ham

Nazma Bibi, West Ham

Sapna Bibi, West Ham

Nisar Muhammad, West Ham

Adeel Hissain, West Ham

Mubasher Hussain, West Ham

Usman Ali, West Ham

Mohammad Talha Ali, West Ham

Raqia Ali, West Ham

John Toomey, Peterborough

Christopher wortley, Bath and north east somerset

J HENRY, Wrexham

Martin Dimmock, Richmond (Yorks)

Mike Parsons, West Ham

Martin Coleman, Tunbridge Wells

Gary Potter, Canterbury

Michelle Devall, Chelmsford

Dorothy Cleminson, Warrington