Utah Geological Association

Governing Board Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2018

Utah Department of Natural Resources

1594 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

10:30 – 12:00

In attendance: Peter Nielsen, Leslie Heppler, David Garbrecht, Greg Schlenker, Paul Inkenbrandt, and George Condrat. Grant Willis presented as Earthquake Safety Chairman.Tom Chidsey presented on publication of Geology of Utah’s Parks and Monuments.

  1. Put up tables & chairs (all)
  2. Call to order and announcements
  1. Board approved: Grant Willis to prepare draft letter to Utah Legislature regarding seismic safety education and recommendations for school safety. Board to review prior to finalizing letter.
  1. Review mail
  1. New Members: 3 new members (Schofield, Matthews, Henderek) approved by Board by email vote prior to meeting; Board approved Andrew Bedingfield today.
  1. Board meeting minutes: Board approved October and November minutes as presented.
  2. Treasurer's Report
  1. Financial Status: Good month; Board requested that David add minor detail regarding PayPal to his report.
  2. Foundation Status - Accountant report: No report.
  1. Action items for follow up:
  1. New Board Member Emails: completed.
  2. Need to renew business license: Peter will complete renewal.
  3. UGA Fiscal Status
  1. Company Sponsorship: Board wishes to pursue; Peter to take lead on this.
  1. Good interaction
  2. Allow logos to be presented during lunch
  3. short mention of company
  1. Advertising in Newsletter: Board in favor; Peter to take lead on this.
  1. Proposed - 12 month subscription
  1. UGA change to a 501c3: David to continue to pursue. UGA is tax exempt as a non-profit but donors cannot write-off donation unless UGA is a 501c3.
  1. Ask Donald Jack - above report: also talk to Lucy Jordan.
  2. Purpose is for tax write-off for scholarship or publication donations.
  3. Peter interested in increasing the money for scholarships
  4. Research Scholarships
  1. New Items:
  1. New edition and/or reprinting of the “Geology of Utah’s Parks and Monuments”
  1. Discussion of publication: Tom Chidsey and Board discussed. Paul to inform Board on number of copies of 3rd edition available for sale and how long before running out. Board wishes to decide whether to have additional copies of 3rd edition printed.
  2. 4 edition ? and how can we help. Significant addition and modifications are necessary, plus redesign and file modifications. Board is in favor of creating 4th edition. Doug Sprinkel expected to take lead. Board requests additional information.
  1. Geology of the Intermountain West
  1. Readership numbers - Paul I.: 100’s of hits per month.
  2. Report from Doug Sprinkel and Tom Chidsey: Peter to tell membership about success and encourage submission of articles.
  1. UGA Golf Tourney: Peter to ask membership for Tournament Chairman volunteer.
  1. UGA is sponsoring this year
  2. SME, UGA, and SPE rotate turns hosting
  3. Square away logistics
  4. Ideas for new Golf Tournament chairperson
  5. Paul Amundson is last years Golf Tourney Host for UGA
  6. September is Tourney
  1. Utah Guidebook 48 - Utah Geosites
  1. The guidebook editors (Mark or Peter) will send an reminder email about the Jan 31 paper deadline
  2. Suggestions on Field Trip in September: Board discussed; suggested one or more day trips, potentially leaving from more than one location in state. Need to identify Field Trip Leaders; they will plan and execute. Peter to pursue.
  1. One or two single day trips from Salt Lake City
  2. One or two 2-day trips with 1-night stay.
  1. Possibility trips through the southern or central utah on each option.
  1. Editorial cost for publication.
  1. Peter will send letter to AAPG - RMS foundation to help with editorial costs
  2. How about the Bryce Canyon Association - same as the Geology of National Parks and Monuments
  3. Utah Tourism office
  4. Natural History Museum of Utah ?
  1. 2020 UGA Guidebook 49: Leslie taking lead on this.
  1. Leslie Heppler - Propose Guidebook: Board approved subject of “Changing Face of Mining” for Guidebook 49.
  1. Subject - The Changing Face of Mining
  2. Chief Editor - Jan Morse
  1. Would like 2 Technical editors from UGS
  1. Jon King - Has volunteered
  2. Rich Giraud - Has volunteered
  3. others?
  1. Abstracts -
  1. Proposed 2 articles Ken - Geo @ Ore
  2. Ian Scofield - Chemistry of and remediation of Bingham H2O
  1. Sections
  1. New potential in Utah (Elements - Lithium etc, New deposits)
  2. Geology in the Oquirrh’s
  3. New Technology to solve old problems (Drones)(E- logging) etc
  4. Cradle to Grave - Reclamation
  1. Leslie Heppler - Proposed field Trip
  1. Bingham - Dave Simon (Possible Zip Z - slope stability?, Kim Schroeder - geo?)
  2. Sunshine Canyon - Closure of an Abandoned Mine (AMR & Dave Garbrect on Geo
  3. Barrick Mercur - They have committed to reclamation talk at the site. I am also looking for geotalk at the site (Joe G on reclamation, Looking for Geo talk)
  4. International Smelter - Super Fund Clean up site                         
  1. Membership System: Item deferred until January meeting.
  1. Update on Membership system
  2. Has increased this year?  How do we increase membership?
  1. Membership Guide: Item deferred until January meeting.
  1. Businesses and UGA directory
  2. More advertisement
  3. Paul to pass off list to George
  4. status
  1. Future Rockhounders of Utah: Item deferred until January meeting.
  1. Paul will explain
  1. Dave Rickers (Klinefelter): not discussed at this meeting.
  1. Fundraiser on Dec 8 - Local musicians
  2. How did fundraiser go
  1. Call for adjournment.

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