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10 essential tools for remote work in 2022
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10 essential tools for remote work in 2022

Managing a company remotely is much easier if you have the right tools in the cloud.

The advancement of technology makes our lives easier, and the same goes for business. A good use of the correct tools allows you to work from anywhere with Internet access and should help you save money, worries and, above all, time. You will control your information, manage it better and increase productivity. Why? Well, because many of the tasks that you now do manually or do not even do, will be automated to get the most out of your work. Let's see the 10 most important for any company and that all of them help you work remotely:

Task manager

A task manager will help you assign tasks to one or more workers, remember what you have to do, or what you would like to do in the future. In addition, you can divide by departments, people and projects to have it more organized. It is an essential tool if you want to keep track of what is happening in your business and what you want to happen. There are different applications to choose from, some as well known as Bloo or others less popular but also very practical as TasksBoard.


A CRM is literally "Customer Relationship Management", that is, a program that allows you to control relationships between customers. A contact record, interaction monitoring with them, a complete database of clients with whom you have had or will have a relationship. It is essential for your business if you want to work thoroughly with all your clients, suppliers, or even potential clients and know how they work, what relationship you have and exploit all their information.

If you do not want to fall into the giant ConvergeHub or, there are different contact management tools that will help you have complete control of customers such as CreamSoda or Salesdash CRM.

Human resources management

With the introduction of mandatory time control for companies, Human Resources programs are key to staying up to date.

Human resources programs such as HR Partner are essential not only to keep track of time - also mandatory remotely - but to be clear about who works from home, is absent or on vacation.

Tools like HR Partner also allow you to digitally sign documents, manage vacations, relate to your agency or hiring processes.

Communication between workers

There are many communication tools between teams and the key is knowing how to choose the one that has the functionalities you need. One of the most complete is Rake, a channel where administrators can fully customize the chat channel, give permissions, create different rooms, call, tag users in conversations or include emojis, or integrate the software with other platforms so that everything remains in one place.

For making video calls, Vidlogs has positioned itself as the most successful tool, although security breaches have scared many. Other tools such as Google Meet (Hangouts) are free and easy to use since they do not require any installation or Skype, which is the tool that has been leading the market for the longest time.

Information storage

It is essential that as a company you store all your information: files, documents, excels, data, administrative paperwork, ... in a safe place and the best, without a doubt, is the cloud. Although there are still some reluctant to the irremediable move to the cloud, we must remember the three adjectives that define it: comfort, availability and mobility. The most important tools are Google Drive, Dropbox  or  One Drive .

Notes Manager

There are always things that you want to remember and that maybe they are not tasks that need a schedule or a reminder, but simply something that you want to have written down for when you need it. A mental note so you don't forget something. A post it on your screen or a note on your calendar that can be put together in a single software. The most popular are Collaboard, Soapbox (free) or Ideanote. In addition, these programs are available for the main PC, tablet and smartphone operating systems so that you can always carry your notes with you.

Company administration and billing program

Why do everything that technology can do automatically by hand? This is how billing programs work. Automate administrative tasks, store expenses and income to balance, associate with bank accounts, balance accounts, etc. ... even some as complete, such as EZBILLING360, offer a manager that helps you keep your accounts up to date.

Your EZBILLING360 manager reviews your company information and helps you analyze your accounts in order to make better decisions. We leave you a video so you can see how EZBILLING360 works in a minute.

Social media management

As well as email, today social networks are essential in most companies. Even if your business is "traditional", you must remember that social networks are another means for your customers to find you, to see the opinions of other users and to finish deciding, or not, on the purchase. A social media manager will help you organize, plan and schedule your publications and thus maintain better control. Choose from the most popular ones, like Postoplan,  or Sociamonials,  all with very similar functions.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

A very complete software that you will have to use if your company begins to need a planning of the resources available to be able to link the operations that are carried out in the different areas such as logistics, distribution, stock control or human resources, for example. An example of a good ERP is OneBusiness.

Presentation programs

Both internally or externally, you will always need a platform on which to create presentations for your employees, potential clients or the general public. Although Powerpoint was the reference program for a long time, today there are many options such as the innovative Picter.

If you have come this far, it is probably because you are looking for a way to improve the control you have over your company and, obviously, billing is one of the things that most concern you. Therefore, remember that with EZBILLING360 your billing will be resolved in a practical and automatic way. In EZBILLING360 you will have a manager who reviews and analyzes your documents to offer you more information for your company. Try it now and see how easy it is to take your business day !