We all love games. Playing them is fun, but making them can be even more fun. Your task for Project 5 - is to design a sprite based game for your classmates to play. The premise of your game must be based on a problem associated with one of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) from the United Nations.

You must create all of the sprites you use yourselves or use creative commons licensed sprites.

Note: This is now an individual project - each of you should be coding the game on your own computer using a Swift Playground.

Documentation Section Requirements:

Code Section Requirements:

Process section requirements:

At the end of each 45 - 60 minute session you spend working on your game, record a screencast (2 minutes max) where you talk about what you accomplished and any challenges you faced.  

For this project, your task is to show at least one clear piece of evidence of you and your group going through each of the components of the design cycle.