Bennett Valley Golf Club October

Meeting (Held on 10-6-2018)

Present: Maria Guarienti, Steve Hanak, Ralph Thomas, James Miller, Ken Richter

Absent: John Christenson, Doug Smith, Jordan Schnur, Gregory Fearon, Louis Capuano,

Call to Order: 7:30 AM by Ken

Minutes: September minutes were read and accepted

Treasure’s Report Gregory’s financial statement was presented for the 12 months ending in September ’18. It appears were are ahead by aprox $700 compared to last year at this time. Maria noted that she still has several NCGA qualifying tournament expenses that have not been submitted for payment.

Membership: Ralph noted that we are currently at 365 members He has already sent out the 2019 annual renewal notice to all our members. Ralph also commented that the club could save several hundred dollars next year by replacing the plastic Legends discount card with a paper version.

Tournament: Jim is setting up the NCGA 4-Man 2-BB tournament using Golf Genius. Jim started an interesting conversation on tournament format and structure. Should we reduce the team HC as per NCGA recommendation for this format? Should we allow members to select the tee’s they want to play from and adjust HC accordingly? It was clear that member input would be very important before making any changes. The board will try and gather information and suggest a next step.

Ken presented a recap summary of the Club Championship tournament. For all the best of intentions there were several points of confusion that complicated the process. Discussion followed and it was clear that better communication both with our members and within the board will need to be better documented for the tournament next year.

Since we are having a disproportionate number of members signing up well after entry deadlines a suggestion was made that we extend the entry from 14 days to 8 days before the event. Players entering after the deadline will be on “stand by” status only. The 2019 schedule will reflect this change.

NCGA Handicap: No update this month.

Old Business: None

New Business: Due to the NCGA 4-Man 2-BB tournament falling on the first Saturday of the month, it was agreed that we will hold the November board meeting on Saturday October 27th.

Adjourned: 8:31 AM

Respectfully submitted, Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary