Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 16th October 2019 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion


Bob Norman  (chairman)  Jim Daniels (secretary)    Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 20 members  



Apologies for absence – Terry Arthur. Malcolm Duncan, Malcolm Newman, Margaret Nunn, Margaret Sandford.


Minutes of the AGM held on 30th October 2018 were approved and signed as a true record.


Chairman’s report  - attached.


Treasurer’s report

44 playing members plus social members.

£9344 in the bank account (in 2018 £7291)

The club had a surplus of £1440 over the year

Subscriptions £2175

Match fees £2392  (2018 £3041) as we reduced the home fee from £4 to £3 Expenditure – League fees £170 (2018 £489) - no County levy.        

Ground £4806 (2018 £6484) - no repairs and servicing to mowers.

AGREED to adopt the accounts.

Thanks to Ray for fund raising and to Les for auditing the accounts.


Secretary’s report

Season 2019

BH Men finished runner up to Cambs & County and BH Mixed won division 2

CD4 finished 3rd

CD5 finished 5th

E&D finished in bottom half

Gordon had volunteered to captain the Indoor/Outdoor team.  If asked to play please support him.  

Captains gave their reports.  Thanks to players who helped both CD captains when asked to play in the other team.  E&D most enjoyable.  A few more men to play in the BH Men’s teams would be helpful.  BH Men’s teams to be selected using a different criterion in 2020?  

Leagues for 2020 AGREED to play in

BH Men – two teams    BH Mixed – one team    CD – two teams

E&D – 26 games - need to play two ladies every game although Mildenhall have proposed that this restriction is abolished – to be discussed at E&D AGM in December.    

Captains – Bob N had volunteered to captain Men B in the BH League.  

Club competitions 2020

AGREED to run Ladies Singles so long as a minimum of four players enter otherwise Open Singles possible.

Two Wood Singles, Novice Singles, Plate Singles (named Godfrey Sheen Memorial Plate).

Open Pairs (instead of Men’s Pairs), 2-4-2 Pairs, In the Yard Pairs.  

A 321 singles competition could be played if no Ladies Singles takes place.  (Nearest bowl gets 3 second bowl 2 and third bowl 1 – 18 ends).  

There would be no Ladies Pairs and no Mixed Pairs/Triples.

Fund Raising – Whist Drives,100 Club, Bonus Ball and Quiz Night to continue.

Summer Fayre 2020 – stall.

Green - we have 6 green keepers Arn, Bob N, Clive, Jim, John H, Paul (+ Ray).  Without their help it would be difficult to maintain the green to the high standard that it is.

Honours Board – AGREED that Bob look to extend the Honours Board for members who had done well in external competitions ie County, BH, C&D, E&D, etc.  

Club shirts – in abeyance as a consensus could not be found.


City Bowls club 

General Rules Rule 8:

Delete 3 points for a win and add 1 all the other points scored in the match remain the same – support.

Little Shelford Bowls Club

CD Division 5 – number of matches

All teams in Division 5 play each other three times in the season, resulting in a total of 21 matches. If this is felt to be too many, an alternative would be to play two teams twice, and five teams three times, giving a total of 19 matches. Either would result in a fairer distribution of matches across the Divisions – support proposal in first sentence.

Milton Bowls Club - additional sentence to

Rule 18:  A postponed match must be rearranged.  If it is not then the non-offending team shall be awarded four points.  

Rule 21:  A postponed match must be rearranged.  If it is not then the non-defaulting team shall be awarded four points.


Committee’s ideas/suggestions for discussion

The club had been raising funds to buy a new mower – not now needed thanks to the generous donation.

AGREED therefore 1)  to reduce the Annual Subscription from £50 to £40

                                  2)  Subscription for players new to the game to be £10 for first year.

                                  3)  Social membership to remain at £10.  Social members can play at any time                        

                                       (including Bank Holiday Drives) but not in the leagues or club competitions.

Green Surrounds:  Colin was retiring from cutting the surrounds.   Bob W and Keith O volunteered to help Brian cut the bank.  


Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Hon President – acting on the wishes of the committee the chairman had invited Bob Waters to be Honorary President.  Bob accepted.        


Chairman – Bob Norman                Secretary   -   Jim Daniels         

Treasurer   -   Colin Nunn             Asst Sec/Treas - Terry Arthur            

Webmaster -  Malcolm Duncan    

Auditor   -   Les Gray

Executive Committee (captains are automatically members of the committee)  Angela Crush  

Margaret Nunn     Keith Overall         David Palmer   -  Keith Collyer retired from committee

Captains:  BH Men A and Mixed  – John Herbert    BH Men B -  Bob Norman

C&D4 - Paul Marston   C&D5 – Ray Daniels    

E&D - Ray Daniels  

Indoor/Outdoor - Gordon Coulson  


Web Update – it was suggested that players be asked to respond to Paul when selected through email/web.  This will ensure that the selected players have seen and acknowledged that they are playing.  In the same way that ticking on the notice board ensures that the captains know that players are aware that they are playing.  Paul to action this.


Any other business

Margaret N was also retiring from working on the surrounds.  Thanks to Margaret for her hard work.

Meeting ended at 20.45


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 30th October 2018 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion




David Palmer  (chairman)  Jim Daniels (secretary)        Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 27 members  



Apologies for absence – Brian and Janet Banyard, Barrie and Rosemary Fuller, John Herbert and Ryan White.



Minutes of the AGM held on 18th October 2017 were approved and signed as a true record.



Chairman’s report

Cold start to the season at Melbourn very hot Summer and disappointing finals weekend because of the weather.

The club had lost 10 playing ladies.  At times the captains struggled to get enough players.  If we withdraw from a league this would have a financial impact.

David had decided to stand down as chairman.  Best wishes to the incoming chairman and thanks for members’ support.



Treasurer’s report

41 playing members, 11 social and three juniors.

Income was down.  Ground costs £6485 including £788 water bill and mower repairs.

In the bank £7904 (in 2017 £9329).

As some income was recorded in the next year the deficit was approximately £500.


AGREED to adopt the accounts.


Thanks to Les for auditing the accounts and for his advice.


Fund raising, whist drives, Bonus Ball, 100 Club – any other suggestions?



Secretary’s report

Circulated with agenda.

Results and captains’ comments were recorded  in the report.


11 players retired or did not play this season.  We have recruited 4 new players.

Reminder that we are one club not 6 separate teams. It was pleasing to see members coming along to support teams that they do not play in eg div 5 players watching div 4 and vice versa.  

Five players who reached C&D semi finals and two reached the finals this year.  


Green – thanks to the seven members who keep the green cut.  We are fortunate to have so many helpers.  Thanks also to Colin and his team for keeping the banks of the green neat and tidy.



The C&D Committee are proposing that players be allowed to wear “grey bowls tailored shorts”.

City B had withdrawn from Division 5.


Club Competitions

Three competitions were lost this year.  If insufficient ladies enter in 2019 then an additional two pairs would be organised to make up for the shortfall in competitions.

PLEASE ensure that you are available to play both Saturday and Sunday of the Finals weekend before entering.  Our Finals weekend is held on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August.


John will not continue with the Wednesday afternoon league because of poor attendance.


We were unable to enter a club team in the Trumpington President’s day.  Next season I shall pass the invite on to those who wish to enter in their own name.

May Bank Holiday Drive – Fred Hall Trophy to be engraved with names of the winning players.




Committee’s ideas/suggestions for discussion

Leagues: There were now 41 playing members (a few years ago there were 60) and it was difficult in 2018 at times to field teams especially of 12 players.

After much discussion it was agreed to withdraw our team from the County Triples League.

Six members voted against withdrawing from the County League.

Concerns were expressed and noted that young members’ progress in the game could be hampered by breaking our link with Bowls England (and Cambridgeshire).


Agreed to apply to enter another team in the Men’s BH Pairs League (four players needed per game) and to continue to play in the BH Mixed, C&D and E&D Leagues.


Coloured shirts: referred to Committee.


Fees: All match fees to be £3 and annual subscription £50.  Social members’ fee to remain at £10.



Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Elected:  Bob Norman was elected Chairman.

On behalf of the club Colin thanked David.  Applause

Hon President - G Sheen       Secretary   -   J Daniels           Treasurer   -   C Nunn                          

Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur       Webmaster -  M Duncan    Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   A Crush  K Collyer   M Nunn   D Palmer  

Captains:  BH Men (1) and Mixed  John Herbert.

BH Men (2) John Tilley  

C&D4 – Paul M   C&D5 – Ray  

E&D – Ray

Note:  All captains (and webmaster) are members of the Executive Committee.  

(Good try Malcolm).

Thanks to Mary who had retired from the committee.



Web Update

CD4 availability changed to be more user friendly.

New security package available – “Quad 9”.



Any other business

Bank transfer: could subs be paid by Bank Transfer?  Colin would look into this.

Annual Lunch – went well.

Pens – Roger had more pens for sale.

Indoor/Outdoor League – John T reported that the Milton team was top of division 2 by two points. Thanks to the 8 players who had played to date.

Advertising:  would better advertising encourage more members to join?        Referred to Committee.


The meeting ended at 20.55




Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 18th October 2017 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion


David Palmer  (chairman)  Jim Daniels (secretary)    Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 30 members  


Apologies for absence –Gordon & Sue Butler Dennis Chapman  Boshka Gilanova  Barry Jefferson  Margaret Nunn  Ruth Overall  Margaret Sandford  John Tylka  Pauline Waters.


Minutes of the AGM held on 11th November 2016 were approved and signed as a true record.


Chairman’s report

Since the last AGM we have had a mixed set of results in League games, and we did not come top in any of the leagues in which we play. We always play to win and do our best, but the club philosophy is to get all members involved in PLAYING BOWLS, so win lose or draw we always enjoy the games.

During the season which is so short, only 16 weeks, we had good informal competitive events on the two May bank holidays, and thank you Jim for organising them. We had a good turn out for the two finals days and thanks again to all the helpers and cooks, and to the finalists.

With no summer fair, the White horse again organised a fun day in July which was in some ways more homely than the summer fair as there were no commercial elements present only Milton organisations, and we made a few pounds bowling for a pig.

Regarding fixtures for C&D; we had occasions when there were two games in a week, C&D4 had three and C&D5 had three, in August C&D5 had six games scheduled not including the rescheduled game against City B. This puts off some of our players who want to play just one game a week, it needs to be addressed by the League committee, as the County seem to dictate our fixtures.

Within Division 5 since I joined, we have lost twelve players for various reasons, and the average number of players available each game this year was only 11.6 compared to last year when the average was 14.9. Last year I did not need to call on the other Division, but this year has been the most challenging and I have needed to fill fourteen places (ONE GAME).

Later we will be discussing the future of the leagues in which we play: I have been Captain of C&D5 for several seasons and decided at the start of the season it was time to step down. I want to thank all members who have supported me,

Colin will be telling you about finance, but I want to pay tribute to Ray Daniels who is a major fund raiser. He organised the 100 club, previous to that the bonus ball, and the whist drives in the close season. The club owes a great debt of gratitude to Ray.

The club was formed in 1990 when many of us were in our very late forties or early fifties, and now 27 years later a lot of us are that much older and not quite so keen to play several games a week. Some members have hinted that next year they will only be playing indoors. This will put a strain on available players, and club finances if they elect to be purely social members. Without younger members the club will decrease in membership and in the not too distant future may struggle to exist, so we need to consider how we can encourage younger people to play bowls.


Secretary’s report

Thanks to all of our helpers on the green - Arn, Bob N, Jim, John, Paddy (a social member), Paul and Ray, and to Colin and his band of volunteers who look after the surrounds.

A special thanks goes to Jenny Herbert and Linda Gooch, neither of whom are members, for keeping the surrounds neat and tidy.

Thanks also to Gordon Butler, another social member, for painting seats.

Thanks also to Godfrey who has done more than his fair share over the past 27 years.  For example he has bought milk, washing up liquid, paper towels, toilet rolls, made sure that the toilets are well stocked and collected, bread and biscuits from Tesco etc etc.

Club competitions seem to have worked well.  The mixed triples games were very competitive.  The one difficulty of course is getting six people to agree a date to play.

Is our club successful? In many ways "yes" - socials e.g. Whist, quiz, BBQ and finals, working parties etc.  In competitions Spencer and Paul won the BH 242 competition.  Ray Malcolm and Jim were runners-up in the C and D Lacon Cup, Jim the Men's Singles and Spencer won the Two Wood Singles.

In terms of league results this season the answer must be "not very" - we are all getting older and less active. This has been noticeable when at times we have struggled to field a team.

BH    John comments:  I would like to thank all the members who supported the BH men's league this season. We finished mid table and our win/lose results were an exact replica of the 2016 season although we did improve our shot difference and I look forward to the 2018 season.

CD4 After losing the last two games 6-1 the team missed out on promotion and finished fourth.

CD5  the team won three games in August but finished bottom just two points behind City B.

TPL - The County triples won three games. Proposal made by the County that the Fours League be withdrawn and that two leagues of triples formed with promotion and relegation.

E&D – comments from Ray:   This year has been slightly easier to pick a team as it was rare to get more than 15 wanting to play, where as in previous years the number wanting to play has given us the idea of maybe having two E/D teams. And it was only towards the end of the season that some of us played 2 games in a day. (Which we try and avoid if possible.)  If my memory serves me correctly I only had to call on  2 members of the club to play at the last minute through late drop outs - not bad considering we played 26 games-  Thanks to all who bowled and I hope they enjoyed it.   

We expressed an interest in a separate division of the C&D League playing three rinks of three but this will not happen as Eternit are the only other club showing an interest.

MOBC Committee recommended that

We withdraw Milton A from the Cambridge and District League.

This was not carried as Ray offered to be a non-playing captain with John T as his deputy.  (Both players would still play in division 4 – if selected! Couldn’t resist that one John).

AGREED therefore to continue running two teams in the C&D League.

AGREED also to continue playing in the BH Men’s league and to enter a team in the BH Mixed League.  Keith O offered to captain the Mixed team.

Hospitality – Boshka by email offered to prepare sandwiches for each home game. It was agreed (with two votes against) to continue to provide just tea and biscuits.

I would like to see others help with the teas – especially non-players as happens with Ely & District League.

We shall try to encourage more people to play in the Wednesday afternoon league?  Would it be more successful if played on Saturdays?

Do we still want a friendly with Stretham?

Do we want a friendly with Southery (away)?

Do we still want to enter a mixed team in the Trumpington President's Day in August? If so perhaps we should look to send a different four to play in 2018?  

Yes to all.


Treasurer’s report

Income £2,000+ more than expenditure.

Whist drives had raised over £400 and the bonus ball/100 Club over £1,400.

Thanks to Ray for his fund raising efforts and to the club members for their support.

Donations – thanks to Margaret S for her donation.

Thanks to our Prime Ministers for calling a referendum and elections – use of the pavilion provides extra income for the club!

Colin was in a long running saga with Anglian Water about charges for water usage.

AGREED to adopt the accounts.

Fees for 2018 would stay the same - £4 for home C&D and County Triples games (£3 for BH and E&D).  All away games £3.


Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Elected:  David Palmer was elected Chairman.

Hon President - G Sheen             Secretary   -   J Daniels       Treasurer   -   C Nunn                

Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur       Webmaster -  M Duncan    Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  J Tilley

Captains:  BH Men – John H  BH Mixed - Keith O  

C&D4 – Paul M   C&D5 – Ray with John T as vice captain  

E&D – Ray

TPL – Bob N – thanks to Bob for taking this on during the 2017 season.


Web update

Malcolm had updated web adding Honours Board, club locations and links to other bowls websites.


Any other business

Housekeeping tasks – Ray offered to look after purchase of milk, washing up liquid, paper towels, toilet rolls etc.

Annual Lunch – Sunday October 29th at 12 noon – 48 attending.

Noted that the Crown would be under new management from November.

Colin Barkham trophy – new plinth to be added.

Pens – Roger would obtain a new supply for sale.

Events – whist drive to be arranged pre Christmas.  New Bonus Ball to start after Christmas.

Sales items – Godfrey has sticker, grippo and spray chalk for sale.  Chalk (spray) should be an essential piece of equipment for skips and second players in all games except the C&D.

Indoor/Outdoor League – John T reported that we have a team at Chesterton and had won 3 out of 8 rinks to date.  If interested to play please let John know.

Meeting ended at 20.35


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 11th November 2016 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion


David Palmer  (chairman)  Jim Daniels (secretary)    Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 33 members  


A minute’s silence was observed in memory of the three members who had passed away this year Max, Len and most recently Lorna.

Apologies for absence – Sheila Barkham  Dennis Chapman  Dave Ellum  June Frost  

Barrie & Rosemary Fuller  Barry Jefferson  Margaret Nunn  Ruth Overall  Margaret Sandford  Godfrey Sheen  Lawrence Squires.  

John Tilley for lateness.


Minutes of the AGM held on 11th November 2015 were approved and signed as a true record.


Chairman’s Address

Although we were did not have a successful bowling season we “do our best” and  try to ensure that everyone gets a game as per the Club’s Policy.  May Bank Holiday competitions were well attended.  Good attendance at the Finals weekend.  Thanks to all who attended the annual lunch.  Please keep entering the club competitions.


Secretary’s report

Teams 2017 – 15 teams in BH mixed (14 games) and 21 in men’s (20 games).  As no ladies were willing to commit to playing in the mixed league it was agreed to withdraw this team from the league.

Report of C&D AGM :  Proposals to allow clubs to change dates of games were not carried.  

Newnham announced that they would provide tea and biscuits only after games and would not hold a raffle.  Some members at C&D AGM felt that the social side of bowls would be lost

Proposal:  In season 2017 Milton Outdoor Bowls Club will provide just tea/coffee and biscuits at home County and C&D Bowls matches and will not run a raffle.  We acknowledge and accept that clubs may therefore wish to do likewise when playing Milton at home.   Carried.

County – AGM Saturday December 3rd 10.30am – Trevor and Bob N would attend.  Proposal to be ratified (just a formality):  fours league to consist of three rinks of four; triples league – no change.  Ely & District AGM December 2nd – proposal to split the two afternoon division into North and South (to reduce travelling) – winners of each league to play Champion of Champions on Finals Day.   Our section would have Bottisham A/B Burwell Cottenham A/B Girton  Longstatton Milton Mitchell Lodge Newmarket A/B Willingham.

North section:  Chippenham Ely Beet Ely City Fordham A/B Haddenham Isleham  Littleport A/B  Mildenhall  Soham A/B Stretham.

Competitions  –         The secretary had asked alll the finalists this year whether they would prefer a trophy or a M&S voucher.  9 asked for a voucher 3 a trophy.   AGM agreed to continue with this policy.

Ladder – how can we encourage more players to take part?  Should we continue to run this competition?  Four members continued to play ladder games throughout September and the green bowled beautifully.  

Scoring system 4-3-2-1 would be used in the first May Day Bank Holiday drive.

Nigel Boy Syer (& Leon James) concert 26th November – offers of mince pies received.  Hall to be set up at 4pm.  Colin and Margaret in charge of refreshments.

Fund raising: had gone well: whist drives, bonus ball, quiz night (next quiz 5th March 2017) – agreed not to hold a jumble sale.

Friendly against Stretham Saturday 3rd June at Milton 2.30pm – cream tea after the game.  Paul to be i/c.


Wednesday afternoons report

Fewer members than last year.  Disappointing response.


Green keeper’s report

“I ended my report last year by saying, “This coming year could well be my last year as greenkeeper, so I am looking for an apprentice.”

That time has now arrived and from the AGM I am retiring as Greenkeeper. There are now more members helping with the green who are quite capable of continuing in the role. If no one comes forward to be greenkeeper then there are basically two options. The green is managed by committee with joint responsibility or Chris Hunt of Progreen is asked to cut through the summer as well as winter; spring and autumn. I have been pondering on the question of retiring over the last 5 years and now I feel the time is ripe.

I will arrange for the mowers to be serviced by Pecks of Ely as usual.

Although we were considering looking for a newer mower to replace the Ransome Certes which we have managed to keep going this season.

The green was cut lower than normal and the result was a much faster bowling surface. I know Jim thinks we should go back to a slightly higher cut. What do you think?

The hedges will need a cut in the spring by Buchans. They have been a bit neglected this year. Edgar has offered to get one of his contacts to remove the Berberis bushes, which would be an improvement as they are encroaching on the surround.

My thanks go to all those that have helped cut the green and manage the surrounds. Colin & Margaret Nunn have done sterling work on keeping the surrounds neat and tidy but they do need more volunteers to help with this work.

Chris Hunt of Progreen has given good service again this year and I recommend that we continue using him as our contractor.  He put the green to bed on 30th September.”

BOB WATERS (Greenkeeper)

Jim and John with Paul would manage the green.  Bob and Chris of Pro Green would act as consultants.   A member had felt that the green was cut too short in 2016.  The team would monitor the height of the cut as the season progresses in 2017.

The hedges would need to be cut in the Spring by Buchans.

Thanks to all who cut the green and helped with the surrounds. Colin needs more help with cutting the banks.

The chairman thanked Bob for his service – much appreciated (applause).

Agreed to make Bob a Life Member.


Treasurer’s report

Expenditure for the year in 2015 was £1066 more than income – in 2016 income exceeded expenditure by £203.

Whist drives and the bonus ball had raised £1000 – thanks to Ray.  Ray commented thanks to the members for supporting his efforts.


Highlights from the accounts:

Receipts                 2015-16           2014-15

Subs                           2050               2260                

Fees                            2894              2294                  

Club competition fees              283                174                    

Fund raising                    2318              1215                  

Pavilion hire                      245                  40                


Ground costs                     6157              5650                

Pavilion                               431                561                

Trophies                                310                  300                  

Agreed to adopt the accounts and increase fees for C&D and County home games only to £4 per game (to offset loss of income from raffles).

The club had £7093 in the bank (£6880 in 2015).

Thanks to Les Gray for auditing the accounts.  Les agreed to continue as auditor.

Colin would arrange adding Jim and John H to the list of bank signatories.


Election of Officers, Committee and Captains

Elected:  David Palmer was elected Chairman.

Hon President - G Sheen             Secretary   -   J Daniels       Treasurer   -   C Nunn                

Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur       Webmaster -  M Duncan    Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  J Tilley

Captains:  BH – John H   C&D4 – Barry B   C&D5 – David   E&D – Ray   TPL – Trevor (with Bob N)


Proposal to have a No Smoking Policy for the whole green and its surrounds inside the gates

Agreed with one vote against.


Web update

Photos of the dinner were now on the web.  Be aware of hacking – if you do not recognise emails then delete them


Any other business

Arn’s book – Arn had written a book “The Cambridge Peace Trail” which was on sale for £2 – all proceeds to the club.  Thanks to Arn. 

The meeting ended at 20.25.


Footnote:  We did not mention that Margaret S had made a donation the club in memory of Len.  Committee had agreed to buy two additional bowls gatherers and four yellow jacks for league matches.  Thanks to Margaret.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 11th November 2015 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion





Bob Waters (chairman)        Godfrey Sheen (hon president)        

Jim Daniels (secretary)        Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 36 members  



The chairman thanked all for attending.


Apologies for absence – Dennis Chapman  Peggy Cowell  Don Keiller  Margaret Nunn

Keith & Ruth Overall  Colin & Maureen Robson  Mary Stearn.



Minutes of the AGM held on 14th November 2014 were approved and signed as a true record.


Chairman’s Address


Thanks to all (a long list - including an excellent committee) who have helped throughout the year.


“As this is my last report as Chairman I would like to reiterate the comments that I made at the Committee meeting on Thursday 5th November. The Club is very lucky to have such an excellent and hard working Committee. They have been very good to work with and have given me great support. The Committee nomination for Chairman is David Palmer and I am sure he will be an excellent person to fulfil the role.


I wish to thank Colin and Terry for keeping our finances in order; all the members who helped with cutting the green and keeping the surrounds looking in good order; the Captains for doing what is at times a very difficult job; Malcolm Duncan who has done a grand job managing our website, and finally Jim Daniels for being an excellent and enthusiastic Secretary.


As I do not wish to steal Jim’s thunder I will leave Jim to deal with the playing details. However as our Treasurer has some important issues to raise we will elevate him to next item on the agenda.”



Treasurer’s report


Expenditure for the year was £1066 more than income.

The club would need to increase income or reduce expenditure.

Highlights from the accounts:


Receipts                                 2014-15                                  2013-14

Subs                                         2260                         2200

Fees                                         2294                         2450  

Club competition fees            174                           191  

Fund raising                           1215                         1462  

Pavilion hire                                  40                            289

Sponsorship                                   40                            555



Ground costs                          5650                         4895

Pavilion                                                   561                           125

Trophies                                                      300                           274


In 2016 the club were unlikely to receive income from pavilion hire for elections and village fayre.


The club had £6880 in the bank (£8042 in 2014).


Ideas for fund raising needed.

Well done Pat (and Malcolm) for raising £210 from “Pat’s Recipes”.

Special offer from Roger – last few remaining pens for sale.


Thanks to Les Gray for auditing the accounts.




Secretary’s report


Teams 2016 – agreed to continue in same leagues as 2015.

Captains for 2016 (see item 9 below for election of captains)

Report of BH Pairs League AGM – Men’s team finished runner up mixed 4th - 18 men’s teams in 2016.

Report of C&D AGM – proposal to allow shorts not accepted.

County – nothing to report.

Ely & District AGM – City of Ely Bowls Club Thursday 3rd December – Ray and Jim hope to attend.  Agreed not to enter another team in the E&D League.

Congratulations to Pauline and Lorna for winning the BH Ladies Pairs again and Lorna, Bob (with Trevor’s help) and Jim for winning the C&D Lord Eltisley Cup

Competitions – County, C&D, BH, E&D – entries to Jim asap.

Club competitions:  2015 – went well.  It would be good to have more entries.

2016 A “Plate” competition for players who lose first round was suggested.  Jim would consider running “Round Robin” competitions – depending on number of entries.  This way all players would get at least three games each.  

2016 – Bank Holiday drives (2nd and 30th May).

Ladder – it was hoped to encourage more entries.

Isleham Cup was not held in 2015.

Trumpington Mixed Fours tournament August 2016 – agreed to enter a team.

Nigel Boy Syer 25th Anniversary Concert 28th November.  To date 7 tickets had been sold.  Colin, Margaret and Pauline were organising refreshments.  Members to set up hall at 4pm.

Fund raising:

  Whist drives – one held already two more arranged 14th November and 12th December 7pm

  Carpet Bowls – agreed to hold a carpet bowls evening.  Note date:  Saturday 20th February.

  Quiz night – 5th March.  Note rearranged date.

  Jumble sale – 9th April.



Wednesday afternoon sessions report


These went well.  20 members in total took part. Most of the players were full members – four social members played.  John’s cut off point for the competition was the end of August.  A deputy was needed to organise throughout September.

Thanks to John.



Green keeper’s report


“I have been the Club’s greenkeeper for the last 15 years and over that period there have many developments.


The watering system was installed in 1997 at a cost of £3578.25p for parts. Installation was by: - Colin Nunn (electrics); Terry Arthur & Bob Waters (plumbing); Len Sandford (bricklaying) and members labouring.

The Parish Council gave a £2500 interest free loan over 5 years to help pay for it. NOTE: - Chris Hunt will be servicing the system in April and we will need at least 2 new sprinkler heads at a cost of about £160.


In the period Oct 2007 to April 2008 new concrete ditches were installed to replace the original wooden ditches at a cost £9261.24p. As a result of various grants the cost to the Club was £2261.24p, assisted by an interest free loan of £1500 over 3 years from the Parish Council. They also gave us a grant of £1000, with £2500 from South Cambs. D.C., £2000 from Community Centre and £1500 from Foundation for Sports & Arts with other smaller donations.


As always many thanks go to: -

Trevor; Ray; John H; Bob N for mowing the green, in particular Jim (who did more than his fair share of cutting) also Barrie Fuller for cutting the green edges. Colin and Margaret Nunn who did a lot of work on the surround and not forgetting Malcolm for his efforts on hedge pruning with his array of cutting tools and Clive Milner for help in mowing the surround.  In order to maintain the green and surrounds in good condition we still need more members to volunteer to help.


 Our Contractor Chris Hunt continues to give a good service. The green was put to bed at the end of September and is looking good, probably due to all the wet mild weather we have had. Chris Hunt has been our contractor for the last six years and I recommend we continue with him as he gives an excellent service...


For the Treasurers benefit I will be sending the mowers for service to Pecks of Ely in December as usual, however we are looking out for a new mower to replace our Ransome Certes.


This coming year could well be my last year as greenkeeper, so I am looking for an apprentice.”




Accounts and Fees


Agreed to adopt the accounts and to raise all league rink fees to £3 per person.  This would generate another £500.

Agreed also to appoint Les Gray as auditor.

Committee would look at ways of reducing club competition costs ie trophies and engraving.



Election of Officers, Committee and Captains


Elected:  David Palmer was elected Chairman and took over the hot seat.  David expressed delight that the club had managed a seamless regime change despite the fact that he was a foreigner!

Hon President - G Sheen          Secretary   -   J Daniels        

Treasurer   -   C Nunn                                Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur – Webmaster -  M Duncan    

Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  J Tilley  R Wright

Captains:  BH - Jim   C&D3 - Lorna   C&D5 – David   E&D – Ray   TPL – Trevor


David thanked Bob and Pauline for their service to the club and committee and all their hard work behind the scenes - round of applause.



Web update


Nothing to report.



Any other business


Open Day – 8th May –  Committee to arrange.

Saturday afternoon sessions for youngsters - throughout the season?  Committee to arrange.

Life Members – agreed to elect Len Sandford and Bob Waters as Life Members.

Coffee Morning – Lorna was happy to organise a coffee morning to help raise funds.

Sponsorship – John T would approach Panther Taxis.

Dinner – went well.  It had been suggested that we try to hold the dinner in the village but there was not a suitable venue.




The meeting ended at 20.18.





Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on 14th November 2014 at 19.00 in the Bowls Pavilion


Bob Waters (chairman)        Godfrey Sheen (hon president)        

Jim Daniels (secretary)        Colin Nunn (treasurer)  and 39 members  



Apologies for absence -  June Frost  Les Gray   Len and Margaret Sandford.



Minutes of the AGM held on 15th November 2013 were approved and signed as a true record.


Matters arising  -  none.



Chairman’s Address - for once the chairman was lost for words.



Secretary’s report

Sponsorship – thanks to Ray and Jim for organising.


Teams and captains for 2015 – see item 9 below.


BH Pairs League AGM – proposal to allow players to wear shorts turned down.


C&D AGM – Proposals not carried:

1.  Do away with one on first two ends in league and Gilbert Cup teams and go straight in.

2.  Proposal to allow players to wear shorts.

3.   A non-registered player playing in any league match will incur a 2 point penalty (and not 5 as at present).


Proposal carried:

A club with more than one team may re-register a player from one team to another provided they have not already played.


Ray and Jim would attend C&D dinner Feb 21st.


County Triples –  meeting 28th September – This year Jim got the date right but then forgot to attend.      Post Office had withdrawn.   AGM Sunday 7th December 10.30am.


Ely & District AGM – City of Ely Bowls Club Tuesday December 2nd at 7.30pm - Ray to attend


Congratulations to Pauline and Lorna for winning the BH Ladies Pairs and Jim for coming second in the C&D 2 Wood Singles


Competitions –    

Club:            Triples competition suggested – one of Bank Holiday drives?

                      Jim suggested a “4-3-2-1” competition similar to one that he watched at Coton                                  Agreed to continue giving trophies to winners and runners-up.

                   Jim and John T would set up a ladder – to be played throughout the season.


County, C&D, BH, E&D – entries to be sent to the secretary by Christmas.

Norton Cup – agreed not to enter.

Isleham Cup, Trumpington Mixed Fours tournament –  agreed to enter although the club struggled to find enough players willing to take part in 2014.


Notice board – to be installed in memory of Albert.  Thanks to Peggy.


Fund raising:          

Whist drive(s) 22nd November – £5 per person – to be organised by Ray.

Carpet Bowls 7th February – to be organised by Jim, Godfrey and Ray

Quiz night 7th March – to be organised by Colin and Margaret

Monthly draw  - Jim suggested a “thunderball” draw as organised by Trumpington – profit £480 during the bowls season.

Jumble sale – 11th April.

Pat’s recipes – members to submit recipes by 31st March – to be turned into a booklet for sale in readiness for the new season.        Malcolm offered to co-ordinate.


25th Anniversary 1990-2015.  How should we celebrate?  Committee to discuss.



Wednesday afternoon sessions report

These went well through till mid September- 23 members in total took part.  Clive won, Bart second and Mike Young third.



Green keeper’s report

According to general opinion the green bowled well this season. It was mainly due to a very good summer, less watering and a slightly lower cut on the mower. So much so that in the Gilbert Cup, the Abbey players moaned that it was too quick!

As always many thanks go to: -

Trevor; Ray; John H and in particular Jim (who did more than his fair share of cutting) for helping to cut the green during the season. Also Colin and Margaret Nunn who did a lot of work on the surround. In order to maintain the green and surrounds in good condition we still need more members to volunteer to help.

Our Contractor Chris Hunt continues to give a good service. The green was put to bed on Friday 27th September and is looking good, probably due to all the wet mild weather we have had. Our contract price remains the same for the coming year.

As expected ‘Jim’s shed’ was a big success and made setting up the green for matches much easier.

Mowers will be sent for servicing to Pecks of Ely in December as usual - cost £99.  We are looking out for a new mower to replace our Ransome Certes – approximate cost £3500.  The club could ask MCC and MPC for donations

This coming year could well be my last year as greenkeeper, so I am looking for an apprentice.




Treasurer’s report

Surplus of income over expenditure £1054.  Bank balance (& cash) £8106 (£7052 in 2013).

Agreed:  to adopt the accounts and keep the fees the same as in 2014.

Michael Spooner was unable to continue as auditor through ill health.  Thanks to Les Gray for auditing the books.



Election of Officers, Committee and Captains


Hon President - G Sheen          Chairman – R Waters    Secretary   -   J Daniels         

Treasurer   -   C Nunn                                Asst Sec/Treas - T Arthur – (Colin thanked Terry for collecting and banking money – this made Colin’s job much easier).                   

Webmaster -  M Duncan    

Auditor   -   L Gray

Executive Committee  -   P Godden  J Herbert  B Norman M Nunn  M Stearn  P Waters R Wright

Captains:  BH - Jim   C&D3 - Lorna   C&D5 – David   E&D – Ray   TPL – Trevor

Thanks to all the captains.



Web update

Malcolm gave an update.



Any other business

Dinner – went well.  Noted that The Crown Public House could not cater for parties over 50.

Opening of green – Saturday 18th April and social in the evening.

Team selection – Keith suggested that captains might consider selecting two/three strong rinks rather than spreading players throughout the teams.   Selection of teams should be left to the discretion of the captains.

Tesco – Tesco were donating baguettes for carpet bowls at home games and had offered to do the same at outdoor bowls games.



The meeting ended at 20.25.






38 members present

1.             Apologies

Jim Daniels; John Tylka; Barrie & Rosemary Fuller; Barry Jefferson; Anne & Tony Hodge; Peggy                 Cowell; Les Gray; Angela Crush and Joy King.

2.             Minutes of AGM held on 16th November 2012

                Approved and signed by Chairman.

3.             Matters arising

                New floor was in place before 2013 season commenced. Thanks to Colin Nunn for his supervision.

                Jim’s Shed and motif thereon was a huge success. Thanks to Edgar Stearn for his generous donation.

4.             Chairman’s Address

                This was very short. He commented on the good season we had, largely due to the good weather, and          thanked the members for their support.

5.             Secretary’s report

                An enjoyable season. It was good seeing new players joining us. I trust that they will consider              playing league bowls in 2014. Congratulations to the following: - The Ely & District Team won the                Turner Cup. Business House Mixed won Division 2 and are promoted. Lorna; Pauline; (thanks to                Joy for substituting for Pauline in the final) Max and Bob won through to the BH and CD finals in             various competitions. I have emailed and put up notices about next years’ competitions. Please sign         up if you are interested in taking part in any of these competitions. Bob and I are investigating a                 possible sponsorship deal. (Ray Daniels gave a brief resume of what this may involve.)

6.             Club Competitions

                Godfrey gave a short report on this year’s events and stated that we only ran six competitions   whereas for example Cottenham run 14. He confirmed that he would not be running these competitions next year. Grateful thanks were given by the meeting for all the years he had run these                events. It is anticipated that Jim will take over the running of the competitions.

7.             Wednesday afternoon sessions

                John Herbert reported that the Wednesday afternoons were successful and in all at least 20 members           participated, with a regular appearance of our new members. Thanks to John, for his commitment in              running this event, of course remembering that he was ably assisted by Tony Lillyman. Due to Tony               passing away John will need a new assistant. Volunteer required.

8.             Treasurers report

                Colin Nunn gave a comprehensive report on the Club’s finances and produced the accounts as         audited by Michael Spooner. Our current financial position is good; however Colin urged caution in                view of future expenditure. A copy of the accounts can be obtained from the Secretary or Treasurer          and can be viewed on the Club web site.

9.             Green Keeper’s report

                Bob Waters gave a resume of his report which is attached.

10.           Resolutions from Committee

                i.              That the Club employ Tom Brittain to cut twice a week throughout the 2014 season -                                       approximately 26 to 30 cuts (£390 - £450). Bob and ad hoc team of helpers would do any                            extra cutting needed. AGREED

                ii.             We enter the same leagues as in 2013. AGREED

                iii.            The fee to join the Club is increased from £35 to £40. AGREED

                iv.            That a £10 Social Membership be offered to persons not wishing to play competitive bowls.                     This means they would not be eligible to play as representatives of the Club in League, Cup                   or Competitions unless they had full membership. AGREED

                v.             We continue with refreshments for league matches. AGREED

                vi.            The fee for all league matches stay at £2.50. AGREED

                vii.           The same format should be used for the Club 2 wood singles as for all other Club                                            competitions and each game should be played over 30 ends. AGREED

11.           Election of officers

                The following were voted in unanimously: -

                Hon. President – Godfrey Sheen; Chairman – Bob Waters; Secretary – Jim Daniels; Treasurer –   Colin Nunn; Assistant Sec/Treasurer – Terry Arthur;  Webmaster – Malcolm Duncan;  Auditor –                 Michael Spooner; Executive Committee – Pat Godden; John Herbert, Bob Norman; Margaret    Nunn; Mary Stearn; Pauline Waters and Roger Wright. Captains – BH Jim Daniels; CD2              Lorna Sheen; CD5 David Palmer; E&D Ray Daniels; TPL Trevor Crow.  (Thanks go to Len              Sandford who retired from the Committee and to Bob Norman for joining it. Also thanks to Ray                 Daniels for taking on the E&D Captaincy, otherwise we were in danger of losing this team.)

12.           Events and fund raising

                30th November Quiz Night. Bob reported that unless more teams entered we may have to cancel the           event. At present there are six possible teams. Which if confirmed then the event will proceed in the          small hall at the Community Centre as advertised. Agreed to have a carpet bowls evening; Open              Day; Bank holiday Drives; Jumble Sale; 2014 Quiz Night. Arrangements and dates to be confirmed                 by the Committee.

13.           Web Update

                Malcolm Duncan gave an update regarding the Club’s web site. We are very indebted to Malcolm for keeping such a professional web site. It was also thanks to Malcolm that the meeting had the         benefit of the agenda and papers being displayed on the screen for all to see, (including some          poignant pictures of those members that we have lost) whilst we had the minutes silence at the beginning of the meeting to remember them.


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Milton Outdoor Bowls Club held on

16th November 2012 at 7.30pm in the Bowls Pavilion 


Bob Waters   (President)    Godfrey Sheen (retiring secretary)   Jim Daniels (incoming secretary)       Colin Nunn (treasurer)   and 30 members

Bob welcomed all to the meeting and asked for a minute’s silence to remember George Davis, Bernard Frost and   Olive Brooklyn, wife of Doug.


Apologies for absence  -  

C Allen,  A Cowell,  B&T Crow,  R Daniels,  J Frost, B&R Fuller, B Jefferson,

J&J King,  J Luxton,  D Waterson.  M Nunn and M Sandford - apologies for lateness. 


Minutes of the AGM 2011 were approved and signed as a true record.


Matters arising - request to name members attending was not seconded.


President’s Address (attached)

Bob emphasised the good support received from all members, thanked the captains and especially Godfrey for his 20 years work as an ambassador for the club (hear hear).


Secretary’s report

Godfrey had enjoyed his 20 years + 11/2 years as treasurer. His failing eyesight had forced his retirement.  He was happy to continue running the club competitions as long as he was able. 


Treasurer’s report

Colin gave a comprehensive report and emphasised that without a £500 donation and the saving of £300 by not having the hedge cut the club would have made a loss of £800.  Raising extra income was vital to ensure that the club stayed financially viable.

Colin thanked Terry for collecting and banking monies etc – (applause).


Green Keeper’s report (attached)

The bed was put to bed early resulting in good grass growth.  Fusarium had been controlled.

Edgar had erected a shed to store equipment for bowls matches. A battery light could be installed. 


New Members and Open Day – for committee to discuss. 


League Teams – no change from 2012:  County Triples (provided format was acceptable), C&D 2,

C&D5, E&D, BH Men and Mixed. 


Amendments to rules

Proposal 1  Smoking ban within the confines of the green (including surrounds) – smoking was already banned on the green (notices were available to be displayed).                         

The proposal to ban smoking totally was not carried – 7 votes in favour, 16 against.

Proposal 2   To amend the constitution to include the following posts:

Fixtures Secretary, club competitions organiser, social committee with a chairperson,   honorary president, and to remove the post of vice president.   AGREED.

A copy of the amended rules would be displayed in the club room and on the website.

Proposal 3   That the fees paid by the County Triples players be the same as those paid in other leagues.  AGREED.


Membership, Annual Subscriptions and Playing Fees – AGREED that all fees should be £2.50 per game.



Hon President  -   G Sheen,   Secretary   -   J Daniels,   Treasurer   -   C Nunn

Asst sec/treas  -   T Arthur,   Webmaster   -   M Duncan,   Auditor   -   M Spooner

Executive Committee -  P Godden, J Herbert, M Nunn, L Sandford, M Stearn, P Waters, R Wright.  


Website – Malcolm pointed out the web would be an additional tool for information and would not take

over from the notice boards in the club room.



Fund raising – quiz night, jumble sale, selling of pens etc, - was important.  Committee to discuss.

Floor – Colin was negotiating with MCC and MPC for a new floor covering – vinyl or carpet?  Members’ views would be helpful.

Thank you - A card was received from Maria Davis - £500 was collected for Brookfield Hospital.

Motif – Edgar was happy to engrave a club motif on the side of the shed.


The meeting ended at 8.58pm.








How quickly a year goes especially when you have such great support from members. I wish to thank especially our Secretary Godfrey who is retiring from the post. He has been a tremendous ambassador for the Club. It is thanks to him for his hard work and diligent attention to detail over many years that the Club has been run so efficiently. However assuming that my proposals for amendment to the rules for managing the Club go ahead I wish to propose to members, two things: -

(a)        That Godfrey is made our first Honorary President.

(b)        That Godfrey is made a life member.

The two proposals above will be dealt with under items 10 and 11 on the agenda.

I wish to thank Colin and Terry for keeping our finances in order; the Committee for their efforts in keeping the Club running smoothly and also Malcolm Duncan who has done a grand job managing our website, I trust you have been using it!

As regards the playing season we had mixed fortunes but I must impress on the Club that our Captains in their own style did a fantastic job in organising the teams. Without them we would be in a sorry state. They have all intimated that they wish to continue in post and I ask that all members give them full support for the forthcoming season in what is a difficult task.

The new Committee will be looking for ideas in relation to fundraising. In the New Year we will be organising a jumble sale and a quiz night, dates not yet fixed.

Bob Waters


GREENKEEPERS REPORT  A.G.M. 16th November 2012


This season was notable for some very wet weather. In March it was warm and dry, so much so that we could have bowled for the whole month. I was watering regularly and used more water that month than the rest of the season. For the first time that I can remember we had to abandon the Finals day on the Saturday half way through the games as the green was flooded, and the remaining games were played on the following Sunday.

Grateful thanks go to: - Terry; Tony L; David W; Roger; Trevor; Ray; John H and Kevin for helping to cut the green during the season. Jim has volunteered to join the cutting rota next season. The more volunteers we have means the fewer times any one person has to cut the green.

Our Contractor Chris Hunt has continued to give a good service. The green was put to bed earlier than normal at the beginning of September. The green has greatly benefitted from this as the grass germination was greater and the green looks in better condition than in previous years.

A big improvement next season will be the provision of ‘Jim’s shed’.

Many thanks to Edgar, who has provided the shed, installed and refurbished it. This means that when we spring clean the Pavilion in April that we can move all the bowling equipment into the shed and free up the changing room. It will also make the job of setting up and clearing away the green on match days much easier.

Thanks to Gordon who painted the gates, the new bench and has also offered to paint the inside of the shed.

For the Treasurers benefit I will be sending the mowers for service to Pecks of Ely in December as usual.

Bob Waters


Minutes of the AGM held 18th November 2011 at 7.30pm. in the Pavilion.

1/. Apologies for absence:

Jo Luxon, Geoff Waters, Rosemary & Barrie Fuller, Barry Jefferson,

Ray Daniels, June & Bernard Frost, Kevin Catermole.

2/. Acceptance of Minutes 2010:

Accepted & Signed.

3/. Matters arising:


4/. President's Address:

Copy attached.

5/. Secretary's Report:

The Secretary ran through the various meetings he had attended &

explained any items which were relevant to the club. In particular

the number of games would increase by approx 20 due in the main to a

single league in the Open Triples The costs associated with the Leagues

& Competitions were in the main being held for 2012 & in some cases

for 2013 .

6/, Treasurer"s Report:

The Treasurer outlined the financial situation of the club & went

through the more important items in detail. Balance Sheet issued at

the meeting.

7/. Green keeper's Report:

The Green Keeper gave a report on the situation with the green now that

the contract had been in operation for 2 years. A report on the above

was handed out at the meeting.

8/. New Membersl Open Day:

C.Nunn & B.Waters to organise. Date to be fomalised at next

Committee Meeting. No coaching sessions were organised for the 2012


9/. League Teams:

Carry on as in previous seasons.

10/. Amendments to the Rules:

12/. Elections:

President: B. Waters.

Vice- President:Vacancy.

Secretary: GSheen.

Treasurer: C.Nunn

Asst. Trea/Sec: T.Arthur.

Exec Comm: M.Nunn, P.Godden, P.Waters, L.Sandford. T.Crow.

Auditor: M.Spooner.

Webmaster: M. Duncan.

Mixed Triples Captain:T.Crow..

C & D Div1 Captain: L.Sheen.

C & D Div 5 Captain: D.Palmer.

BH Mixed & Mens Captain: lDaniels.

E & D Captain: T.Lillyman.

13/. AOB:

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Godfrey Sheen (Secretary)                         Bob Waters (President)

President's address AGM 18th November 2011.

Firstly I must thank you all for coming here this evening, one person is missing

this year, sadly Colin Barkham passed away last April, and in his memory I

would like to a have minutes silence.

Competitions wise it has been a very good year, with many successes in the

league competitions.

Lorna's C&D Division 2 team has had a very good season and has won

promotion to Div. 1. They needed 3 points to obtain this in the last game

against Coleridge and got 7.

Malcolm's triples league did very well getting into the semi-finals of the Norton

Cup, and finishing in the middle of both parts of the league.

David's C&D DivS team had an enjoyable season finishing in the middle of their


Tonls Ely and District team had a similar season and enjoyed the league.

In the Business Houses finals Lorna and Jim in the mixed pairs beat

Bassingbourn Ann Brown and Graham Parish 21- 8. In the mixed league

Jim's Div 2 team came 3rd

In the C&D finals at Cottenham, Jim and Lorna in the mixed pairs, lost 17 - 26

to Cath. and John Locking.

In the C&D men's pairs finals Jim and Bob won 22 - 9 against Geoff Bridger and

Rod Sell from Melbourn.

I must thank Lorna, David, Malcolm, Tony and Jim for captaining the league

teams. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and we are all very grateful for their hard


Thanks to Trevor organising coaching, we have been able to recruit 5 or 6

prospective new members, which is very important with all of us getting older

.and less able to play.

I must thank all of you for your help, Godfrey as he knows all that's going on

and works tirelessly organising the competitions attending meetings on our

behalf, cutting the surrounds, and organising this dinner and presentation

Bob for working on the green and other clubs have remarked how well it

played this year. Len who is our resident carpenter, Colin who sees to electrical

problems and with Margaret does the surrounds, and all of us who cut the


Tony Hodge tells me that he is giving up his position as treasurer at this AGM,

and we are very grateful for the hard work he has done over the past 10 years.

Some of our members have not enjoyed very good health this past year, and I

hope that they are soon back to full health.

Once again thank all of you for your help over the last year,