Pure Bhakti Audio Seva
Quality Check Guidelines


Quality Check devotee (QC) provides feedback on the sound quality of the file edited by the SE. QC has a ‘good ear’ to pick up the subtle nuances of sound and will be trained in giving feedback on sound quality with the help of a tutorial, with samples of specific sound clips and how they are to be analyzed.


QC will receive a link to a google spreadsheet – ‘SE Doc’ - with links to the cleaned file from the coordinator.

(Please refer ‘SE Guidelines’ to get an overview of the ‘SE Doc’.)

Please see a template of the ‘SE Doc’ here:

QC should download the audio file edited by the SE from the link in Column E (Uploaded File Link), in the ‘SE’s Uploads’ sheet. Please note: Do not hear the file online, as often, a time lag is noticed. The original file can also be downloaded from Column F (Original File Link) in the ‘SE’s Uploads’ sheet, to compare the quality.

QC is not expected to hear the file from end to end, but must hear the file at least at 5-7 different places to ensure the output is consistent throughout. To provide the finer inputs QC can use headphones, but it is also necessary to check the audibility on external speakers as well, since a majority of the devotees will be listening on speakers (phones/ cars/ computer speakers) and hence the output should be fairly audible on speakers as well.

QC will provide feedback for each version of the file submitted by the SE in Column H (QC Feedback) of the ‘SE’s Uploads’ sheet. New tasks will be added to this sheet intermittently. Any row containing a version that needs the QC’s feedback will be marked in Pink.

Each time a feedback is provided, QC will select a resolution (or the way forward) for that version from a drop-down menu in Column G (Resolution). There can be two resolutions:

·  Revise: Another revision is required to improve the sound quality;

·  Final: Quality is satisfactory.

After receiving QC feedback, the SE will submit another version and this will continue till the audio quality is satisfactory* and the file is marked as ‘Final’ by QC.  

After a particular task is marked as ‘Final’, QC will update the final audio sound quality in Column I (Sound Quality Rating) by selecting one of the following options from the drop down menu: Excellent, Good, Average. This will be the sound quality label for the audio file in the final archive.

* Please refer QC tutorial for this.