Megaphone for Facebook Live

Setup Guide

This guide explains how use OBS, a free streaming application, to add Megaphone to a Facebook Live stream. In a Megaphone-enhanced Facebook Live stream, viewers can vote in live polls using comment hashtags or at an external website (e.g.,

For help using Megaphone with streaming software other than OBS, please contact your Megaphone representative. For a general introduction to Megaphone for Facebook Live, please see:

1) Prepare Live Video on Facebook Page

 IMPORTANT: The following steps must be followed using a Facebook Page, not a personal Facebook account. Facebook Comment Hashtag voting is not supported for personal Facebook account live streams.

Set up a new Facebook Live stream post by following these steps:

  1. In a web browser, login to your Facebook account.
  2. Open the Facebook Page from which you want to broadcast your Facebook Live Video.
  3. On the Facebook Page, in the top menu, select Publishing Tools:

  4. On the Publishing Tools tab, in the left sidebar, select Videos.

  5. In the Video Library panel, select the + Live button.

2) Configure Megaphone as a Browser Source in OBS

Note: the following steps apply to Microsoft Windows. For Mac OS, the steps vary slightly.

  1. Install the PPAPI version of Flash Player, as follows:
  1. Visit: 
  2. Under Step 1, choose your operating system.
  3. Under Step 2, choose "FP for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI".
  4. Click "Download Now".
  5. Run the downloaded Flash Player installer and follow the installation steps.
  1. Install OBS Studio with Browser Source or, for older versions of OBS, install the CLR Browser Source Plugin.
  2. Launch OBS.
  3. Confirm that you can stream a regular web page, as follows:
  1. Under Sources, click +, then select BrowserSource.
  2. In Create/Select Source, click OK.
  3. In Properties for BrowserSource:
  1. For URL, enter
  2. Click OK.
  1. Confirm that appears in your stream preview.
  1. Now that you have a confirmed working web page configured in BrowserSource, under Sources, right-click BrowserSource, then select Properties.
  2. In Properties for BrowserSource, enter the following information:
            Width: 1280
            Height: 720
            URL: Enter the "on air" URL provided to you by your Megaphone representative (ends in index_transparent.html)
  3. If you have multiple sources, ensure that the Megaphone Browser Source is at the top of the list.

3) Configure the Live Stream in OBS

Note: the following steps apply to Microsoft Windows. For Mac OS, the steps vary slightly.

  1. Open OBS.
  2. Under the File menu, select Settings.
  3. In the Settings... dialog, select Stream (previously Broadcast Settings).
  4. For Stream Type, select Streaming Services.
  5. For Service, select Facebook Live.
  6. From your Facebook Account, under "Connect Your Live Stream to the Live API", copy the Stream Key.
  7. In OBS Settings, paste Stream Key into Stream key field:
  8. In OBS Settings:
  1. Click Apply.
  2. Click OK.
  1. In OBS, select Start Streaming.

4) "Go Live" in Facebook

  1. In your Facebook Account, in the description field ("Say something about this live video..."), add a description for your live stream. If your viewers will be interactive using Megaphone's web controller, add a link to it in the description. Here's a sample description to use for your Facebook Live stream:

    Cast your vote with comment hashtags or at Watch our live stream for instant results.

  2. Select the "Go Live" button.

5) Enable Comment Hashtag Voting in Megaphone Editor

  1. In Facebook, right-click on your Facebook Live Stream.
  2. Select Show Video URL.
  3. Copy the Video URL to your clipboard (CTRL+C on Windows, CMD+C on Mac OS).
  4. Log in to Megaphone Studio.
  5. Select Editor.
  6. Select the playlist for your stream.
  7. Select Playlist Settings.
  8. Under Facebook Live URL, enter the URL for your live stream:
  9. In your playlist, ensure every question you want to use with Facebook comment hashtags includes a hashtag for every answer.

    Remember, during the live polls airing in your broadcast, encourage your viewers to vote by commenting with hashtags from
    your questions.

6) Activate Facebook Live Hashtag Voting in Megaphone Studio Director

 IMPORTANT: Update Playlist is required to activate hashtag voting.

  1. In Megaphone Studio, click Director.
  2. To connect Megaphone to your Facebook Live stream, click Update Playlist.

7) Confirm the Live Stream

Congratulations! Your Megaphone-enhanced Facebook Live stream should now appear in your Facebook News Feed. Confirm that your stream is running by visiting your page's news feed. Here's an example live stream running in a news feed:

A Note on Hashtags and User Votes

When a user votes in a poll using a hashtag in a comment, Megaphone registers that vote once only. Commenting multiple times does not give multiple votes, and does not change previous votes. To change a vote, the user must delete or edit their original comment. To allow users to vote on all polls in a playlist, make sure never to repeat the same hashtag in the same playlist (Megaphone Editor will display a warning in playlists that use the same hashtag more than once).


If you have any questions about setting up your Megaphone News Feed Integration for Facebook Live, please contact your Megaphone account representative.