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77.6 Speaker

287. I heard on TV that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the House of Representatives.


289. The campaign against men continues.  I would say against white men, but it’s really against all men.  I don’t think IBMs* need a movement, but each individual needs to determine if he would be happier living with a stunning woman in another country who finds him a catch.

290. Liberty and private property are closely related.  I am thinking about the caravan coming from Central America.  Aliens pour across the border and disturb the private property rights of farmers and ranchers and others by stealing food and water.  How else will they survive?  Private property may be a convenient fiction.  Governments claim they have the right to tax your property, so you don’t really own it.  All land titles in Florida go back to the King of Spain who ceded Florida to the U.S. in 1819.  

A country that does not protect its borders may cease to be a country in the near future.  Do we want Mexico City size cities in the U.S.?  (21.2 million)  I think not.  

For IBMs*, I propose getting rid of property while you can and before the next stock market/housing collapse takes place.  If you have WS income, you can make yourself a mail order husband abroad.  If your bride (if you get married) has a house, or in places like the Ukraine housing provided by the government, you can live with her, pay expenses, and live better than the U.S.  If the relationship doesn’t work out, “when the rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone”.  Marriage is controlled by religions and governments and should be avoided if you want to be free.

291. The time has come for IBMs* to read Harry Browne again.  His thoughts on marriage are especially valuable even though he gave in and married Pamela near the end of his life.  [I noticed that she took the digital copy of How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World offline with a copyright claim.  It had been provided free in pdf format for years.]

292. Nothing happens in your WS business until a sale is made.  That said, a good product or service is a retention tool, not a lead magnet.  Successful solopreneurs are marketers.

293. Small businesses fail by copying the tactics of big businesses.  Corporations have the money to cover their mistakes.  You do not.  Big business marketing has layers of management, committees, and shareholders to please.  It amazes me that even with all of that process, companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken came out with those creepy ads that made the Colonel Sanders character look and sound like a pedofile.  Small businesses have one job - make a profit.

294. Large companies spend millions on branding.  An individual cannot.  If you are going to own a space in the mind of the public, you will have to be more clever than cash.  Unless you have an unlimited marketing budget, branding will fail unless you come up with the breakout video hit on YouTube.

295. Walkabout Solopreneur is made for direct marketing either as a vendor or affiliate.  Even on Amazon, some marketers are purchasing certain products from China dirt cheap via Alibaba, posting them on Amazon who takes care of the ads and product shipping and fulfillment, and you create the price and rake off the profits.

296. Direct marketing solves a problem for the customer.  It solves specific problems of the prospect by educating and providing specific solutions.  It’s also affordable.  You are not trying to build awareness in the mind of the consumer but to solve a problem now and make a sale.  I think of something like Blu Blocker sunglasses.  Millions have been sold, originally through direct marketing ads in newspapers and magazines.  Direct mail ads have to be excellent, and can be measured instantly.  Did you make more money than the ad costs?

297. Do the right things for the right reasons.  Sounds stoic.  The trick is to determine what are the right things to do FOR YOU.  Not for society.  Not for your fellow man.  Sorry.  It’s not my job to save the world.  It’s not yours either.  What are your right reasons?  You may want to have fuck you money and finally live free.  You may want to spoil your wife and children.  It doesn’t matter.  These are your right reasons.

298. Fear of loss is never the right reason.  It amazes me that after hurricanes in Florida or fires in California, reporters interview the “man on the street” (the dumbest reporting ever) who whines that he just lost everything.  Dumbass, you have your life.  You are standing there walking and talking.  Stuff is meaningless.

299. Lead Magnet Idea:  Compile an ebook of raw vegan snacks.

300. The number of Internet marketers who succeed on a grand scale is discouraging.  Part of the reason is the low cost of entry into the affiliate marketing business.  90-9-1 applies.  90% will earn nothing.  9% will do okay, maybe supplement their incomes and stave off bankruptcy or take a vacation.  1% will make fuck you money.  Our goal at Walkabout Solopreneur is to guide you to the 1%.

301. The Internet marketing gurus ignore the facts.  Most people are stupid.  I don’t consider myself among them, but I can think back over a lifetime of a few great successes and a numerous dumbass mistakes.  

302. I’m amazed at all of the shiny objects being sold to the gullible that state that you can get rich online without doing any work.  Technically, it’s true, if you buy millions of ads for other people’s products and make enough sales to cover the ad buys.  Risky as hell.  Think about it.  If I had a magic formula that made me millions without work, I’m sure as hell not going to share it with you for $7.

303. Many gurus will sell you a sure fire path to success, and when you put it into play and follow their instructions exactly and still fail, they will blame you as a loser.  You didn’t understand the program.  You lied about putting in the effort.  Chances are, the system does not work, and never did work.

304. Even worse in my mind are all the countless upsells.  Guru marketers make little or no money on the front end sale which is an overhyped product that costs usually $7 or $10 or $17.  As soon as you buy, you are hit with 4 to 10 upsells and OTOs (One Time Offers) to supercharge your initial purpose.  Get more templates.  Let us promote the product for you.  Grab a license and sell this product to others and keep all the profits.  Just give me $97 or $197 for the license.  In my mind, if the FE cannot make money like you promised, I don’t need any upsells.

305. Most of us were not raised to be entrepreneurs or solopreneurs.  In the 60s and 70s, jobs were well-paying and plentiful.  In my hometown of Newport News, Virginia, the shipyard was running 3 shifts trying to build Admiral Rickover’s 600 ship Navy.  Students who were children of workers could grab well-paying summer jobs, and farmers from Smithfield to Elizabeth City could supplement their incomes by carpooling in vans to take jobs in the winter.  Starting a business required capital, and lots of it.

306. We were trained by our parents and teachers to be employees.  Go to school.  Get a college degree and a good job.  Consume.  Get married and buy a house and make children.  Rinse and repeat.  Once you have the kids and house, how can you take the risk of putting everyone out on the street by quitting your job and following your dream of owning a store.  How can you do that to us?

307. True entrepreneurs are few and far between.  They are not sloppy risk takers, but calculated ones.  Solopreneurs want to do it alone, while entrepreneurs like to come up with the ideas and have others do the work.  WS is focused on the needs and pains of people, and the products that fulfill those needs, not the stuff you think is important.  I don’t care much about the price of what I sell for others, only the profits.  But it has to work.  If you sell junk and it gets returned or cancelled, your online reputation can go to hell in a New York minute.

308. Your objective as an Internet solopreneur is to find a better, safer, easier, and smarter way to solve problems, and to move fast promoting them.  The downside to online marketing is that few solutions that you can devise will be proprietary.  Imitators will copy and steal your inventions.  Stealing your methods and ideas is even easier.

309. Most actions you take are neutral - not inherently good or bad.  As humans, we like to attach these labels.  Every Chinese person knows the story of the old farmer and the horse.  Every event is what it is.  It’s not good luck or bad luck.

310.  AI:  Can Qigong massage reverse Peyronie’s Disease?

311. Good or bad.  Ethical or unethical.  Legal or illegal.  Moral or immoral.  Honest or dishonest.  Fair or unfair.  All of these labels and judgments are made by others.  You may believe what others say.  You may disagree.  But nothing changes the what of your actions.  But your why and how of your actions makes all the difference in your life.

312. Most of us hate selling.  No one likes the pushy used car salesman, the epitome of jerk.  PT Barnum.  Joe Isuzu.  But selling is what you are going to have to do to stay alive.  In affiliate marketing, it’s a bit easier, because you actually do what is called preselling.  The vendor does the actual sales page and product fulfillment.  You “sell” the click.

313. Business is an exchange of resources for profit.  Both buyer and seller believe they are getting superior value compared to what they are surrendering, otherwise the transaction will not take place.  You have to sell something for more than it costs you to make a profit.  Otherwise, you have a charity or a hobby, not a business.

314. Manipulative selling techniques are designed to appeal to our lazy nature.  Make money without work?  Sure.  Something for nothing.  And Santa and the Easter Bunny show up twice a year with free toys and candy.

315. I buy shiny objects.  I tell myself that I will beat them up, make sure they work, or demand a refund.  Some work.  Most don’t.  If they are total shit, I get the dollars back.  But the attraction is still there?

316. Many lead magnets - usually a free ebook or video - are sucker bait.  The king of this type of marketing was Charles Atlas.  Remember the skinny guy who had sand kicked in this face by a bully?  Buy the program, and you will get strong, kick the bully’s ass, and get the girl.  It was all about getting the girl?  You could answer the ad free, and they would mail you a sales letter and offer the program for a not cheap price.  If you don’t answer, you will get more letters down the road at lower prices.

317. Like the Lazy Man’s Road to Riches, I may want to create a physical copy of WS and Go MOH to sell directly.

318. Emotional appeals for online systems are the same as they were 50 years ago in direct marketing ads.  People’s core emotions do not change.  We all want health, wealth, and relationships.  And not necessarily in that order.  We want to gain and relieve pain.  Gary Halbert used to famously say that if he owned a hamburger joint, the only thing he wanted was a hungry crowd out front.

319. This new trend on JVZoo where virtually every guru is selling you a license so you can resell the product bothers me.  It’ little more than charging a fortune for PLR or MRR for a slightly better product than you can find for free.  It used to be about recruiting affiliates to sell your product and receive a commission.  No problem.  But if you buy a license from the vendor, he makes a huge profit whether the affiliate makes a sale or not.  If you have a huge list of buyers, that might be okay.  But if you do, you can contact the vendor directly, make a sweetheart deal for a higher commission, and pay him nothing for the license.  With a higher commission, he will essentially pay you to promote his system to your list.

320. Remember in the 90s when infomercials sold systems for real estate and any number of business ventures.  They even had free seminars in your town where a bunch of these guys would make their pitch in person and try to sell you hundreds of dollars of tapes and books to give you the exact details on how to get rich.  Now, online at JVZoo, it’s the same shit, different medium.

321. To me, the biggest scams started small with a simple book sold in stores or given away on PBS in exchange for contributions.  Robert Kiyosaki and Suze Orman come to mind.  If you believe their shit, I’ll sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

322. After real estate, other less than honest system popped up in areas like day trading, currency trading, and maybe gold investing.  Can you make money there?  Sure.  But the learning curve is huge, and you have to have money to invest.  It’s not instant grits.

323. While so many of online sales pages start to look and sound the same, there is no magic bullet.  If there were a surefire formula to make money, we would all be rich by now.  Think weight loss ads and systems.  There is a fool proof system for 99.99% of all humans alive.  Eat less.  Exercise more.  Get some sleep.  You don’t need a guru to sell you a bunch of crap, but you hope you can continue to gorge on cheesecake, sleep until noon, and send out for pizza all the while looking like those hot models in the ads.  You know it’s a fraud, but you want to believe it anyway.

324. Internet shiny objects and systems sold via JVZoo and others have taken on a life of their own.  Here’s how it usually works:

  1. Launch a new product and announce it on your web site and list.
  2. Sales to your list and on your own site peak and decline.
  3. Create a joint venture with other non-competing gurus.
  4. JV sales peak and decline.
  5. Team up with other gurus and promote solo ads on their lists while building your own.
  6. Build your own guru status via webinars and live events.
  7. You let affiliates sell your system via JVZoo or other affiliate networks.
  8. Affiliate sales peak and then decline.
  9. Create bonuses and giveaway deals - turn into upsells, OTOs, and cross-sells.
  10. Upsells peak and decline.
  11. Vendor offers to sell customers a done-for-you system to resell the product.
  12. Vendor offers to sell customers a license to resell the product and keep all the profits.
  13. System dies off to a large degree until it can be repackaged and reinvented.

325. Once someone offers you a chance to buy a license to resell the product, he has milked it for most of its value.  He will offer secret tools and advanced methods.  Don’t fall for it.  The low hanging fruit has already been picked.  (It was you.)  Think about it.  If hundreds of thousand buy licenses, and set up lead magnet and sales pages, and post the same swipe files to their email lists, you now have thousands of competitors.  How much can you really make?

326. The only real security we have is creating value for others.  That’s why every WS must begin with building an authority site or blog even while promoting affiliate products for others.  Instead of promoting products in the Internet marketing sphere, choose a niche where you share products, services, and ideas that benefit you and that you would not hesitate to recommend to others in your situation.  My main thrust is Introvert Boomer Males - introverted men born between 1946 and 1964.  Why?  I am one.  We are under attack by politicians, SJWs, #MeToo morons, and feminists.

327. We create real wealth by doing what we know.  You can love it.  You can tolerate it.

328. I’m always amazed by gurus selling digital products who are trying to create scarcity.  It’s digital.  It is available now.  It’s available next week.  You say the price will go up in 5 hours so buy now.  If it goes up, I won’t buy at all.  Fake news.  I don’t buy artificial limits on quantity, artificial deadlines, or artificial limits on availability.

329. Online testimonials are another sham.  How many times have you seen testimonials on a sales page where one guru gushes over the new product of the other?  Check to see how many of those testimonials are written by gurus who are cross-selling their stuff.  You may have seen the emails from several.

330. Before you purchase shiny objects, remember:  emotion is not a substitute for reason.  Wanting to believe the marketing claims does not make them true.

331. Gurus are always coming out with “ultimate” solutions for whatever ails you.  Think weight loss programs in addition to get rich.  What did you do with that last ultimate solution?  They would call it a final solution, but that sounds too much like death.  Ultimate solutions will never be ultimate.

332. Learn to spot the Internet marketing scams and useless shiny objects.  If it is an appeal to greed and laziness, run.  Beware of quick fixes.  Quick fixes offer you success without the necessity of investing time, effort, and energy.  Results without self-discipline (the most hated word in the English language).  Discipline is bad enough from outside authorities.  Why do I have to do it to myself?

~ Chaz