Choir Parents Association Meeting

March 11, 2019

Call to Order: 7:08 pm


Chris Schwarz

Nancy Llanos

Amy Rice

Lenise Owens

Laura Moley

Alex Stefaniak

Sumi Chakraborty

Andrea Gray

Suzi Francese

Kim Silva

Tyffini Furlong

Rebecca Nice Parrone

Jamie Parks

                Balance on hand (1/14/19:)  $23,163.64


Total: $13,589.31 (Balance before Expenses)

The above information includes the Cabaret money and because there is more money still in envelopes given here at the meeting and at home, numbers will change.

        Other Accounts:

                Tucker Jones: -$1300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$1495.26

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63 (hold on graduation)

        Total Other Accounts: -$3039.20

        Total: $16,629.20


                Missing money for 29 boxes of candy.  New procedure, only student choir representatives can distribute candy.  Ricky will be one rep.  Rebecca will talk to Tim about Maleah being a second rep.  There will be only one sheet and payment is due up front.  Kim needs the final sheets to finalize the reconciliation.  If a student is delinquent they cannot get another box of candy.  Most of the delinquent students are people who should not have been selling candy.

        Rebecca will talk to Tim to see if he has spoken to the voice class students.  If he says No, then Suzi will call him.

        Jillian will pick up the final sheets for candy from Tim so Kim can reconcile.

Did not attend:

There was a rumor going around that the school year for Fall 2019 would be starting late again this year but it is not the case.  Calendar on the website for the 2019-2020 school year is accurate.  Tyf will try to find out who the guest speaker at the next meeting will be and let CPA know in case we have any questions we would like for her to ask.

                March: 4 hours, students made about $18/hour

                Suzi is still trying to get in touch to see if we can get more dates

Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets were sent to the school, need to find out from Tim if they have been received.  Once the tickets are given to Lenise and/or Jennifer, they will prepare the envelopes and spreadsheet, then they will be distributed (hopefully next week.)  Lenise will come to the school this week to check if the tickets have been received.  Once tickets are distributed, parents will be notified.  Then a remind needs to go out that tickets have been distributed and are due back April 1st.

Publicity: Press release has been sent to all newspapers, will go out to Courier News this week.  Signs have been ordered - has not heard anything but a check-in will happen this week, if she doesn’t hear from them tomorrow.

Concessions: Getting ready to finalize Sign-up Genius, will be ready this week or by the weekend.  Rebecca will review and turn around immediately and let Jamie know to put the link on website and send out emails and remind.

50/50 Raffle will be done

Apparel: T-shirts ordered, pricing came in too high for a quote on the back because the logo on front was multi-colored. It was a large order, waiting for the processing and extras were ordered to sell on the show nights.

Playbill: No CPA representative handling, chair is talking to KC

Due Date for Booster/Ads this Friday (send email) sell at least one Ad or a large booster; artwork should go to, form and money needs to be put in the gray metal box

DVD orders due next week - no form  Jamie will take the form from Rent and modify to use for WSS and email out and put on website.

Kisses for the Cast: Carol said she would chair, but no one has seen or spoken to her No Co-Chair.  Tyf will call Carol and make sure everything is ok and that she is still handling.  Chair or Co-Chair can be a WSS or CPA parent.

The Prom 4/16/2019 Tuesday evening 7pm mid-mezz $59 per ticket

Waitress 5/9/2019 with Idina Menzel 7pm $60 per ticket (only 45 tickets)

Dear Evan Hansen 6/5/2019 Rear Mezz $70 per ticket (only 34 tickets)

Suzi will give me all info for website.

Checks for the deposits from the canceled NYC weekend trip: money needs to be returned to families that did not respond to Suzi about whether they wanted to apply money to student account or have it returned.  Rebecca will give checks back to Tim to distribute to the students to have them bring back home to their parents.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM