Campaign Book

Happy Valley Communications

Spring 2019 Consulting Team

Table of Contents

  1. Team Introduction                                                                          
  2. Client Background                                                                              
  3. Deliverables
  4. Social Media Cheat Sheet
  5. Sample Social Media Posts
  6. Conclusion                                                        

Client Background

The Happy Valley Launchbox located on South Allen Street is one of the twenty-two innocational hubs located within the Commonwealth. Its mission is to support early stage entrepreneurs de-risk their business ventures.  It is a Penn State entity within the Office of Research, more specifically in the Office of Entrepreneurship and Commercialization.  Established in 2016, the Happy Valley Launchbox has two full-time employees, one part-time employee, and a rotating semester-long intern. With a small staff, the Happy Valley Launchbox teamed with Happy Valley Communications to create an easily transferable social media strategy which would communicate their public relations goal of being a supporter to anyone starting a business venture in the state of Pennsylvania.


Communications Goals

The LaunchBox was looking to create a solid social media presence in regard to Facebook and Instagram. They were looking to understand the metrics behind their platforms and better ways to use those platforms as effective tools for marketing and brand awareness.


Our team began by doing a SWOT analysis of the accounts. We then progressed into creating a few sample social posts and recommendations for potential hashtags and weekly themed campaigns. We suggested strategically following organizations with similar missions and all of the Launchbox partners. Every business that passes through the Launchbox should also be included in the social media following. We also recommended tagging all the speakers and business that pass through for engaging posts. Creating polls on the instagram story about events and live streaming were also discussed. The design of certain info sheets and graphics to be shared was also a favorable idea.  We concluded with a guide on timing for posts to most successful.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social Media Cheat Sheet


Best times to post for non-profit organizations:

Best Times:

Most Consistent Engagement:

Best Day: Tuesday

Worst Day: Saturday

Helpful Tips:


Best times to post for nonprofit organizations:

Best times:

Other notably high engagement times:

Safest times to post:

Least engaging days:

Sample Social Media Posts


The Happy Valley Launchbox has a very enthusiastic team and a just as inspiring mission. The space itself hosts an inviting and creative environment. That brand has slowly resonated into their online presence and will continue to do as they continue to engage more and more with their audience. Potentially, in the future, the organization should consider a social media intern to be of full time attention to their social media needs.