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LHS Student Handbook (COVID-19)
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Daily Self Screening   

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We are asking that you perform this every morning prior to sending your child to school. Please call the school attendance office at 402.436.1301 or log into ParentVue and notify us of your child’s absence through the system:

NOTE: While a student should never be penalized for missing school due to illness, many students come to school when they don’t feel well because they want to avoid missing class, a project, a test, etc. It is critical that this stops. Please know teachers will be accommodating when a student is out sick for whatever reason.  Students will have access to the materials on Google Classroom, they can reach their teachers via email, and they will have opportunities to make up the materials.  Due dates will be extended, make-up sessions will be provided, remote learning will be made available, etc. When a student does not feel well and is showing signs of COVID or another illness, the student should STAY HOME. We will work with the student to meet all of the academic requirements and experiences missed during this time.

Face Covering 

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Multilayer face coverings are required by all individuals in the building.

Additional information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on face masks:

About Cloth Face Coverings

How to Wear Cloth Face Coverings

How to Make Cloth Face Coverings

How to Wash Cloth Face Coverings

Considerations for Wearing Cloth Face Coverings
Hand Hygiene

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Wash your hands often. When this is not an option, use hand sanitizer.

Additional Information from the CDC on hand hygiene

Physical Distancing 

Limiting face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.

Cleaning & Disinfecting 

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LPS Custodial staff will be cleaning facilities daily and throughout the day.

School Entrance 

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We will have two locations for students to enter in the morning.

North Door: This is the main entrance on the north side of the building.

South Door: This is the entrance on the South end of the building.

School Exit 

Students will be able to exit the building at any of the 44 exits.

Student IDs 

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While it has been LPS policy for students to display their student IDs at all times in school, adherence to this policy will be of increased importance this year.

Water Bottle   

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All “mouth on” water fountains in the building will be turned off and covered.

Student Lockers 

Each student will have the opportunity to check out a locker. Please note, students are not required to have a locker, but it is something made available to all.

Restroom Procedures 

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Physical Education 

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All PE courses will be taught outdoors whenever practical.

Media Center   

Hallway Traffic Plan 

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Passing periods for students will be much more restricted than pre-COVID. Strict adherence to this will help to minimize the number of contacts students have throughout the day.



Hallway Policies 

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Because we want to minimize the amount of exposure students and staff have, we

must reduce the number of individuals people come in contact with throughout the day. A critical part of this will be maintaining clear, effective guidelines for transitioning throughout the building.

Period Dismissal Times 

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In order to reduce the amount of traffic congestion in the hallways during passing period, we will be staggering dismissal times from class.

Visitors to the Building 

At this time, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department recommends the following procedures to reduce risk exposure and assist with contact tracing:

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Breakfast Protocols 

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Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria through our standard process with additional protocols in place:

Lunch Protocols 

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Because students will have to remove their masks for lunch, our goal is to provide ample spacing between students.

Eating Zones (masks off allowed while eating)


Media Center Hallway

Johnson Gym Hallway

Beechner Field

Food-Free Zones (masks must be worn at all times)

Media Center


Positive Case of COVID-19 

LPS will be notified by Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD).

Return to School Following Exclusion 

Once a student is excluded from the school environment, they may return if they satisfy the following:


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Community Learning Center (CLC) 

Attendance Protocols 

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Attendance in this environment is still critical. With that said, we understand that technology, physical transitions, and the newness of circumstances may create some new challenges in terms of attendance. We will do our best to work with you and your student, giving grace, being flexible, and problem solving together. One of the key components to making this work is communication in both directions.

YELLOW/ORANGE: Students will be considered present if they are physically in the classroom or participating virtually via Zoom.

GREEN: Students will be considered present if they are physically in the classroom.

RED: Students will be expected to participate via Zoom and attendance will be taken.



In-Person Attendance 

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Attendance to class will continue to be a critical component of student success. The following steps will take place when a student fails to attend class. Note: This all assumes the student is complying with the face covering guidelines. If the student is not, additional disciplinary action will be taken.

Violation 1: Conference, escort student to class.

Violation 2: Problem-solve with student, parent contact, In-School Suspension (ISS) for the remainder of the period.

Violation 3: Problem-solve with student, parent contact, ISS for remainder of the day.

Continued Violations: Parent meeting required. Hold Collaborative Plan (CP) if warranted and begin to lay the groundwork for Remote Learning (RL) if the truancy continues.


Public health emergencies such as this pandemic, are stressful times for people and communities. 

The level of stigma associated with COVID-19 is based on three main factors:

1) It is a disease that’s new and for which there are still many unknowns.

2) We are often afraid of the unknown.

3) It is easy to associate that fear with “others.”

It is understandable that there is confusion, anxiety, and fear among the public.

Unfortunately, these factors are also fueling harmful stereotypes. Stigma can:

These are all behaviors that we want to avoid. At Lincoln High, creating a safe space physically, as well as emotionally, is critical to our work. We will work to maintain the privacy and confidentiality around situations involving healthcare that may or may not be COVID-related. We will also work to reduce fear and anxiety through education, communication, and empathy. If you or your child experience or witness stigma related to the pandemic, we ask that you please contact a school staff person (counselor, administrator, teacher, trusted adult) so that we can take the steps necessary to keep our community free from the negative behaviors that are associated with it.

Additional Resource on Preventing Social Stigma related to COVID-19