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Pets Event Final Doc
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A photo competition for pet-lovers everywhere!


In this event, you will take the best picture you can of your pet (whether it be a dog, cat, snake—really any animal that you domestically own). You will submit your photo to this google form, and after the submissions period is over, voting will begin. All users will have a chance to vote for whom they think the best pet photo belongs to.


  1. Do not bash any submission sent by another user. This event is meant to be fun.
  2. Do not show any personally identifiable information within your pet pictures. Things such as faces, objects revealing your first and/or last name, age, or other personally identifiable information in any way is not permitted. Body parts besides your face which show up in images (e.g: an arm, leg, hand, etc.) are permitted.
  3. Your submission does not need to be of your pet specifically; it can be the pet of a friend or relative (this does not mean you can steal and submit a photo from any old place online [Google Images, Reddit, etc.]...all submitted photos will be reverse image searched).
  4. Only one submission/photograph is permitted per user. However you can choose to submit a photograph containing multiple pets.
  5. All submissions must be sent in before the due date, any submissions sent in afterwards will not be counted.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the forfeiture of your submission

as well as any appropriate punishment that roomstaff see fit.


The Pets Room is hosting 2(!) additional events to complement this main event. Those being a Scalemons Pet Tour, which feature several Pokémon with themes of pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.), as well as a Pet-Themed Game! These will be hosted concurrently to the main event in the submissions and the voting period of the event.



The winner of this event will receive a Prizewinner Rank (^) for one month, as well as a shoutout in the Room Intro of the Pets Room…& bragging rights, of course ;)

Good luck to all, & a happy, happy

P E T S T R A V A G A N Z A !