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Taft 7/8 Science


Fall Semester (Ends January 31st 2019)

Science: Safety and Review of Scientific Process / Ecosystems / Molecules to Organisms / Matter and Interactions

Elective: Oceanography

Spring Semester (Ends June 13th, 2019)

Science: Earth Systems / Earth and Human Activity / Engineering Design

Elective: E-Science--Forensics, Meteorology, Frogs

Course Materials

Students will need the following in class daily:

Composition notebook  (one per semester)

Colored Pencils

Hand held manual pencil sharpener

Glue Sticks or tape



Class Requirement

It is expected that students will keep an organized and up to date Science composition notebook.

Class Expectations---TIGERS R.O.C.K.

  1. R--BE RESPONSIBLE: Be to classes on time and do good things when nobody is looking.
  2. O--Be ORGANIZED: Bring materials to all classes and keep binder updated/organized.
  3. C--COOPERATIVE: Be respectful to all humans and property and follow directions.
  4. K--KIND: Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself and watch your language.

These expectations encompass all others. Please mind those around you and be tolerant of their ideas, opinions, needs, just as they will be tolerant of yours. Let’s ROCK!

Tardy Policy

  1. After 3rd tardy, 4th is office referral as well as any subsequent tardies.
  2. Tardy to class after instruction without a note from a teacher/counselor/administrator must get a blue slip from office.

Technology Usage

All phones and other personal electronics will be placed in the alphabetic cubbies on the office door. Any phones out during class will be confiscated, no questions asked.

You will be using computers or ipads for instructional purposes at times. If you use an electronic device for anything other than instructional purposes you will be subject to school consequences. Earbuds are to be used during class for instructional purposes only and taken off and put away before leaving class.

Class Consequences     *Must sign behavior log

  1. Verbal Warning                         2. Parent Conference/Contact

Student Conference                    3. Office Referral, refer to Student Code of Conduct

Severe Clause:

Foul language, disrespectful behavior, fighting and cheating will not be tolerated. Immediate action will be taken. Administrators will be contacted and PBIS code of conduct followed. Students who are caught cheating, including copying another student’s work or allowing someone to copy his/her work will receive a zero grade for the assignments and the appropriate actions (according to school policies) will ensue.

Daily Class Procedures

Bell Ringer/Sponge: You should begin the warm-up as soon as you arrive to class.  The warm-up will be on the front board.

Class work: You will need to complete most class work in your science notebook (ISN).  

Homework: Anything that is not finished in class will be HOMEWORK.

Make-Up Work

Students who are absent from a class must take it upon themselves to get all work missed and turn it in in a timely manner. Students who miss an extended period of time can work with the teacher to make arrangements for assignment due dates. Missed assignments can be found on the Science website at


Grades are determined by points. Tests are 100 points, notebooks are 50 points, and daily assignments are 20 points. To find your grade, keep a tally of your scores, add them up, and divide by the total points. (See attached grade log. It should be placed in the front of the science section of your binder.)

Grading Scale (%)

A 100-90        B 89-80        C 79-70        I 69 and below, Incomplete Grade

F At the end of each six weeks grading period all Incomplete Grades (I) will turn to F.

6-Week Grading Periods

First Six Weeks- Ends October 19th, 2018

Second Six Weeks – Ends on December 7th, 2018

Third Six  Weeks – (Semester 1) – Ends on January 31st, 2019

Fourth Six Weeks – Ends on March 15th, 2019

Fifth Six Weeks – Ends on May 3rd, 2019

Sixth Six Weeks (Semester 2) – Ends on June 13th, 2019


Students are to see me personally for questions, comments and concerns. I prefer the student learn to advocate for themselves. Parents please email me with questions or concerns and I will respond within 24 hours. I will request a one on one parent conference or phone conversation in most circumstances.

Mrs. Vicki Pope,        

Student Name: __________________________________________ Period:_________


I have read and reviewed this course syllabus and safety contract with my son/daughter/student.

I (the student) understand the academic requirements necessary for success in this class, such as the grading scale and the statement on cheating.

I (the parent/guardian) have discussed requirements necessary for success in Science with my student. This includes studying or review, completing all assignments and asking for help when needed.

STUDENT NAME (PRINT): ____________________________________________________________

STUDENT SIGNATURE:      ____________________________________________________________

To be completed by parent or guardian:

Parent Contact Information

Parent/Guardian Name (print): _____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________

Home phone: ____________________________________________________________

Work phone: _____________________________________________________________

Cell phone: ______________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Email address: _____________________________________________

**Please indicate the easiest and most convenient way to reach your during the day**






Keep track of your own grade! When an assignment is returned, record the name of the assignment, the date it was returned, the total possible points and the grade in points that you received.

Name of Assignment

Date Returned

Total Possible Points

Letter Grade

Points Earned

To find your grade: