In the video marketing space, we see a lot of things that really aren't that, well, groundbreaking.

More often than not the video software is just a re-hash of other launches put into a new “shell”. It doesn't move your marketing forward all the much. It is rare to find “gems” these days.

Videos, currently, are really a one-way conversation. People want to be engaged however most videos are telling people what to do, what to buy, what to [fill in the blank].

Now, what if you could take the one-way video and transform it into a conversation with the viewer, by having that viewer make choices during the video that would affect what offer/solution they saw from you? Wouldn't this increase the chances of longer engagement AND lead to more sales?

Enter Interactive Video

HubSpot nailed it: “Some fairly obvious characteristics have made video the web's most engaging media type when compared to text, images and combinations thereof. It's the perfect blend of audio and visual elements, drilled down into bite-sized chunks that appeal to the modern viewers' desire for immediate understanding.

“But that's not to say it's quite the perfect storytelling device. It's close, but falls down in one simple area: when it comes to interacting with video content, users have only really been able to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward.

Interactive video changes that. In a nutshell, this emerging technology combines video content with user input -- allowing viewers to take a wide range of actions while watching video content.”

“They can click areas of the screen to define their own journey, answer questions, complete forms, buy products, download content and more -- often without leaving the player window.”

There are many ways to do video marketing, but unfortunately traditional video marketing is dying with less engagement, less conversions and decreased sales.

That all changes today with the launch of Interactr 2.0, the revolutionary video platform giving your viewers the choice to see what they want, when they want to see it. And, the system is drag and drop simple. There is no coding required. No technical skills. You can create a fully interactive video in just minutes, aided by clear, useful templates.

Maybelline uses this modern method as do many other market-saavy corporations. Ditto, Deloitte, Warner Brothers.With Interactr, the users have the same power as many of the top enterpises on the planet!

With the “smart videos” from Interactr 2.0, you no longer need guess what your viewers want. Let them decide and show you by their actions, all within your video.

Imagine your conversions as your viewers see the content they want based on their own behaviour. They literally sell themselves!

In just moments, you can have you own “video funnel” that doubles or even triples your sales and conversions, even if you have zero video creation experience. This is a “choose your own adventure” on steroids - but it’s fully automated and drives leads and sales straight into your accounts.

Interactr 2.0 is the modern “smart video” software that produces videos for you, creating droves of engagement, increasing sales and awesome conversions to your offer, with just one simple “video funnel”.

The  system is so easy to use, even someone with no experience can make their very own automated profit machines!

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