Bio Summit 3.0 | October 11-13, 2019

Full Program

Hands-on Workshop Signups

Day 1: Friday October 11, 2019:

Friday - Opening - MITOCHONDRIA



Breakfast & Registration


Opening Remarks by David Sun Kong (MIT Media Lab, EMW Community Space) and Welcome by Deb Roy (Executive Director, MIT Media Lab)


Opening Remarks by Kate Darling (MIT Media Lab)


Welcome by Jean-Luc Pierite (Fab Foundation)



Hello World Part 1,” welcomed by Thelma González (Allbiotech and Spootnik) and Pat Pataranutaporn (MIT Media Lab and FREAK Lab)


Coffee Break

Friday - Session II - MITOCHONDRIA


10:30 - 11:00am

“Building and Sustaining Community Labs”, Panel with Harry Akligoh (Kumasi Hive Bio Lab, Africa), Hassan Raza (Codon Corps) & Sunu Kim (Biolab Seoul, Asia), Sarah Ware (BioBlaze, North America), Minerva (Scintia, Latin America), and Winnie Poncelet (ReaGent, Europe)

Moderated by Maria Chavez (BioCurious)

11:00 - 11:20am

“Ethics & Norms in Movements,” by Marshall Ganz (Harvard Kennedy School)

11:20 - 11:30am

Introduction to a Shared Ethics Exercise, by Alex Pearlman (MIT Community Biotech Initiative)

11:30 - 11:40am

Introducing the Inaugural Global Community Bio Fellows, by Abel Cano (The Arc of Change) and the Fellows Facilitators

11:40 - 12:15pm

Presentations by the Global Community Bio Fellows


“GIY Bio Buddies: the grow-it-yourself toy kit that makes biomaterial design approachable, affordable, and fun,” by GIY Bio Buddies

Friday LUNCH (12:30-1:30pm)


Required for all Hands-On Workshop Attendees!

Friday -  Session III

Parallel Tracks: Tracks: 1:30-3:30pm

Diversity & Inclusion | Power of Community




Room Mitochondria (300 - 6th floor Multi Purpose Room)

“Building and Sustaining Community Labs” cont’d, Panel with Harry Akligoh (Kumasi Hive Bio Lab, Africa), Hassan Raza (Codon Corps) & Sunu Kim (Biolab Seoul, Asia), Sarah Ware (BioBlaze, North America), Minerva (Scintia, Latin America), and Winnie Poncelet (ReaGent, Europe)

Moderated by Maria Chavez (BioCurious)

Room Golgi - (145 - 6th floor lecture hall) 

“Global Gender Representation in Biotech / Community Bio,” (panel) with Lianne Marie Francis (BioPwr Panamá), Bakhtawar Tufail (Lecturer INU and Founder 'The Writer’s Lounge', via Twitch), Andy Espinoza Cara (Hyperaustran, Didactologic, Allbiotech), Nieves Cubo ( & CSIC), Alison Stringer (FabLab WGTN biolab)

Moderator: Connie Chow (The Exploratory)

(1:30PM-4:30PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “Yeastograms - living images”: Günter Seyfried (New Design University || Pavillon_35), Tom Peeters (Open BioLab Brussels)

(1:30-3:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: MaterialeX - Biomaterial workshop,” by Chan'nel Vestergaard (Littlepinkmaker)



Room 493  - SAFE SPACE (available 3pm-6pm)

Room Mitochondria (300 - 6th floor Multi Purpose Room) -

“Disrupting Power and Privilege,” Presentations & Discussion with Pashon Murray (Detroit Dirt), Jean-Luc Pierite (Fab Foundation)

Moderated by Alison Stringer (Fab Lab WGTN biolab)

Room Golgi - (145 - 6th floor lecture hall) 

“Citizen Science Ecosystems,” Presentations by Hassnain Qasim (After iGEM), Ricardo Chavez (Scintia), Filipe Oliveira da Silva (Conector Ciência / Connecting Science) - Salman Promon

Room Lysosome (6th floor)

Community Exercise Part 1: “Collaborating on Community Ethics Facilitators Alex Pearlman (MIT Community Biotech Initiative), Todd Kuiken (North Carolina State University), and Dan Grushkin (Biodesign Challenge) and anyone else who wants to join!! ALL WELCOME! 

Room 514b (16)

 “Dendrochronology Of Immigrants And Natural-Borns In The United States”, Breakout Session by Felipe Shibuya (SUNY at Buffalo)

Room 466  (25)

No Gods, No Experts: Radical Bodily Autonomy and Accessibility in the Biohacking Community” Breakout Session by Aida Manduley (Please Try This at Home), Fox Darby (Please Try This at Home), Amanda Plimpton (Please Try This at Home, Grindfest), and YOU

Room 393 (18)

Open Spaces for Creative Biology,” Breakout Session by Emiliano (Media Lab Artes del Fuego) and Hamilton Mestizo (Prado Media Lab)

Room 359 - ESCORT (30)

Gender Perspectives in molecular and synthetic biology: coming out of the binary,” Breakout Session by Andy Espinoza Cara (Hyperaustran, Didactologic, Allbiotech)

Room 244 (30)

Launching new Bio-initiatives,” Breakout Session by Piero Beraun (Bioutec) and Osman Franco (Openlab)

Room 240 (30)

Breakout Session: “Science and Social (In)Justice - Developing an Open Source Curriculum,” by Nora Jameson (OHSU-PSU School of Public Health)



 Coffee Break

(3:30-6:00PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Build your own wearables,” by Abhik Choudary (Phoenix Quantified Self)

Friday - Session IV

Parallel Tracks: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Learning & Education | Bio Art & Design | WORKSHOPS II



Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria (300)

Diverse Perspectives on BioTech Era Teaching and Learning: Competitions/Informal Spaces (Panel)

Yasmin B. Kafai (University of Pennsylvania/Learn.Design.Bio); Patricia Rea (Yeast on Mars); Corinne Takara (Okada Design & Nest Makerspace); Anja Scholze (The Tech Interactive Museum); Tom Peeter (OpenBio Lab Brussels)

45 minute panel moderated by Orit Shaer (Wellesley College)

Lightning Talks: “21st Century Learning Bio.TechnologiesPart I

(15 minutes, continued 5:00-6:00pm)

Room Golgi (145):

Can Science Save Fashion? (presentations & discussion)

GIY Bio Buddies, Melina Ramírez Goytortúa.(Fablab Yucatan), and Tessa Beltrano (Till bioFASHIONtech lab).

Moderated by Jane Philbrick (Till bioFASHIONtech lab / Fashion Institute of Technology)

(10 mins each followed by 15 mins Q&A). - Total time 1hour



Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria (300)

Lightning Talks: “21st Century Learning Bio.Technologies

Alejandra Sierra & Adriana Mejia (Mariano Galvez University / Catalisis); Filipe Oliveira (Conector Ciencia / Connecting Science); Ricardo Chavez (Scintia); Carolina Obregón (Andes University), Paola Camacho (Andes University), Juan Angulo (Andes University), Giovanna Danies (Andes University), Laura Calderón (Andes University) & Johann F. Osma (Pseudo Freeze); Vittoria Milone (DIY with others/Hacking Lab Napoli); Diana Mollocana (San Francisco de Quito University/Allbiotech); Kalaumari Mayoral Peña (Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Open Source Biosensors)

40 minute lightning talk moderated by Sonali Kadam (Foldscope Inc.) & Amanda Strawhacker (Tufts University)

Lightning Talks: “Bio.Tech Education Access and Literacies”

Danny Chan (Biotech without Borders); Nora Jameson (OHSU-PSU School of Public Health); Gustavo Vaca Diez (Clubes de Ciencia Bolivia Foundation); Diego Jarrín Valencia (DIY Bio for the Impoverished); Fernanda Bolaños (Brown University); Sarah Blossom Ware (BioBlaze Community Bio Lab). (35 min)

35 minute lightning talk moderated by Justice Toshiba Walker (University of Pennsylvania) & Sonali Kadam (Foldscope Inc.)

Room Golgi (145) - “Robotic Art for Futuristic Living,” (presentations & discussion)

By Fabiola Escajadillo (STUDIO ZINKIN SAC), Tim Dobbs (Counter Culture Labs), and Ana Laura Cantera (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero)

Moderated by Henry Tan (Tentacles Freaklab Thailand)

15 mins per person followed by 15 mins Q&A- Total time 1 hour

Room Lysosome (6th Floor) - Open

Room 514b - (16) - Open

Room 466 - (25)

“Experiencing life through bits: art and design,” Presentation and discussion

By Lori Solondz (Genspace)

30 mins research - 15 mins discussion - 15 mins Q6A -Total time 1 hour

Room 359 (30) - Open

Room 244 - (30)

“Microbiology for artists,” Presentation and discussion

By Eduardo Padilha (BioLilo Lab) and Sequoia Fischer (BioCurious).

20 mins each - 20 mins discussion - Total time 1 hour

Room 240 (30) - Open


6:00-8:00pm DINNER

6:30-7:30pm Poster Session I


(1) Justice Walker - BioMakerLab Curriculum: BioDesign Activities for Middle and High School Students

(2) Demian Ferrari - Bio-robotics

(3) Xavier-Lewis Palmer - Under The Scope


Day 2: Saturday October 12, 2019

Saturday - Opening - MITOCHONDRIA

Breakfast (8:00-9:00am)

Room 493 - SAFE SPACE (available 9am-6pm)



Opening remarks and logistics for Day 2 by David Kong (MIT Media Lab)


Hello World Part 2

Saturday - Session I - MITOCHONDRIA



“Bio Safety in Community Labs”, Fireside Chat with Dan Grushkin (Biodesign Challenge) and Todd Kuiken (North Carolina State University), moderated by Isis Eich (Portunus and Solarpunk Labs)

(10:00-11:00AM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “DNA detection for all?” by Guy Aidelberg (CRI-Paris)



“Ethics and Responsibility in the Community Bio Ecosystem” Panel with Amanda Plimpton (Human Augmentation Institute, Biomake), Yong-Bee Lim (George Mason University and BUGSS), Linda Guamán (CENBIO-UTE University), and Otim Geoffrey (SynBio Africa and Uganda Virus Research Institute)

Moderated by Alex Pearlman (MIT Community Bio Initiative)



Coffee Break

(11:00-12:30PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Hacking Bio Lab,” by Samaya Khadka (Karkhana)



“Establishing and Nurturing Global Collaborations,” Panel with Dorothy Jones Davis (Nation of Makers), Anthony DiFranco (Counter Culture Labs, Open Insulin), Sonali Kadam (Foldscope), Jenny Molloy (Biomakespace Gathering of Open Science Hardware)

Moderated by Maria Chavez (BioCurious)

(11:30-12:30PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “DIY spirulina photobioreactor,” by Elliot Roth (Spira)

(11:30-12:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Biomaterials and biorobots,” by Ana Laura Cantera (Mycocrea),

Emiliano Alberto Gentile (Mycocrea and Baikal Biomaterial Lab)



“Superminds: the Collective Intelligence of Community Bio,” Presentation by Professor Thomas Malone (MIT Center for Collective Intelligence)



“New Technology for Collaboration: Decentralized AI and Decentralized Organizations,” Presentation by Heather Flannery (Consensys Health) & Robert Miller (Consensys Health)

Saturday 12:30-1:30


Saturday - Session II

Parallel Session Tracks





Mitochondria (300)

“Protecting Our Earth: a Global Perspective,” Panel

With Pashon Murray (Detroit Dirt), Prathima Muniyappa (Space Enabled, MIT Media Lab), Jean-Luc Pierite (Fab Foundation), Edward Perello (Deep Science Ventures), and Abhay Koushik (Srishtaara and BITS pilani)

Moderated by Adeline Seah (Biodiversity Connection)

5 min intros - followed by Q’s max 30mins (60 min total)

Room Golgi (145):

“Superminds & Community Bio,” presentation & discussion, by Professor Thomas Malone (MIT Center for Collective Intelligence), Kathleen Kennedy (MIT Center for Collective Intelligence) and David Kong (MIT Media Lab)

Lysosome (6th Floor)

Biosafety, Ethics & Security Lightning Talks (10min talk w 5min Q&A):

1:30pm: Steve Lewis (Merrick and Inworks): “Supporting Community Bio through Biosecurity

1:45pm: Ravi Ramanathan (Community BioLabs India): “Decentralisation and Democratization of healthcare -  from Diagnostics to Therapy” 

2:00pm: Sarah Ware: Importance of the Biohacking IRB

2:15pm: Dennis Kariuki (University of Nairobi): “Rethinking Biodefense: IP and Ethics in Open Source Computational Biotech (to be confirmed)

MC’d by Patrik D'haeseleer

(1:30-4:00PM) Room E68-077 -

Hands-On Workshop: “GMO Detective,” Guy Aidelberg (CRI-Paris)

(1:30-4:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Creating Shareable Protocols with Opentrons,” by Kristin Ellis (Opentrons and Genspace)

(1:30-2:30PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Foldscope,” by Sonali Kadam (Foldscope)

Room 493 - SAFE SPACE (available 9am-6pm)



Mitochondria (300) Global Collaborations talks:

2:30: “Faster and cheaper reagents: enabling local manufacturing of open source enzymes” - Jenny Molloy

3:00: “Progress Report on an Open Source 3D Printed Bioprinter” - Doug Foster

3:15: “Building a Kombucha collaboration network: Successes and failures” - Patrik D’haeseleer

MC’d by David Kong & Patrik D’haeseleer

Room Golgi (145) 

“Unlocking the Power of Community-driven Biotechnology with Web3 Decentralized Funding and Organization Tools,” presentation and discussion, by Heather Flannery (Consensys Health) & Robert Miller (Consensys Health)


Community Exercise Part 2: Collaborating on Defining Community Norms and Ethics” Facilitators Alex Pearlman (MIT Media Lab Community Biotechnology Initiative), Todd Kuiken (North Carolina State University), Dan Grushkin (Biodesign Challenge) and anyone else who wants to join!! ALL WELCOME!

Room 514b (16)

“Safeguarding Soil Biodiversity in a Modern Age,” Presentation and Discussion, by Paige Whitehead (Make It Zone and Nyoka Design)

Room 466 (25)

“Can DIY bio solve climate change?” Presentation and Discussion with Pau Anta (Low-Cost Technology for Marine Science) & Kirshan Singh (University of Sindh)

Room 393 (14) - “Environmentally friendly Labs,” breakout session by Ricardo Mutuberria (Biook) and Chan’nel Vestergaard (Littlepinkmaker)

Room 359 (30)

Circular & Green: How Algae Can Solve Some of our Biggest Problems,” Panel with Post Carbon Lab, Mc Donald Villacorta (TECSUP Institute), and Athali Castro Peña (Catholic University of Santa Maria).

Moderated by Salman Promon

Room 244 (30)

Free Radicals: A New Method to Share Protocols

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 3: Elliot, Isabel, Take, Henri, Nieves, Sarah

Room 240 (30)

Global Exchange Network

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 1: Mar Alzamora, Carolyn Angleton, David Chaupis, Ananda Gabo, Sudarshan GC, Thomas Mboa

(2:30-6:30PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: “How to create life on the computer,” by Francisco Cruz (Synbiomics Group) CANCELED

Saturday 3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break

Saturday - Session III

Parallel Session Tracks: 4:00-6:00PM  




Room 493 - SAFE SPACE (available 9am-6pm)

Mitochondria (300)

(4:00-6:00pm) “Communicating Science,” Presentations & Panel with Rodrigo Martinez (Veritas), Joelle Renstrom (University of Michigan), Latasha Wright (BioBus), Sebastian Cocioba (Binomica Labs), & Jessica Polka (ASAP Bio)

Moderated by Hassnain Qasim
 (After iGEM)

Room Golgi (145):

Innovation Lightning Talks (4:00pm-6:00pm)

  • Jan-Maarten Luursema (Nutshell Biohub) “Self-determination, genetic modification, and slime molds”
  • Carolina Obregon Tarazona (Universidad de los Andes) PseudoFreeze: Refrigeration that uses a novel bio-nanocompound”
  • Eduardo Longoria (Portunus Biotechnologies) “Sapotrophic Philosophy and the Biotech Industry”
  • Jose Zapana (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia) “Web repository based on images collected by low-cost digital microscopy in order to provide clinical samples on neglected tropical diseases for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based diagnostics”
  • Mamoun Friedrich-Grosvenor (BDC) “Phytobionic Synthesis”
  • Francisco Cruz Rodriguez (Synbiomics Group) “Synthetic Biology: Reinventing Life”
  • Harry Parmar (Maple High School) “Synthetic Violacein: The Power of Designer Pharmaceuticals in The Real World”
  • Guy Aidelberg (CRI Paris) “Democratazation of DNA Detection”
  • Tristan Roberts “Transcendence Research Collective”
  • Belen Sotomayor (Bioprocesses Engineering Laboratory, Environmental Engineering Section, Chemical and Exact Sciences Department, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja) “Mathematical Modeling of Free Cyanide Removal in a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC)”
  • Sunbin Lee (HBBE, lab. Newcastle University, UK) “Bacterial Computation”;
  • Patricia Rea (Student Innovator) “Yeast: the Future of Martian Biomanufacturing”
  • Sofiya Lysenko (Abington Senior High School BioEnGene Community Lab, BioHackPhilly Community Lab) “Nanorobotics: Intelligent nanorobotic systems for neurodegenerative disease treatment”
  • Ravi Ramanathan (Community BioLabs, India & IIT Madras) “Decentralisation and Democratization of healthcare”
  • Amanda Strawhacker (DevTech Research Group, Tufts University) “Exploring Biodesign in Grades K-2 with the Tangible CRISPEE Technology”
  • Carolina Obregon Tarazona (Universidad de los Andes) “Biodesign locally global”
  • CYNTHIA ORTIZ ROBLES (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)) “Gene Bank Diversity”
  • Jessica Michelle Guamán Pozo (Salesian Polytechnic University)”Title: Bio plastic and climate change”
  •  Carolina Obregon Tarazona (Universidad de los Andes) PseudoFreeze: Refrigeration that uses a novel bio-nanocompound”

(4:00-6:00PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “Agar art - Tips & Tricks,” by Patrik D'haeseleer (Counter Culture Labs)

(4:30-6:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Building a microbial bioreactor for local enzyme production,” by Chiara Gandini (University of Cambridge)



Room 493 - SAFE SPACE (available 9am-6pm)

Mitochondria (300)

Communicating Science, Part 2 continued (4:00-5:30pm)

Room Golgi  (145)

Innovation - Lightning Talks, Part 2 continued (4:00-6:00pm)

Lysozome - Open

Room 514b (16)

DIY hardware as a means to create “unprofitable” social change by Abhik Chowdhury

Room 466  (25) (Discussion & presentation)

“Genome-Project Write”, by Andrew Hessel (GP-Write). Presentation & Discussion

Room 393 (14)

“Bringing ‘Bio’ to Makers,” Discussion by Dorothy Jones-Davis (Executive Director, Nation of Makers)

Room 359 (30)

“Science and Us: The Next Generation of Communicators,” discussion & presentation by Parin Shaik (Science & us and Simply Neuroscience)

Room 244 (30) -

SOLVE Health Initiative: Global Community Labs for Making Health Universal

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 2, BioDiscovery: Isis Eich, Linda Guamán, Harry Akligoh

Ravishankar Ramanathean, David Kong

Room 240 (30) -

“Directing Your Narrative: Communicating with Policy Makers & Community

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 5, IntrepidBio: Alison Stringer, Mierva, Khady, Hassan, Otim, Kristin, Janette



Mitochondria (300)

Day 2 Closing session


6:15-8:00pm DINNER

6:30-7:30pm Poster Session 2


(1) Isabel Canfield - Perspectives of Community and Citizen Scientists on Openness in Genomics

(2) Meredith Trejo - What do We Call Ourselves?: Terminology in Community Science

(3) Christi Guerrini - Core Values in Genomic Community Science and Citizen Science

(4) Emiliano Gentile - Mycocrea - design with mycelium and biomaterials

(5) Tom Peeters - "Pimp My Incubator", an example of a STEAM workshop for youngsters

(6) Athali Castro y McDonald Villacorta -

(7) Harry Parmar - Synthetic-Violacein: Exploring the Power of Designer Pharmaceuticals in The Real World

(8) Patricia Rea - BioGrade Yeast: Biomanufacturing with Antifreeze Yeast on Mars

(9) Michelle Lai - Urban (b)eats and a little hackathon

(10) Anja Scholze - Doing Biotinkering in a Museum Setting

(11) Ali Ghazvinian / Benay Gursoy - Mycelium-based Bio-composites for Architecture

(12) Asya Ilgün - Filament Deposition and Scaffold Design for Micro-organismic Growth

(13) Serkan Sayin - Robotic platform lets high-schoolers evolve superbugs remotely

(14)Sarah Ware - Stem Cells on Demand: A Microfluidic Device for Generating Stem Cells

(15) Gabriel Licina - EnTS (Engineered Tree Systems): Combating Climate Change Through the Genetic Modification of Plants

(16) Artash Nath - Using Machine Learning to Predict Risk Index of Asteroid Collision

(17) Cynthia Ortiz Robles - Genetic Diversity: The key for food security on modern crop breeding

99 BioSummit PARTY 8:00pm-1am

7pm -- Community Party Setup
9pm -- Party Start


  • DJ Angela
  • DJ Rubez
  • DJ Kongo
  • DJ Philip Tan

12:30p -- close bar / clean up

1am -- Close Out


Day 3: Sunday October 13, 2019

Sunday - Opening - MITOCHONDRIA

BREAKFAST 9:00-10:00am

Room 493  -  SAFE SPACE 9:00am-6:00pm



Opening remarks and logistics for Day 2 by David Kong (MIT Media Lab)

(10:00AM-12:00PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “Finding, keeping and storing your own fungus”: Alison Stringer (Fab Lab WGTN biolab)

(10:00AM-12:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: DIY micromanipulator,” by Jean Pierre Tincopa (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia),  

Dulce AlarcónYaquetto (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia)

(10:00AM-12:00PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Biofashion: Interactive bio e-textiles,” by Melina Goytortua  (Fab Lab Yucatán || Críptica Smart Fashion),  

Rodrigo Gamboa (Fab Lab Yucatán)

(10:00-1:00PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Exoplanets and the Search for Chemical Signature of Life using Machine Learning ,” by Artash Nath (HotPopRobot)



Hello World Part 3 - MITOCHONDRIA




Community Ethics Final Group Session - ALL PARTICIPANTS


12:00-1:00pm LUNCH

12:00-1:00pm Poster Session 3


(1) Chiara Gandini - Open Enzymes for a fair bioeconomy

(2) Heidi Jalkh - Chromatic Expressions in bio-fabrication ( WIP)

(3) Ana Laura Cantera - Mycocrea -  yerba mate and mycelium biomaterials

(4) Juan David Cañón - Precise structures in nature

(5) Moises Bustamante Torres - Synthesis of pH-sensitive polymers using ionizing radiation

(6) Sunbin Lee - Bacterial Computation

(7) Isabel Pochet - BioAcademia: A platform for the improvement of the access to education in biological sciences in Venezuela

(8) Jessica Guamán - Bio-plastic

(9) Eduardo Padilha - BioLiloLab: Microbiology for Artists

(10) Sota Kaneko - Shojinmeat Project: Cellular Agriculture

(11) Doug Foster - An Open Source Bioprinter

(12) Diana Mollocana - FLUORESCIENTIA: Educational Kit for Plant Transient Transformation

(13) José Zapana - An open-access repository of bio-images to improve AI-based diagnosis of infectious diseases

(14) Ana Del Hierro - "Catalisis" digital magazine to promote life science

(15) Samaya khadka - Growth of Our Company

(16) Sairah Khan- Inner Harbor BioDiversity Project

(17) Sofia Taday - "Characterization morphological, molecular and physical-chemical of Fischerella muscicola "

(18) John Margelis - Biohive : An online community for biohackers

(19) Diane Willow - BioArt: Culturing Life [reciprocity of engage

ment with artists and scientists]

Sunday - Regional Meetings




Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria 1

Room Mitochondria 2

Room Golgi

Room Lysosome 1

Room Lysosome 2

Room 514b  - (16)

Room 466  - (25)

Room 359  - (30)

Room 393  - (14)

Room 244  - (30)

Room 240  - (30)

(1:00-3:00PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: “Biological light bulbs - Lights from deep sea”: Stanislaw Loboziak (Copernicus Science Center) and Karolina Sulich (Warsaw University)

(1:00PM-2:30PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: DIY Tools For Analyzing Live Instrument Data,” by Tim Dobbs (Counter Culture Labs)  

(1:00PM-5:00PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Microfluidics for everyone,” by Kalaumari Mayoral Pena (Tecnologico de Monterrey)  

(1:00-2:00PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Character Clothes with Bacterial Cellulose,” by Trisha Sathish (Nest Garage Makerspace), Emily Takara (Nest Makerspace), Anne Hu (Nest Garage Makerspace)

Sunday - Unconference




Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria 1

Room Mitochondria 2

Room Golgi

‘Biohacking 2.0: Reflections on the Psychedelic Renaissance’, Fireside Chat with

Gunther Weil, in conversation with David Sun Kong

Room Lysosome 1

Room Lysosome 2

Room 514b  - (16)

Room 466  - (25)

Room 359  - (30) “Just One Giant Lab,” Thomas Landrain (JOGL, remote)

Room 393  - (14)

Room 244  - (30)

Room 240  - (30)

(2:00-5:00PM) Room E68-077

Hands-On Workshop: CRISPR Cas9/cas 12a,” with W. Sebastian Kamau (MIT Media Lab), Sarah Vitak (MIT Media Lab) and Mariah Avila (MIT Media Lab)

(2:00-2:30PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: SEM-TEM-AFM of microstructures & nanostructures in Bio-inspired model,” by David Cañón Medina (UNIMINUTO)

(2:30-5:00PM) Nucleus (Media Lab, 6th floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Gelbox from soap box,” by Sofiya Lysenko (BioHackPhilly, BioEnGene)



Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria 1

Room Mitochondria 2

Room Golgi

Room Lysosome 1

Room Lysosome 2

Room 514b  - (16)

Room 466  - (25)

Room 359  - (30)

Fellows Pod 4 - Bringing hope to the Slums.

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 4, Illuminators: Knowledge Chikundi, Kazi Shahreena Rahman, Haoshin Chung, Kevin Chen, Chan'nel Vestergaard

Room 393  - (14)

Room 244  - (30)

Fellows Pod 6 - Picklenomics: Fermentation Fun

By Community Bio Fellows Pod 6: Ana Laura Cantera, Georg Tremmel, Xavier-Louis Palmer, Olatunbosun Obayomi, JJ Hastings, Karolina Sulich.

Room 240  - (30)

(3:00-4:00PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: Urban farming: Pros and Cons, Designs and techniques,” by Abdul Hadi Abro (The Open Agriculture & Scientific Innovation School) Cancelled



Room 493  - SAFE SPACE

Room Mitochondria 1

Room Mitochondria 2

Room Golgi

Room Lysosome 1

Room Lysosome 2

Room 514b  - (16)

Room 466  - (25)

Room 359  - (30)

Room 393  - (14)

Room 244  - (30)

Room 240  - (30)

(4:00-5:00PM) E15-341 (Media Lab, 3rd floor)
Hands-On Workshop: How to Design a Scientific Experiment,” by Sarah Blossom Ware (BioBlaze Community Bio Lab)


Closing Session